Michelle Obama, America’s Most Pampered Princess

Michelle Obama’s prerecorded speech for the first night of the Democratic convention was praised effusively and automatically by the “news” media.

Because the media see it as their job to praise everything Michelle Obama does with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Please try this imaginative exercise: When has a “news” professional ever asked Michelle Obama a challenging question? When has she ever been portrayed as anything less than Barack Obama’s “not-so-secret weapon”? If you want to smell a whiff of authoritarianism in America, it feels almost illegal to speak one discouraging word about the first black first lady.

Michelle Obama is America’s most pampered princess, the most spoiled figure in our modern political history. Her every move is carefully prepared and managed, and no one ever disturbs her peace when she’s on display. Praising her poise and her cool is mandatory, and it’s easier to show poise when no one ever, ever challenges you as less than perfect.


Leading up to her taped remarks, ABC's Byron Pitts struck the typically unctuous note, saying: "I call this, George, the 'favorite auntie' speech, right? Every family has one -- the cool aunt, the smart aunt, the kind aunt. And so, for the Democratic family, she is that." The networks robotically pretend absolutely everyone loves her, not just the Democrats.

After the speech, Obama was compared to a preacher. George Stephanopoulos called it "kind of a sermon on empathy." MSNBC's Joy Reid was more explicit:

"That is how pastors the Sunday before the election are going to sound. She preached a word tonight, and I'm pretty sure everyone was as silent listening to that in their living rooms and sitting up straight when she began speaking."

Wrong. Most of America was watching something else. The media also praised her to the skies for her convention speech in 2016, and somehow, the Democrats still lost.

Over on CNN, Jake Tapper spoke glowingly of her oratorical gifts. "(B)efore I get to any of the content, we should just acknowledge that the former first lady is one of the most effective speakers in American politics today," he said. "In fact ... she's a more effective speaker than Vice President Joe Biden is when reading from a teleprompter."

On CBS, John Dickerson called it a "break glass in case of emergency" speech "by someone who is not a politician, who has written one of the most successful books in modern times." She "motivates Democratic voters and also makes the character claim from a nonpolitical perspective." Dickerson added, "Obviously, at a convention, it is political, but she is not a politician."

False. She is obviously, transparently a politician. This is part of the liberal-media swindle. She's the Democrats' "not-so-secret weapon," yet she "hates politics." Spare us. It's true she had one of the most successful books in recent years, in large part because of fierce Democratic loyalty, and in part because of endless, breathless promotion by fiercely loyal "news" outlets.

This is what makes all of her Oprah-esque blather about empathy sound a little humorous. How can this multi-multimillionaire author and celebrity with the Martha's Vineyard mansion present herself to the voters as being Just Like You?

As part of the lucrative family-business Netflix deal, she has filmmakers make gushy films about how empathetic she is, but who else gets that privilege?

Even conservative writers and media outlets want to hail her rhetorical bilge. Let's stop that. Someone needs to break this sickening spell. Let's dare to treat her like just another wealthy Democratic hack, selling a siren song of socialism in her glitter boots.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org.

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48 thoughts on “Michelle Obama, America’s Most Pampered Princess”

  1. The author is right. Most of us were watching something else. I’d guess more than half of the viewers were not interested on listening to her hypocrisy. Like if we are going to fall for her false and biased speech.

  2. “PRINCESS”????? How about “prince” transvestite POS. I cannot believe this country has “bought” this FRAUD so-called “first lady” that my freinds, is NOT a ‘lady”. Hormones, and a dress on a man (BIG MIKE) doesn’t make you a ‘lady”

    1. Yep! didn’t her husband use the phrase “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig” ? Maybe it is more applicable to something in his life, not Sarah Palin.

  3. The author is right. Most of us were watching something else. I’d guess more than half of the viewers were not interested on listening to her hypocrisy. Like if we are going to fall for her false and biased speech. Most pampered princess?

  4. Always thought she wanted to move back to her homeland of the South Side of Chicago? she is a Freud.

  5. The only take I had on her “speech” was that she’s looking more MASCULINE these days. Did they ever fully determine whether she is Michelle, or “Michael”, as her (?) husband calls her. Need follow up on this matter …

  6. Pampered Princess only because MSM kisses her ass constantly I remember how everyone was praising her for how fashionable she was IMO she was a fashion nightmare I’m not afraid to slam her even now she looks ridiculous I listened to her little speech and I’ve got this to say when she came out and said as a woman well for a woman she sure had a visible five o’clock shadow!

  7. well the media think she is a pamper princes are you kidding me she is so ugly i wonder what is a beauty to the dum perverbal babies you all are blind idiots of the media in america you are so stupid it is a crying shame once you could be trusted but not any more you will lose in November then what are you going to do stay home and cry like the preverbal babies you all are it is time for you to grow up and tell the truth which is so very hard for you to do



  10. The dnc pampered princess
    Wow democrats have proven beyond any doubt they are incapable of telling the truth about anything!
    The reason is if they ever tell the truth about anything after these lasts 12 years of the osama Obama coup regime their truths of any kind will indict ALL of them for ALL of their treasonous lies and actions!

    A proper descriptive word for their crimes actions and inhuman narrative does not exist!

    The most vial word that comes to mind is the n word in its plural sense! To describe all democrats for their actions not their skin color! It being likely the most vial word in the American vocabulary just outperforming treasonous, traitors, pedofile, Muslim and Nazi!

    When blacks use it , it’s a term of likeness among black friends and in groups is spouted out about every 7th word in black men’s conversations.
    It’s been used by racists and Bigots for centuries and become a socially unexceptionable term when used by other races to describe blacks for the color of their skin! I for one and I can only hope the rest of the world feels feels it’s as vial a word in our language!
    It must be noted that it has never been about the color of a humans skin , at the inception of slavery in the world blacks were called the n word due to their country of origin Nigeria , after the civil war and blacks were freed from slavery the n word was for the most part more of a description of black consequence then prejudice!
    Today though blm uses racism to promote unequal treatment of blacks as being due to the color of their skin ! Which is just another malcontents lie! Black people are not treated with racism for the color of their skin they are treated with racism for their vial actions against other races! These past months prove that without a doubt blm aka the black race has murdered innocent victims, police, burned cities, raped and looted demanding respect , change and socialist handouts! The color of their skin just makes this vial race Easy to identify its their vial actions against their and all other races that has developed the Prejudice against their race! Thus redefining the n word from a place of origin for black skinned humans to humans who’s agenda , narratives and actions that are vial and a putrid cancer upon society!

    Now that blacks themselves have defined the n word by their vial actions not the color of their skin!
    The n word the most vial word I know , now is likely the best description of the democrats party a party of many races!
    I can think of no other word that describes the democrats treasonous coup their murdering riots their communist agenda their assault on freedom and the American dream !

    America this is about everyone, everything and everywhere!
    Without America the entire world will collapse and starve to death!

    Until the n democrats are destroyed they will continue to destroy America! There is not one democrat state today that isn’t a cesspool of lies corruption and Deceit!

    The problem is the n princess and all other democrats and im not talking about Michels skin color I’m talking about her treason! Hell I think brown skin is much more beautiful than white and I’m white!

    But there is nothing beautiful about any democrats!
    If your a democrat and don’t leave your party you are guilty of every crime including murder of children by supporting their vial n word actions!

    1. Wow…how long did it take you to come up with that giant pile of crap? Whew…you have too much time on your hands.

  11. I’m still livid that this fraud of a black man got elected NOT ONCE, but TWICE!
    This man (I mean IT) is UGLIER than my dark arse! That’s a fact!
    The black community should HATE these 2 FRAUDS. They care NOTHING about any of them. Came to the WH as poor folks are NOW nearly BILLIONAIRES. How did that happen?
    Someone care of explain that to me????
    I would appreciate thoughts from black folks if there’s any on this site.

  12. And I call IT PURE, and SIMPLE HOGWASH, PURE FAKE, PURE CHILDISH TALK, PUT ON. michael ISN’T A princess, just an ordinary fake individual, trying to put on being something they are NOT. Their voice was never like THIS. Strictly put on, just like little man bho, was, and still is the worst SO CALL PRESIDENT, AMERICA has ever had, with all his LIES, CHEATING, and STEALING. he will go down in HISTORY as the WORST PRESIDENT, THAT CAN’T BE CHANGED.

  13. can not be a princess.a man can not be a princess,and besides the news people are all wrong.Building it up as such a grand person and he is nothing but a delux trouble maker for America.And no I did not listen to him.had better things to do.

    1. I know he is gay and she/he is as well. The wedding ring he wears was given to him by some guy when he was in collage. What a mess! I wonder who those girls belong to. I don’t think either of them are capable of having children.

  14. Who cares about her speech delivery? It’s what she actually said that counts. And all it turned out to be was more leftist pablum. I did notice Michelle has put on a few additional pounds! Living the good life in her big house.

  15. Michelle Obama has caused more division than any other woman in American history , she is a user and has no or little value to America. She needs to go with Obama to Kenya and raise goats and put on here sand shoes.

  16. Love and adore Michelle Obama, who isn’t afraid, nor does she seek permission to speak truth to power something that too many conservatives have failed to do. So, settle in the swampy-ness of commenting on her looks or complaining that she pre-taped her message…all low hanging fruit when you don’t really have anything of substance to add to the discourse.

    1. The one who did not have substance was Mrs.Obama. She actually used the “cages” that she knows were instituted by her husband!! When you have to lie to make a point…….!!! Why would anyone, especially another woman be jealous of her! She can’t help how she looks, but she does look like s***!

  17. Love and adore Michelle Obama, who isn’t afraid, nor does she seek permission to speak truth to power something that too many conservatives have failed to do. So, settle in the swampy-ness of commenting on her looks or complaining that she pre-taped her message…all low hanging fruit when you don’t really have anything of substance to add to the discourse.

    1. Oh look a troll and you posted the SAME comment TWICE with different names, I hope SOROS pays well.

      1. If it’s true that she’s a tranny are you an intolerant homophobe…and if she isn’t a tranny are you just a liar? Neither is a good look or something you should be proud of.

  18. Her family was wealthy, she went to a prestigious college and was GIVEN a token job to be female and black and nothing she ever did up till she married Hussein is notable. Yet se sits there and tells America we aren’t good enough for her……………..put a powered wig on her and place the setting as 1700s France and she could be Marie Antoinette.

    1. Fake news. Completely devoid of any facts, substance or truth. Outside of 45’s bubble that dog won’t hunt.

  19. want to see it live , go to the zoo , the ape section the obomas started this inviorment of hate and violence , until 2008 the u.s. was pretty quiet , then the racists moved into the white house and for 8 years all you herd was what a racist country the u.s. is , it’s bin 12 years and no one really knows where the 1/2 black man came from , most likely kenya, well after 40 years of democrats dumming down americans there are sure a lot of stupid people in this country, hold cops accountable but let blm riot and loot stores , seems to me we need to hold the trash accountable for their actions , put more blacks in prison till they start acting like humans

  20. She’s just another pampered America-hating, ungrateful, racist, grievance queen who spouts nothing but tripe and blather. It’s mind boggling how anyone can take her seriously.

  21. Exactly correct in this article, well done. Michael, AKA Michelle, is a NASTY, ugly, conceited, arrogant, egotistical RACIST, who like MOST other wealthy Blacks who gained their wealth and power mostly because Whites promoted them in a sad attempt to make them “equal”, has used her position and power to help MOSTLY or only, other Blacks. She would not lift a finger to help Whites in any way, and her seemingly popularity is a result of illegal voting, just as are any and all of the wins of the DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party. She has the attitude and intention of making ALL Whites pay for and evoking revenge again what they are foolishly believing and promoting about the African Slave Trade because they refuse to know the truth and facts, instead promoting the illusion that only naughty Whites engaged in slavery. This is a VICIOUS, angry B!TCH who will cause damage to the United States in any way that she is allowed to.

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