Gaetz: Congress Won’t Act on Big Tech Because They’re Bought Off by Big Tech

Rep. Matt Gaetz was on Hannity’s show Wednesday night and he ruffled some feathers by dropping a truth bomb about congress’s inactivity on Big Tech.

He say’s not to expect much action against the tech giants because those same tech giants have already “bought off” Congress.

Gaetz said the Department of Justice will have to be more active in holding Big Tech giants accountable because congress won't eat their own.

He also said "Google... is the most dangerous election interference in the world".

“Here’s the message to the president: Congress will not do anything on big tech because Congress is bought off by big tech,” he said. “But we’ve proved today that many of American’s largest technology platforms are not acting in the best interest of our country. They’ve pulled out of deals as Google has with our own military to keep our service members safe. But then Google has no problem going and partnering with the Chinese military of all folks. Even General Dunford, the chairman of the joint chief of staff, said that Google is directly benefiting the Chinese military. But it’s not that they are just working with China, they are trying to turn our country into China. Google, in particular, is the most dangerous election interference organization in the world.”

“Twitter shadow-banned four members of Congress during the Russian hoax — Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz. That wasn’t a coincidence, Sean,” he said. And you know what? The Department of Justice should go and investigate these major tech platforms and prove that they are not biased. We’ve got enough smoke. There’s definitely fire. And I think the Department of Justice needs to be a lot more active in this civil litigation.”

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4 thoughts on “Gaetz: Congress Won’t Act on Big Tech Because They’re Bought Off by Big Tech”

  1. All of those “Social Media” companies are nothing more than data collection platforms with one goal. JMake money at the expense of the American public. They are collected and selling data about you faster than you can imagine. If you want to talk about collusion, start here!

  2. Unfortunately, Gaetz is correct. We the people are not represented by members of Congress; big, often multinational corporations are.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rep. Gaetz for exposing the truth about most of Congress. Just like how Paul Ryan who was Speaker of the House, promised with every speech he made to “de-fund Planned Parenthood” never ever did. He may have been pro-life but I even doubt that. The House appropriated the money to be spent, yet Ryan never could stop the tens of millions that was given to PP, BY THE GOVERNMENT. Why? Because members of Congress have a vested interest in keeping P.P. in business. All social media and tech giants are using their industry to harm America surreptitiously. The Internet itself has been turned into something it was never intended to be; a spying on the public, propaganda organizations owned and run by progressives. They all need to be restricted in what they are doing.

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