Fleitz: Why Snowden is a Traitor, Not a Hero

The President of the Center For Security Policy, Fred Fleitz, has a bone to pick with anyone who thinks Edward Snowden did something heroic.

I recently wrote an article regarding the topic of whether President Trump should listen to those who say that Edward Snowden should be pardoned. Someone in the media asked President Trump if he would look into it and what he thought about it. He said he “would take a look” at it.

Fred Fleitz says those people have been misled about what it is that Snowden actually did. Many people think Snowden released documents to let American citizens know what their government was up to.

Fleitz says that’s just a small part of what Snowden did, and he doesn’t think it was to help America, but to damage it.

The vast majority of the documents he stole have nothing to do with programs impacting individual privacy interests — they instead pertain to military, defense, and intelligence programs of great interest to America’s adversaries. Although many experts had already concluded this, the report added that the U.S. government has spent at least hundreds of millions of dollars and will eventually spend billions to counter the damage done by the Snowden leaks.

To quickly brush up on the topic, Edward Snowden stole 1.5 million classified documents and leaked thousands to the media. The HPSCI (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) completed a bipartisan investigation and concluded that Snowden was not a whistleblower, but a disgruntled employee hellbent on doing damage to the agencies he was unhappy with.

One of the arguments is that Snowden did not attempt to run any of his concerns up the chain of command, like a whistleblower should do.

I can't say I blame him for that. Whistleblowers were not treated well under the Obama administration. Take a look at General Michael Flynn and the IRS whistleblowers.

However, that's not the only argument. Snowden also apparently stole other employees' credentials to gain access to classified documents.

The committee also noted that Snowden used the security credentials of co-workers to steal information from their computers and remove personal information of thousands of intelligence employees and contractors. I have yet to hear from Snowden and his defenders how a legitimate whistleblower could engage in such behavior.

Another bad optic is that he fled to China and then Russia, two of America's biggest foes. Snowden has claimed he didn't share any information with China or Russia, however, at least one top Russian official says otherwise. And why would China or Russia give him asylum if he had nothing to offer?

During his time at the CIA in Geneva, Snowden was sent home from the station for trying to break into classified computer files that he did not have clearance for.

Then there's the fact that Snowden got paid some big money while in exile.

Edward Snowden, who in 2013 leaked a trove of secret documents on programs run by the National Security Agency and has for years been living in exile in Russia, made more than $1.2 million in speaking fees in recent years, according to a court filing.

Officials say there was a communications breakdown after he was sent home from the CIA. The reports of his misconduct and attempts to hack and steal classified information, while there, were never passed on to the NSA, where Snowden ended up working until he fled the country after stealing the documents.


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27 thoughts on “Fleitz: Why Snowden is a Traitor, Not a Hero”

  1. While Snowden may have accessed additional information (Which has not been released to the public by any authority yet) beyond the domestic intelligence gathering information divulged earlier, there are a couple of reasons that he might have done so.
    1. Insurance. “If you kill me, you have no idea of what else will be released in the event of my death”
    2. Leverage. “If you press against my family, friends or others, I will let out a little more about your agency”
    3. Blackmail. “You want me to shut up? Pay me”.

    We also don’t know how and what information was captured beyond Prism. Which by the way is still operational. Stopping legislation while increasing budgets does not eliminate the money being shifted to get what was available before. And, like all other systems, most money is spent doing connections. Once they are in place, there is VERY little cost to maintain them.

    Snowden did do one thing. He made America wake up to the fact that Communications intelligence (Like the later podcast that Millenial Millie released) is being used against America citizens. Which is something that we do not like to believe.

  2. First, 20 or so other countries were too afraid to take him. 2nd) if taking speaking fees was a crime , then the president from 2009 thru 2016 , Should be tried for major treason .

  3. With all the various agendas in the government, I can’t say if I would believe much of anything. That happened under the scandal free Obama administration before Trump was on the scene so I wonder if he’s hearing a different version of what passes for governmental truth.

    1. “scandal free Obama administration” are you serious? You haven’t heard about Obamagate? He weaponized all of the security depts. and the IRS and the Pentagon. The “Russia hoax” (you know the $30 million investigation into Trump that proved another Democratic nothing burger) is just that no matter how hard the braindead Democrats try to push it. The info that has come out about the Obama administration is unbelievable. HE KNEW General Flynn was set up by the FBI. The FBI lied to get 4 FISA warrants against Carter Page AFTER Page notified the FBI he worked for the CIA as an “asset” BUT the FBI completely ignored that in the FISA warrant requests . KNOWINGLY LYING! They used the FAKE DOSSIER Clinton and the DNC paid Christopher Steele for. They lied about everything and now are up for answering for it. Obama is the dirtiest president EVER elected in America.

  4. I think Snowden did the people of the United States a great service to show how corrupt the NSA and the intelligence service is and how self serving the NSA and intelligence service has been. During this time when Obama and his gang were trying to overthrow our government Snowden revealed what was happening. The takeover by Obama and Clintons is still working hard to overthrow this government. Now Obama has enlisted BLM and Antifa to help push the stupid blacks and white elite children including teachers to help overthrow this democracy.

    Snowden did what was right! He has paid the price and deserves to be set free. Obama, Brennen and others wanted him killed!

    1. You are right. After reading his book (given to me) all Snowden did was expose that US government agencies are following the Chinese, Brits and others in developing sophisticated spying techniques and equipment to destroy personal privacy. The public should know this, and unless there is an anti Trump theme, the press won’t publish it truthfully.

  5. The number of lies spewed by the democrats trying to cover up their treason and corruption are so many and vial , it is hard to imagine how Americans and America has not totally rejected their communist narratives and brought all of them to justice for their treason and coup with a heavy hand of justice!!!!!
    The notion politicians and political correctness must be utilized to stop democrats vial and treasonous acts is nothing more than more crimes committed by the democrats utilizing their media , Hollywood and tech social media which they Own to brainwash the stupid, the blacks the immigrants and the Middle aged females here in America who think dogs and cats are more important than their children here in America when in actuality these women are mistreating their own children by placing their careers over their children’s upbringing in their attempt to demand unfounded equality between genders! and Our schools are no longer teaching our kids as well just brainwashing them to Godlessness , no values or the meaning of consequences for their mindless decisions and narcissistic self worth! Women were created by God for Men and destroyed paradise for all by falling for the temptations of the devil! Then as they continue to do now try and promote themselves beyond their origins purpose by Our Creator!
    These corrupt democrats and their vessels of treason and Satan are the root of America’s enemies from within!
    What makes America Great is Our Belief in God, the freedoms that achieves and opens up for Americans!
    These democrat Godless malcontents , their blm trash, Antifa, Metoo crimewaves only promote Hate! Muslim osama Obama , Pedophilia Clintons and Nazi Hitler Soro’s are the sweat dripping from the devils balls! Even a blind man can clearly see democrats are promoting this hate in America as they project their crimes on any and all others to mask their guilt! Their convention is an infomercial attempting to coverup their lies and treason by now describing themselves the complete opposite of their actions! They believe if they repeat their lies enough Americans will believe them! And they are right to some exte our children, the uneducated and the stupid will be brainwashed by their treasonous repetition of lies!
    They declared war on the American dream and all Americans once the Greatest man in American history was elected as Our President Donald Trump, to stop their crimes of Treason for they new their Muslim leftest hate will silenced by his valor!
    Just look what the democrats are doing , hell they are burning down their own cities utilizing a hyped up so called pandemic to allow them to wear masks to hide their perpetrators of their treason from being identified and brought to justice!
    These masks Mandates are for nothing more!
    Consequences is a huge word
    Wearing masks will be a far bigger threat than just hiding criminals identity!
    The human body builds immunity from exposure to viruses and disease should America wear these masks to long our immune systems will be hindered from natural exposure to viruses and disease, then a far more dangerous pandemic will be unnaturally created, once Americans take their masks off, the democrat pandemic will haunt us as I call it, Americans immune systems will have been weakened by the mask wearing and we will be more susceptible to both old and new viruses and diseases! It won’t just be covid attacking our health it will be every virus and disease!
    Making al Americans sick from many fronts from many diseases all at once ! That is consequences my friends and they are coming!
    Our Country
    The American Dream
    Our lives
    Every action taken by anyone has consequences good and bad
    When women pushed prohibition and banned alcoholic beverages it created black market booze which created the mafia which brought about tainted booze that killed thousands which increased crime murders and affected millions of people in terrible ways!
    Look at our politicians now that women are involved, in not saying it wasn’t corrupt before it was but I am saying it is worse since women got in politics!
    Hillary, Omar, waters To just name a few
    See my point?
    Who has paid the biggest price!
    Our motherless children!
    See my point
    Who is the most racist?
    Their actions!
    Why are blacks not treated equal?
    Their actions!
    A word democrats and all other idiots will never understand!

    1. WOW……That just about covers it all. I was searching for words to explain my thoughts, but you have done it! Thanks for opening my eyes to these deamons!

  6. All of the issues are not being addressed. Obama and in earlier years Clinton used this agency to spy on Americans and share this information with the CIA and FBI and use it politically against us and Clinton an Obama released intelligence and secrets of our government to the Chinese, Russians and Iranians.
    Brennan and Comey along with Hillary, Obama and Jarrett and Biden have been giving and selling our secrets to communist entities for years since they all show allegiance to foreign governments.
    Biden today openly admits his Ties to Russia, Ukraine and China and we have a senator and husband selling and trading secrets to the Chinese.
    Unless all are arrested Snowden should go free. The aforementioned have more evidence against them than him.

  7. Under USSR any turn coat KGB officer was automatically sentenced to death anywhere in the world. And in interrogation if they could not get the answer was: “Squeeze his balls, he will tell.” For Snowden to say that he did say nothing to China or Russia is the same as to say that my wife is virgin with only two kids.

  8. Your argument against Snowden is lame. It presumes ill intent with no proof only speculation. What a waste of ink.

  9. So they want to transfer their own malfeasance onto Snowden. So typical. I do they really think we trust these people anymore?

    Snowden shined a light on their corruption. Give him a fair trial. But they won’t even do that because they want to have a secret tribunal that they can railroad him even further.

  10. The Rosenbergs ( Julius and Ethyl ), Rudolph Abel ( not his real surname ) , and Edward Snowden are all the same traitors and deserve the same fate but politics favors the Commies. I remember I took an oath to obey the lawful orders of my superiors to the best of my ability ( INCLUDING POTUS ) and to support and defend the Constitution of the USA against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I do not have the latitude of some muckraking socialists extant in our society and greatly despise them using freedom of speech to lie and slander our duly elected leaders. I’m not sure that I will continue to obey if they manage to get into power thru any means as they seem to want to do. I hope they and their unethical and underhanded methods carry them to defeat and rotting decay.

  11. Snowden did not work for the NSA…but for Booze Allen, Hamilton , a contractoe with many low level analysts having access to top secret mata-data—the data the NSA stores from its spy activity on all Americans. His objection to their ease of access at the lowest level was they were subject to minimal accountability.

    Snowder was alarmet that so much data was routinely collected on Americans just to have a super data base on each citizen that could be potentially used against them..

    And this was in fact the case with the General Michael Flynn where the FBI and CIA used illegal FISA warrants to access meta data on him (every text message, email, phone call, every stroke on his every device) and to use it for such extensive interrogations that –since no one can remaemer everything they dis in such details, then he would –like everyone ese–provide different ansers to the same questions over the course of the many isessions.
    Of course , the D+FBI had all the answers to their questions because they had all the meta data on him with a team of dozens of analysts picking through thousands of pages of this date to provide the FBI its many angles of entrapment…..these analysts worked for Booze, Allen , Hamilton…..and this was Eric Snowdens underlyinfg mission—to expose the danger the meta data and unaccountable analysts, and government abuses that are “licensed” to spy on us all.

  12. Before this happened there it was announced that 1. (around Feb or so) Obama had amassed the largest databank ever. 2.(Mar or so) Maxipad Waters announced on national tv that “he has the biggest information collection ever; (not exact words). 3, (May) Snowden come out that the NSA was spying on Americans. You can take it from there. Fact or fiction and what are the odds that Obama didn’t know?

  13. If Snowden’s allegations that Americans’ domestic communications were being intercepted were, in fact, true, why have there been no reports of legal cases in the courts involving the use or misuse of any of the information collected which, purportedly, had or would put Americans’ personal or financial security at risk? People need to think logically about what is alleged of reported and what is, FACTUALLY, known to be true. While the nature of the “war on terror” has presented a need to change laws to accommodate the threats to national security from terrorist conspirators who may be operating in the U.S., it would be, virtually, impossible, without a specific targeting of the personal communications of suspected terrorist collaborators, to, humanly, evaluate the communications of all Americans in the way that Snowden had alleged. Unless the laws have changed since the 1960s, the NSA is responsible for foreign intelligence and has NO jurisdiction in domestic matters nor authorization to collect intelligence on domestic targets, which targets come under the specific jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
    The loyalties of mercenaries are suspect due to the fact that they sell them to the highest bidder. Why is there a tolerance for breech of contract?

  14. The core problem with the Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden types in our government is a virtually worthless security clearance screening system still in place. When Bill Clinton moved into the oval office nearly three decades ago, he took with him a staff of people that, under the existing vetting process, couldn’t get access to classified information. Rather than getting other people who’s background was clean to do the jobs, he farmed the clearance process out to civilian contractors & then told them what they could and couldn’t look at. Politically speaking, “Problem Solved” & we have been stuck with the fall out ever since.
    Before the change, FBI agents did an in depth background check of the individual that included information on his/her family, friends & close associates. If you had something nefarious in your background, they dug it up.

    1. Yes, there is an inherent problem when you farm out the task of investigating for security clearances. Have the contracted invesigators themselves been vetted properly? Have they themselves been subjected to periodic polygraph examination? The NSA has tens of thousands of staff handling top secret stuff. Have they all been cleared by the same rigourous screening process as, say, CIA employees? The answer is No. The question then is: Why not?

      1. One more very important question: Were these people doing the vetting nd contract work connected to the same agencies that hillary clinton and the DNC used against Trump and company?

  15. Interesting presentation except you left out the part where Snowden esposed the unauthorized spying on American citizens. This is why he is considered a hero he exposed this fact to the American public.

  16. Just an added gibbering head trying to protect the criminal minded leftists, always running the mouth, but presenting no proof, just hearsay and gibberish to try to convince the gullible that continue to believe such nonsense, so to protect their political friends, no doubt.

  17. Would Mr. Fleitz, in the interest of fairness and justice to Mr. Snowden, release the names of the “Contractors” and the corporations they represent that were accessing the meta-data from the NSA?

  18. Was Snowden right or wrong in what he did, would only be determined through a trial. (perhaps a trial in absentia) BUT the main reason so many want him, and any information he has that hasn’t been released is the fear of many names coming to light that would incriminate many people in the American government, past and present, they don’t want to be found out.
    I would like for President Trump to visit Snowden and have a good conversation with him.

    1. To David in MA – I, too, would like to see President Trump visit Snowden and have a conversation with him.
      I watched the whole interview by Brian Williams with Edward Snowden from MSNBC and I thought that Edward Snowden came across as honest and believable. Actually, I would give him a pardon if I were the President or at least a trial of his peers.

  19. How does someone with knowledge of U.S. criminal activity expose it? I mean, and still live, keep a job, not loose his marriage and working credentials? Snowden exposed U.S. crimes. We the people have a right to know! Thus, persecution of Snowden equals suppression of the truth. We don’t have to decide between “hero” or “traitor”. How about truth vs. falsehood? They spend out money to do what they do. They should be accountable to us.

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