DC Mayor Says Attendees of Lewis Funeral Exempt From COVID Restrictions

Lawmakers and others who attended the funeral for the late John Lewis, last week in Atlanta, are exempt from the same rules everyone else must abide by.

Thanks to Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington D.C., only events that she doesn’t approve are subject to the July 24 order. The order requires anyone to self-quarantine after non-essential travel during the public emergency.


1. All residents and persons traveling to or from “high-risk areas” within the prior fourteen (14) days for non-essential travel must self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days following their return or arrival to the District.

2. Persons who are self-quarantining after non-essential travel must:

a. Stay at their residence or in a hotel room, leaving only for essential medical appointments or treatment or to obtain food and other essential goods when the delivery of food or other essential goods to their residence or hotel is not feasible;

b. Not invite or allow guests, other than caregivers, into their quarantined residence or hotel room; and

c. Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and seek appropriate medical advice or testing if COVID-19 symptoms arise.

3. Persons who are traveling through a “high-risk area,” such as through an airport or by vehicle, shall not be subject to this quarantine requirement.

There is also a requirement for “essential travel”.

The entire state of Georgia would qualify as a "high risk area" according to the metrics she set out. So, even if it qualifies as "essential travel", they would still need to quarantine.

After all, this is a virus and not political.


Persons returning to the District after essential travel or arriving in the District for essential travel are required to do the following:

1. Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and to self-quarantine and seek medical advice or testing if they show symptoms of COVID-19; and

2. Limit their activities involving contact with other persons for fourteen (14) days to the purposes that exempted them from the self-quarantine requirement to the extent possible.

But Bowser's office has lifted the requirement for anyone who attended the Lewis funeral. Bowser's Press Secretary, Susan Castillo said:

“Government activity is essential, and the Capitol of the United States is exempt from the Mayor’s Order.”

Although, those same standards do NOT apply to a nonpolitical funeral. Funerals for 'regular people' are still deemed non-essential and those in attendance (if you can) must abide by these self-quarantine directives or face up to a $1,000 fine per incident.



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40 thoughts on “DC Mayor Says Attendees of Lewis Funeral Exempt From COVID Restrictions”

    1. Elitism! These democrat elites do not have to follow the rules OR even the law! It’s time to put representatives in office who represent “ we the people” vs their own self interests! It’s time to stop the systematic abuse of the power of their offices and theft if taxpayer money! It’s become just a criminal cabal of communists who want rule over us rather than serve us! They feel they don’t need us since they stay in power “ by decree of the Democrats and voter fraud! Let’s put a national voter ID w biometrics in place like our neighbors Mexico and Canada and stop being stupid!

  1. Bowser is simply showing her support and preference for Marxist racist John Lewis who spread hatred and racism his entire life. She did this after painting BLACK LIVES MATTER on the street to honor a Marxist organization. She is a disgrace to the black ethnic group and a disgrace to this nation’s capital.

    1. give credit where it is due: Lewis was a courageous young man who stood up to a rotten wrong racist
      system. He stood up to it at his own peril. That took some balls.

      It was the arrogance of power in later years when he became a congressman ruined him and turned him into
      the racist marxist you speak of.

      1. Agree BUT he WAS a MARXIST and RACISTS and WE know THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!! To be consistent HE MUST BE DESTROYED AND TORN DOWN!!!!!!

      2. Lewis Represented ” Some ” but not ” All” his whole life . Herman Cain was a true American success story. Did his Life matter ?

      3. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…”. You are clear evidence of the accuracy of his words.

  2. Typical, exemptions for the ruling elite, restrictions and mandates followed up with arrests and fines for the rest of us.

  3. Well if the China virus is as dangerous as she says then all those attending Caught the virus and will be showing symptoms shortly. Let’s see!

    1. They then get no hydroxychloroquine, z-pack, and zinc. In their mind, it doesn’t work anyway.

  4. The Pandemic is bad enough without having these jokers play Politics. In the 40’s this country faced a far greater threat for the people, WWII, Polio, Mumps, Measles, food shortages, shortages of everything and the Politicians at the time with the advice of the Medical population set up guidelines to follow, not dictated Political Power grabs. That is what is needed! At present, we have a bunch of misguided Political unconstitutional illegal power commands.

    These commands are not even fact based or uniform or even have scientific majority approval. Masks work? Masks don’t work, wear mask, don’t ware mask, Some people get it some people don’t, if it is a Pandemic Babies can get it! No attendance to Funerals except Political ones. Protests, Riots, but no church services. Its Fraud, it’s a Joke, its BS. Give the people option and let it go at that,

    1. and these are the politicians that idolized a career criminal George Floyd and gave him a kings funeral and a flag that he should never have gotten or the 3 funerals as the average person can not have one to say goodbye, and you wonder why I have no respect for the dumbass demorats

  5. Why are they exempt? They can carry the virus just like anyone else. STOP THIS PREFERENTIAL TREAT TO SOME. Political figures, congress and others should be judged and limited as the rest of us. Time for term-limits. They are assuming they are better than the rest of us.

  6. Funny how Covid does not spread at Black-supported functions, but does spread at church and Trump-sponsored functions. A very Democrat-oriented disease!!

  7. and there it is, the end of Democracy, the rule of law and everything else that has made this country great because when you get into power you can’t help yourself but to be unfair and partial. And this woman doesn’t even see that she is doing it probably.


  9. This Black ass nigger is no elite, she is just pretending to be a Nancy Pelosi…………… like out of her mind and nuts. Nancy loves that mask she keeps on her neck that hides her alligator neck ? The niggers of DC will continue to support the Welfare King and Queen’s of the Democrat controlled Cities.

    Black Lives Matter is a fraud,,,,,,,,,,, the number one killer of Blacks is abortion at Planned Parent Hood, and the second biggest killer of Blacks are BLACKS, NOT POLICE. Get it Blacks, if you can read yet ? The police kill more whites than Blacks. But…….. don’t Blacks know there are laws that were developed by a Black & White Congress? They are for all of us, so why do Blacks always run, thinking the laws don’t apply to them. Eighty-Three percent of all crime is caused by those totally innocent Blacks Criminals ?

    1. Only democrat lives matter. This is the evil democrats…. one wonders why they ate safe from the virus???? And yes…. the democrats kill thousands of black babies weekly.

  10. WOW! . . . I didn’t know coronavirus was so POLITICAL. Mercy me – it must be a Left Wing Democrat (destroys EVERYTHING it touches). I GUESS it takes it’s MARCHING orders from the DNC. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. Lewis spent all his years in Washington representing ” Some ” People . Not ” All ” People and he is hailed as a hero in Washington . Herman Cain is a true American success story and brought back several Companys from Bankruptcy and made them profitable again . Where is Cain’s story and Honor ? Why isn’t Cain a Hero ? Dis his Life matter ?

  12. What she meant to say was “The rules do not apply to Democrats”. I’m really sick of these dual standards and rules. We can’t go to church, but you can have an abortion. You can’t go to the gym, but you can protest to your heart content. Testing has proven the mask do very little to stop the C-19 virus, but masks are mandatory in some places. We can’t have funerals for our loved ones, but it’s okay to have one for a felon with a drug problem.

    Who is making up these stupid discriminatory “Virus Rules”? Honestly, a 5th grader would be better at it than these fools we’ve elected.

  13. Wow. Different rules for blacks. Talk about racist. Why are these people exempt? We’ll wait and see how many cases show up or they will admit there are any. They won’t admit any cases that arise. Totally disgusting.

  14. Restrict us while the elitist commie party leaders do what they want. Yeah , I got it. Vote them out while we still can or the Cheka or Stasi comes around to “reeducate us or eliminate us whatever the Leninist Stalinist party members deem is best. No burial for us, because it is for just the elite as she is dictating. No police to protect the citizens and no paycheck while they still get their pay at the top. We’ve had it up to our chins!

  15. So if we the people have a death of a beloved FAMILY “Blood” relative,it’s tough titty kitty,!!We the people may not gather,as we wish,and mourn OUR BLOOD beloved family❤…but Gov’t employees retired or not retired may be mourned in elaborate shindig style with zero regard to any reference to covid 19 pandemic mandatory rules placed upon THE WORLD..OF US PEONS!!!!Hilarious but I suppose you know what’s best for all of us,for some odd reason..THANK YOU ALL FOR PROTECTING ME AND PUTTING YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY TO CELEBRATE HIS LIFE THE WAY IT SHOULD BE FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO DIE😢

  16. Of course if your a Democrat you need not follow rules, only Republicans that die and follow rules. Remove the Democrats ASAP before the nation has to go like Venezuela and the Chinese take over w/o firing a shot.

  17. Yeah, right. This proves that the quarantine and masks and distancing are all made up “requirements” to keep people safe and healthy. If it was really that dangerous ALL events like this would be put on hold no matter if the person was black or white or any other skin color. It is just an excuse to control people. People have good memories and the mayor has not heard the last of this.

  18. I say this PROVES beyond all reasonable doubt that the restrictions are POLITICAL and NOT medically based.

    It is time that anyone in that Jurisdiction end wearing nose bras and tell the government it no longer has authority as they themselves violated rule and law…in other words selective prosecution and enforcement. Ends all obedience.

  19. Racism will never die as long as people like this guy are around so maybe it’s for the better that we don’t have one more person promoting racist activities.

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