Experts on NIH COVID Panel Have Financial Ties to Gilead

Perhaps it’s not a big deal, but perhaps it is, at best, a conflict of interest.

Eight members of the National Institute of Health’s COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel have financial ties to Gilead Sciences, the main company behind the production and testing of the drug, Remdesivir.

Remdesivir is the COVID-19 drug that has been touted by the director of the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), Anthony Fauci, as the top prospect for treating the virus.

The U.S. has reportedly bought almost all of the supply of Remdesivir from Gilead Sciences and Gilead has applied for FDA approval of the drug.

Dr. Fauci said the drug has set the new standard of care for the virus.

"And all of the other trials that are taking place now have a new standard of care," said Fauci.

However, Dr. William O'Neill, a cardiologist and Medical Director at the Henry Ford Health Systems (that touted the benefits of a large study of another drug, hydroxychloroquine) said he's not impressed with what he's seen from Remdesivir to date.

"There is a lot of hype for the drug," said O'Neil, adding that he sees "no big benefit" to remdesivir after reading medical journal reports on it.

Just The News also notes, from the  Financial Disclosure for Companies Related to COVID-19 Treatment or Diagnostics document, that 2 other experts on the panel have ties to Merck, who is conducting clinical trials for a vaccine for COVID-19.

Does this mean it's crooked or corrupt?

No, it doesn't.

But, it's not a good look given the fact that Remdesivir is said to cost around $3,120 for a course of treatment that has an estimated cost to produce of $9.32.

There are research and development costs as well as a cost to produce at an expedited rate, but Gilead also received about $70 million in taxpayer dollars as well as assistance from the NIH to run clinical trials. And according to this Politico article, Gilead spent $2.45 million lobbying the Senate in Q1 of 2020. That's more than ever before.

Some of the other drugs that have been touted by doctors around the world have a cost as low as $100 for a course of treatment due to the fact that the patent has long since expired and can be produced by virtually any company. Now, perhaps they really don't work that well but I, and a lot of other people, don't feel we've been allowed to have an open and honest conversation about that. In fact, you can be banned from social media for discussing certain drugs as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

After all, if the chosen drug is not affordable it can't be very effective. And, let's face it, the level of trust in the CDC, WHO, & NIH is anywhere but at an all-time high.

Perhaps the financial ties of panel members to the pharmaceutical manufacturers really isn't a big deal, but it certainly gives the appearance of a conflict of interest.

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19 thoughts on “Experts on NIH COVID Panel Have Financial Ties to Gilead”

  1. With this, we need to be cautious of what the “chosen experts” tell us. Money talks!
    Thank you.

  2. Another nail on the coffin of trust in government.? It correlates with the phrase, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  3. Fauci is only in it for the money as proven RE his chosing the wrong HIV vaccine which he profited from and throwing Dr. Judy Mikovitz in jail and gagging her for 5 yrs, she now has a book published with the truth, because she was going to expose him and Redfield so why is this not in the MEDIA? In my book he’s a liar and fraud and I wouldn’t use a vaccine he chooses so why is the govt touting him??? do they not have the facts??? Can’t believe they don’t. The citizens of the USA don’t have the scoop on the whole vaccine industry finances and fraud apparently.

  4. And the people don’t know because it’s not being reported and social media removes
    this type of content. The laws need to be changed so that they can’t get away with
    deleting our data just because they want to.

  5. If you look at the big claims, it was something on the order of spending only 10 days in the hospital instead of 15. I was not impressed. I don’t know how they had the nerve to brag about such a small achievement.

    Clearly, the patient has been allowed to get almost to the end of the disease and the end of their lives. This is no good.

    With the hydroxy cocktail, you attack the illness at the start. People don’t get very sick,, they don’t go to the hospital.

    I have been very impressed by Dr. Zelenko and his pronouncements. I have not been impressed by Dr. Fauci at all.

  6. And ‘why is this not crooked & corrupt’ just because all the ‘crooked & corrupt’ lobbyists, Big-Pharma, Congress, Fake-news and, the rest of the stinky little swamp-critters in DC, say’s so…?

  7. No, it doesn’t give the appearance of a conflict of interest…IT IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST! I have not believed this man from day one….his past track record speaks for itself…as far as I’m concerned, he is a fraud and a true con man….

    1. Completely agree with so many on this posting!! Fauci should never have been invited into the White House Medical Panel re viruses….he hasn’t practice nor participated in any way with these diseases?!!??! He is a fraud and his game is money, NEVER TRUSTED FAUCI and still don’t

  8. Suffice it to say, I have it on unimpeachable authority, that Dr. Fauci is fraudulent. That in the past, he took credit for another dr.s years of research, and published it as his own. And his My source also stated that all this mask-wearing is keeping the population from getting “herd immunity,” which comes from the body adjusting to specific strains of any flu, including Covid. In other words, all the gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers are actually somewhat detrimental by not allowing the body to acclimate itself to this new strain. Anyone out there who has seen the movie, “War of The Worlds,” will understand that last statement, and if you don’t, ask your parents or grandparents.

    1. EXACTLY…and the disgusting part is that our own Gov’t doesn’t see this or simply ignores it!!!

  9. It has been reported that Fauci holds the patent on almost all vaccines in them U.S. and looks to gain another one

  10. Seems like these NIH members should be investigated to see if they have received monies from this company and if so, should be relieved of their duties!

  11. Maybe it’s not a BIG deal, however, I believe it is consequential. These members have a conflict of interest. When you go on a board like the NIH you should cut ties with all investments that have anything to do with pharmaceuticals and any area where conflict is likely to exist. If you chose not to divest yourself then don’t agree to be on the board. When you handle fish, you get the smell on you. Theses NIH board members smell fishy.

  12. Your article although interesting not factual enough. Have been reading other articles, and YES everyone possible is climbing onto the band wagon in the hopes of financial gain! The prevention is the least of their concerns. But who out there with enough clout is going to broadcast the truth, the whole truth of how to prevent coming down with this virus with nature’s, God’s, store house of healing plants and good nutrition, plus the cures! Our leaders seem to become more and more stupid as the years go by being led by the nose and worthless money in their pockets in the wrong directions over and over again. Throwing money at our problems is a complete waste! It is time to get back what we lost through these last many years, common sense and our Constitution! Shore up the Constitution! Get rid of ALL the law breakers, put the educational system back on track with truth, facts, and how to think and do research for themselves! Stop our young from being deliberately miss-guided in our schools! Let God back into our lives, we all desperately need His guidance.

  13. When it come to the Covid Industry, nothing is off the table. And the staggering amount of money involved guarantees these opportunists at NIH and CDC will do everything thay can to keep Hydeoxycholoquine away from us. It’s cheap. It’s available. It works. It’s their worst nightmare.

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