Should Trump Pardon Edward Snowden?

Before one can answer the question of whether it would be a good decision to pardon Edward Snowden, one would have to know whether what he did was in the interest of the American people or something far more nefarious.

Let’s face it. Nobody really knows, at least nobody without a very high security clearance.

President Trump, at one point, was of the mindset that Edward Snowden was a traitor.

Has something changed?

According to John Solomon, something may have changed, and it could be additional information that the rest of us, as private citizens, aren't privy to.

President Trump now says he is giving serious consideration as to whether Snowden should be pardoned for leaking classified documents that exposed the NSA's massive surveillance and data collection program targeted at American citizens.

“I’ve seen people that are very conservative and very liberal and they agree. They agree both ways,” Trump said Saturday during a press briefing on the coronavirus. “I’m going to take a look at that very strongly, Edward Snowden.”

This will be a matter to keep an eye on in the coming weeks/months as some has speculated that Snowden leaked the documents to tip off the CIA about the NSA having records of what, exactly, the CIA was up to.

Then again, another theory is that Snowden leaked the documents as more of a libertarian type cause to expose a massive government overreach into the privacy of all Americans.

If we've learned one thing from the last 3-4 years of the Russian collusion hoax it's that, when it comes to spy agencies, nothing is as it seems.

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69 thoughts on “Should Trump Pardon Edward Snowden?”

  1. I don’t have all the answers . . . But if any classified information was released, he should be prosecuted. The SAME goes for Hillary Clinton (who should be in FEDERAL PRISON for 45,000 years). One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. Obama and his whole ilk should be in prison for Benghazi, the Dossier, the IRS Scandal, and the 30,000 emails erased so that it never happens again. No on the pardon.

  2. You cannot cast what Snowden did in the light of the misuse of the FISA process by the FBI in surveillance of the Trump campaign. There is no correlation. Snowden exposed sources and methods used in legitimate intelligence activities against American adversaries. By doing so, he aided and abetted enemy mitigation of those efforts. What he revealed was not violations against protected entities (US citizens) but techniques used against terrorists and adversary nation-states. He was and is a traitor pure and simple. He should NOT be pardoned under any pretext.

    1. If anything is clear about the overreach of deep state intelligence, it might be that there is frightful moral turpitude in spying on American citizens without warrent while masking a political purpose. If Snowden unmasked patriotic espionage against our real terrorist enemies — then of course he cannot be pardoned. Dale Roberts is probably correct. I just don’t know what the President knows. None of us have that high security clearance.

  3. I have recently seen a video exposing much of the “shadow government” working to turn America into a socialist country. And a lot of that info included details released by E. Snowden. If that is the case; and I am sure our President has been informed just how much of it does effect national security and in what way, then I trust Pres. Trumps’ judgement on this issue!

      1. Message at your link says “currently unavailable.” Must not have been able to support their claims so took it down. Or maybe contained info damaging to our national security.

  4. I want to hear what Bill Barr has to say about Edward Snowden before I make an opinion. I feel that if President Trump thinks he should be pardoned, then it’s probably right simply based on President Trumps track record of being right. But, I need AG Barr’s opinion on this.

  5. I think he should get a pardon. If NO ONE of any significance from the corrupt Obama administration Is ever going to prison or the electric chair, (I.e. Obama, Hillary, Rice, Comey, Brennan, Clapper etc.) then why not pardon Snowden? At least Snowden was legitimately attempting to HELP America while these other MONSTERS were and still are actively trying to DESTROY America.

  6. Give Snowden a chance, he saw corruption and tried to get it out to someone who who cared. Someone who would take what was happening seriously and try to stop it. He risked his life.

    1. Wayne, you obviously have not read any reports on exactly what Snowdon disclosed. It went far beyond US intelligence grabbing phone calls of US citizens as they looked for terrorists in the US or associated with people living in the us, like those in the 9/11 attacks had contacts in the US who helped them with funds and even living in their homes. Learn the fact!

  7. I feel the same way President Trump does although the President knows more of the particulars.
    After seeing the corruption of the FBI, NSA, and CIA leadership i the spying and collusion against the man we elected, I am more inclined to thank Snowden than condemn him.
    The corruption demonstrated by the Obama clique and their attempt at a coup makes me wonder how much deeper the Deep State really is. EVERYONE in government service must be screened much better than they are and there should be frequent internal invesstigations to keep everyone A-political.

  8. Snowden should be charged, tried and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. He is a traitor.

    Biden disclosed the names of the Seals that got Bin Laden, same goes for him.

    Hillary, well we all know what she did in Benghazi and Uranium 1 to Russia and many more, she too should go to prison.

    When I was in the military, 50 years ago, I saw and did things that I cannot talk about to this day.

  9. The President has all the information. I trust his decision.
    Snowden should be pardoned, I think. I believe he saw
    an evil against this nation too great to let stand
    without exposure.

  10. Absulely NOT. this guy rates up there with Walker and Mitchel.. As an NSA/ federal government employee he swore an oath, that oath did not include stealing government secrets, some were compartmented information.. should be returned to US and prosecuted according to our esponiage laws. Fricken traitor..

  11. We are not privy to the info, but my summation would be that after learning of Brennan’s four Contractor agencies, involved in spying, that what Snowden whistle blew was very much needed, and perhaps he can and will give more info on the OBOMA corruptness.

  12. Yes, he should be pardoned He warned AMERICANS about the ABUSE of surveillance which was being committed by the Obama Administration and IF WE were paying ATTENTION this should of been STOPPED once it was EXPOSED by him. In my OPINION he was a WHISTLE BLOWER that Obama wanted to JAIL once we knew what he was doing, THERE were many ANONYMOUS WHISTLE BLOWERS who accused President Trump of CRIMES but never came forward because Democrats were PROTECTING THEM FROM TESTIFYING. SNOWDEN did the RIGHT THING EXPOSING OBAMA’S TREACHERY AGAINST THE COUNTRY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  13. We all should question why a government who spies on its own people should have concerns about one of its people spying on it. The NSA is the tip of the iceberg of American uber-surveillance. Such invasion into privacy goes way, way, way down. For a reason. “They” are setting the public up for complete and irreversible subjugation to marshal law and Dystopian tyranny. Snowden, by any means, on any level, in any history account, is a modern day Patriot of the First Order.

  14. Yes pardon Edward Snowden, it should not be a crime to be a whistle blower, unless this Country is already Communist garbage. Well since they censor everything we are told I guess it is. If it is not illegal to lie, cheat, steal to and from the American people this Country is not so great anymore. The Democratic party does nothing but sling poo at the President while taking more and more of our freedoms and taxing us to death. They give themselves a $50,000.00 per year raise while killing our businesses and house arresting us all over a fake pandemic. Republicans are on board with the subjugation of the American people as well. All politicians only want to enrich themselves while making us poorer and sicker with the Pentagon and Bill Gates spraying the stratosphere with toxic waste that is killing the whole planet.

  15. Pardon Snowden! Based on what the public knows (I don’t watch fake news) Snowden exposed what he believed to be an overreach. Under Obama, any whisleblowers would be dealt with.

    He was making Americans aware of the corruptness within the government before it all surfaced recently and will be dealt with AG Barr.
    God Bless the USA!

  16. NO! Don’t pardon Snowdon. First of all, there is zero evidence there was or even would have been any information negative on Obama in the material Snowdon had access to and disclosed. That stuff is being held closely by the big boys to use as/when they see fit. Second, Snowdon is a traitor to OUR COUNTRY! He disclosed not only the US methods of tracking bad guys, including ones who want to nuke us, he also exposed our overseas operatives, US and foreign nationals assisting our intel agencies to protect OUR COUNTRY.

    Which one of our adversaries most benefited from Snowdon’s disclosures? The one who is protecting him right now!

  17. What he did was of immense value to the American People, can’t think of a more brave and valiant “Whistleblowing!” I support a pardon! Maybe a Freedom Award as well!

  18. No. I can’t imagine what info could change what he did. He has made his decision to defy his country.

  19. Daniel Ellsberg says pardon. Birds of a feather don’t you know. I say Snowden did some good just as Ellsberg did.

  20. Snowden blatantly broke the laws he agreed multiple times to uphold, which is possibly of more damage then exposing the information, capabilities or methods of the US. It’s not a question of what he thought was right or wrong but the violation of what he agreed to uphold.
    Pushing and correction the overreach and violations of the spy agencies should be addressed but is a separate issue that other perpetrators should be punished for

  21. Snowden is a patriot who exposed what the rats infesting our gov’t are doing to us.
    Pardon – YES

  22. I believe he should be pardon. He told how different agencies were taking our private lives away…

    He was willing to give up his normal life in the states to let us know we were being spied on .

    Yes be pardon and come back. To states…

  23. Snowden’s stated motive, at the time was that Americans deserved to know what our gov’t wsas doing illegally. What he did, inbreaking his oath was wrong, but it seems his motive for doing so was right, and subsequent events have justified that motive. WW II and the Cold War enabled the “intelligence” community to grab powers they were never intended to have, which they then exercised nefariously against citizens. So even though I don’t believe his act was “right”, I also don’t believe he deserves prison, or to be exiled and hounded for life.

  24. Yes, Pardon Edward Snowden. He is not a spy. What he revealed was that the government was the spy. I think he acted on his patriotic conscience not at the direction of a foreign government intent on harming us which is what the term spy usually refers to. I regard him as a patriot and suspect so do many other Americans blue or red.

  25. I have felt all along that Mr. Snowden behaved with courage and has been treated unfairly as compared with Obama’s, Hillary’s, Comey’s, Rice’s, Pelosi’s, and numerous others whose names I cannot quickly recall whose behaviors have been undeniably traitorous and/or sedistic. I believe that President Trump should pardon him, and we should not question his decision. He has been right every time the mainstream media or democrats have criticized him, and lied about him. EVERY time.


  27. Of course he should be pardoned, He is not a traitor. What he did was to show the Citizens of this country what this Government Agency was ILLEGALLY doing. Which was recording Citizens private telephone and computer generated information. Which this Agency had already been asked about and had denied doing. This is much the same as the Stingray equipment that police departments use, for which they are supposed to get a warrant before they use. They do not just capture the Criminals phone records/calls.

  28. We have Government oversight committee’s that are supposed to monitor the actions of the 3 letter agencies. Yet the NSA will not hand over information pertaining to the actions/ capabilities of this Agency. They will not even release it to the POTUS. So just who are they answerable to?

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