Democrat Rep Remembers Civil Rights Era, Speaks Truth of Today

There is not much more to say on this one. You just need to listen to his speech.

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8 thoughts on “Democrat Rep Remembers Civil Rights Era, Speaks Truth of Today”

  1. WOW…a Democrat speaking pure truth 😳 IF I was a Democrat he has my vote, heck he has it anyway. Truth is the only way to fight ignorance!

  2. God Bless Representative DeBerry!! I am a former Tennessean now retired in Florida so I am especially proud that he is from Tennessee. I am a Republican but would most certainly vote for him if I had the opportunity. I have never heard a more sensible, more patriotic speech in my life. Thank you, Sir. You inspire me.

    Chuck Nix
    MSG, US Army Retired

  3. Everyone in this country should see and hear Demo. Rep Deberry Jr’s powerful impassioned speech about what is happening in our country’s streets right now. He lived through the oppressive Jim Crow days and is admonishing the protestors/rioters for the chaos they are creating while destroying our country!! It’s a call to action for those brave enough to stand up to the anarchists!!!

  4. Ok , best speech yet. This needs to be made into a commercial and played on all stations. He is so right. No one is respecting these anarchists. We respected those peaceful demonstrations in the 60’s and changes were made.

  5. Great speech, you should have copies made and sent to every Democratic Politician and so-called Media outlet. And have it played to them 24 hours every day. Then perhaps some will get a clue about life in America. In God We trust, God bless America.

  6. Representative DeBerry speaks truth; however, that is not what the MSM or democrats want to hear. I wonder how long DeBerry will remain as a representative on the Democrat plantation when he speaks so eloquently and truthfully … he certainly is an aberration to the democrat party. God Bless him he lives and operates among a party of snakes.

  7. Now there’s a man that should be a Republican. We need more of the sensible black Leaders to come forward and educate these BLM people and urge them to divorce themselves from that militant movement.

  8. This is Democrat Party I grew up with…and I can truthfully say I admire this gentleman and back his every word…

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