Bill Clinton, Senators, Governors, Princes at Epstein’s Island: Unsealed Documents

A flurry of unsealed documents were released late Thursday night that shed more light on Ghislaine Maxwell’s role in the sex scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein.

But they also name some BIG names. It’s no longer just a conspiracy theory.

Bill Clinton was among those named as being at Epstein’s island in the Virgin Islands.

Clinton’s office has also, previously, admitted to flying on Epstein’s private jet more than once while flight log records, kept by just one of the pilots, show he was on the plane at least 11 times.

At one point, in the witness interview of Virginia Giuffre, Giuffre’s lawyer asks here if she had any recollection of Epstein telling her that Bill Clinton owed him “favors”.

She said "Yes, I do."

“And were all of you staying at Jeffrey’s house on the island, including Bill Clinton?” Scarola asked.

“That’s correct," she responded. "He had about four or five different villas on his island separate from the main house, and we stayed in the villas.”

Then there are the interview questions about Donald Trump. We've all heard the claims that he was involved. Not so, according to the witness interview documents.

"When did Donald Trump flirt with you?"

"He didn't. That's what's inaccurate."

Then there's Bill Richardson, former governor of New Mexico from 2003-2011, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in the Clinton administration, U.S. Congressman, chairman of the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and chairman of the Democratic Governors Association.

Virginia Giuffre says she was ordered by Ghislaine Maxwell to go give a massage to Bill Richardson - when she was an EIGHTH GRADER.

What's just as disgusting? The FBI and DOJ knew in 2014 but did nothing.

Maxwell has said that she and Jeffrey basically cut ties and didn't communicate after about 2009, when he was convicted of soliciting an underage prostitute.

However, emails exchanged between Maxwell and Epstein also suggest that they stayed in contact long after Maxwell claims they parted ways. One email exchange, from 2015, shows Epstein advising Maxwell on how to deny the allegations.

"Go to parties. Deal with it."

This is just the beginning of what's now been exposed to be the largest, most powerful child sex scandal known to exist.

Buckle up, they never let the worst parts out first.

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60 thoughts on “Bill Clinton, Senators, Governors, Princes at Epstein’s Island: Unsealed Documents”

  1. But the FBI and Obama’s DOJ found time to put Stockman I. Prison with such a long prison term that they can’t even let him come home on an ankle bracelet when he is likely to catch the virus and die……for what, lending himself some NFP money and repaying it (when it would have been legal if he’d have just paid himself first).

  2. Just like New England Patriotts’ Bill Bellicheat’s Florida massage with a ‘happy ending’. He knew the oriental girl child was underage but proceeded to pay for illicit sex with a minor We all knew Billy Clinton could not keep it in his pants but, they both supported an underage child sex trafficking rings here in America. Epstein did not commit suicide as the post-mortem indicated the hyoid bone in his neck was broken (most common in strangulations) and Ghislaine Maxwell will suffer the same fate since so many professional, career, ‘deep-state ruling-elite, politicians of both parties will be exposed.

  3. I wish the media would report on this disgusting case of sex trafficking. Of course they would somehow blame it on the current president like everything else

    1. Sandy do you realize that 95% of the media is bought and paid for? They are corrupted and hide under the 1st amendment whose flag they love to wave in your face.


    1. And not ONE arrest by our vaunted FBI or ONE indictment from our Department of INJustice. Crickets….

  5. Democrats not only treasonous liars but now known pedophiles as well! Democrats continue to be proven despite the media coverups to be the vile cancer killing Americans And America to cover up their despicable crimes! Since loosing the election in 2016 all they have done is used the House of Representatives and their communist owned media to attempt to cover up their treason and generate this coo to escape justice! Blm has now killed over 600 innocent Americans so they can try and make the laws here in America that will force everyone to treat them equal! I’m not a killer . A rioter , a vandal or arsonist: so every blm supporter is as guilty as the rioters for the more than 600 deaths and countless destruction of others property and health!
    How can that make them equal to any patriot or law biding citizen here in America???
    It proves beyond any doubt all supporters of the blm movement to be inferior to all others in America beyond any doubt!
    The blm movement Proves blacks are not equal to other races now doesn’t it?
    Look an educated black man was elected president and he committed more vile crimes upon all Americans , including treason than in the mafia! The mafia at least drew the line and didn’t commit treason by launching this Obama coo!
    Obama proved beyond a doubt even educating blacks fails to make them equal to all other races ! For blacks are nothing more than criminals as their own conduct proves!
    Now it must be said the democrats have always used blacks as the fall guy to cover up their treasonous political scams and once again the unequal black race has been Duped to take the fall. So all blame certainly must be pointed at the democrats, Clintons, Obama and Soro’s for they have just utilized blacks as the tool for this coverup and coo!
    Sports are primarily a black race event so with blacks only being 16% of the current population in America how do you suppose their ridiculous athletes paychecks will be sustained once other races quit attending their tribal Displays of football basketball and baseball ! I for one will never attend another game or watch them on tv
    Our history is though filled with poor judgement and crimes against humanity is none the less our history!
    History is for sure the most important class in your education without it youth and yourselves have no way of monitoring your actions for history has a history of repeating itself! Once you erase history who is to say future generations who know nothing about slavery won’t bring slavery back? Without our history they won’t know how bad slavery was! Guess who will become the slaves first!
    Likely it will be the least educated and those committing the most crimes! Well if blacks continue by their own actions to be the ones committing the most crimes despite being only 16% of the population they will likely be made slaves again without America’s history intact to remind other races the evil of slavery
    Blm wake up the democrats have tried to kill you since they got power in our government your cause is just your just to uneducated to realize your after the wrong people your enemies are the democrats not history or the police or the white race! Democrats of any race are your enemies turn you vile violence against democrats and your inequality will be erased by your patriotism! For without democrats racism will be eliminated!

    1. When I finished your book, I can say that most of it true. Coverups by the powerful seems to be a trademark of the world.

    2. I agree the Democrats are responsible for all the racism and corruption and violence in this country. They need to be stopped at any cost because they are the root of all racism in the country.

      1. U R A F”N MORON. Completely delusional & out of touch with reality. Is ignorance really bliss?

        1. Wow Woody! You’re such a Blissful Guy! And you know so much about Morons. You must hang out with a lot of them. Democrat are you???? This article was right on and so was Steve.

          Thanks for a Great Article Adam. You are a credit to Inside Scoop Politics.

    3. Go ahead Steve. There is so much more to be said but your train is rolling on the Right Track with a good head of steam so keep it up Brother. I’m with you and we have got to get rid of this sorry no good democrat STINK but they aren’t alone. So many communist in this country that need to be done away with. They have no place in this country and our Fore Fathers would turn over in their graves if they were to see the filth , trash and corruption of the so called leadership in this country and i’m not talking about Donald Trump. He the best President this country has seen in years and for years to come. May God Bless the man. He doesn’t need to be there either but he loves this country and we love him. Now lets get rid of the trash.

    4. Your words would be far more effective if you did not believe and state that Black lives are not equal to the lives of non Blacks. It isn’t the Blacks…it is those evil people who are using the Blacks to further their cause…create division, violence…in their attempt to destroy American and usher in the NWO. I am totally against what the BLM movement has done. But, they are just puppets…they do NOT represent Blacks in general. There are more non Black members of BLM than there are Blacks themselves.

  6. I’m hoping that they find evidence on that scumbag Senator from Hudson County NJ, Robert Menendez who escaped from being indicted. This POS should not only be forced to resign, he should go to jail!

    1. Why, Nancy, because Dershowitz is married? Because he’s a law professor at Harvard? Because he’s Jewish? He’s a left wing scumbag PRETENDING to be [sort of] conservative but ONLY after his name popped up on a passenger manifest. Then he began threatening anyone and everyone if HE was charged. Naturally our gutless DoJ and FBI ducked and ran. ALL of them have dirt on one another. How handy. Alan Dershowitz is a lunatic.

  7. Bill Clinton; “I didn’t have sex with that woman”. HOW LONG WITH THESE EVIL PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH ALL THEIR CRIMES???

    1. That seems to be a familiar statement for Bill Clinton. Didn’t he say the same thing about Monica Lewinski, and that proved to be a lie.

      1. And Juanita Broaderrick, and Paula Corbin Jones [Ha – SHE cost him $750,00+ for his stupidity] and Kathleen Willy.

        But, in defense of Slick Willy, look at the other side of the coin. If YOU were married to The HildaBeast wouldn’t YOU seek comfort elsewhere? I sure as Hell would.

  8. Every Single Name should be named. No matter who they are. This is disturbing that only those chosen to be sacrificed publicly now, that all Government officials should also be known. Before Election 2020.

  9. ya just GOTTA be kiddin me ! Y’all really thought that those democrats were “saints”..!?? I was born in new jersey, raised in a democrat family. Preached to FREQUENTLY about how “wonderful” the democrats were..(basic brainwashing)..Well, it did work for quite a few years. Then, drip, drip, drip bit by bit the crap began to “float” to the surface. ( i slowly became one who didn’t take things at face ,AFTER I left that house at 18 years old. The LAST democrat I EVER voted for was Clinton.(second term). recall,”it’s the economy “stupid” ! That ,as it turns out was also a mistake.. Democrats have TOTALLY destroyed a once viable “party”. I just cannot fathom how some (seemingly) intelligent people BLINDLY swallow their lies. DUHH, I”M a DEMOCRAT.. They have been SO co-opted (brainwashed) that they roam around in a fog of denial. STUNNING !! After YEARS in business ,I am still AMAZED at the stupidity All any REAL “thinking” American,who truly cares about this nation would look further than the constant stream of inane rhetoric pouring non stop from media hacks ! MOST of it total fabrications. VERY frustrating !! vote the constitution,and the bill of rights, EVERYTHING else is bull s-it..

    1. I’m sure your post was tongue in cheek, Bob but if that “sugar” was YOUR pre-teen daughter would that be OK with you? I’m doubting it. Bill Clinton is a serial liar, a serial pedophile and a serial scumbag married to the same.

  10. It was the Owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft that was caught at the massage parlor not Bill Belichick get your facts straight before you accuse someone who was not involved with a heinous act. We have enough fake news.

    1. If Donald Trump doesn’t get elected in November none of these people will every see the inside of a court room. It will go back to Democrat business as usual. He is the only one standing up against these people that’s why they hate him. The politicians are the real looters. Get out and vote in November and hopefully we can get our country back.

    2. If Donald Trump doesn’t get elected in November none of these people will every see the inside of a court room. It will go back to Democrat business as usual. He is the only one standing up against these people that’s why they hate him. The politicians are the real looters. Get out and vote in November and hopefully we can get our country back.

  11. Is it my imagination or is Alan Dershowitz protesting a wee bit too much as to Virginia Giuffre’s veracity? Tucker Carlson’s interview with him last night sure left that impression. I lost count of the times Dershowitz called Giuffre a chronic/habitual liar, plus he claimed that he has begged the FBI to investigate her. Like they haven’t already? Wasn’t it the FBI who raided Epstein’s island? The ‘big names’ involved with Epstein’s playhouse include some ‘big-named’ politicians (like Bill Clinton) and the FBI has clearly proven itself to be as much of a political animal as Adam Schiff/Gerry Nadler, etc. Wouldn’t they be prone to supply the American public with just another political cover-up? Dershowitz, when asked about Bill Clinton’s involvement with Epstein and the infamous island, even attempted to rescue him as being a participant. That’s when I lost it. — This whole matter stinks to high heaven. I don’t know how Ghislaine Maxwell sleeps at night.

  12. I can only imagine the variations which will come forth from the left in support of these “low lifes” who abused these girls. It’s been long suspected, but couldn’t be proven earlier, that the level of perversion was this bad; and may well turn out to be much worse. Stayed tuned, folks!

  13. I’m a lot less interested in Ghislaine Maxwell and her part in this than the Rich and Powerful – Bill Clinton, Bill Richardson, Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. Why is SHE in jail and NONE of them? Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Maxwell may have helped Jeffrey Epstein ‘recruit’ girls but ALL of those young girls COULD have said “no”. They didn’t, they wanted the money.

    The guilty are those who sexually abused those girls and it wasn’t “messages” the girls provided. The Rich and Powerful are the criminals, NOT Ghislaine Maxwell.

    Let’s have a few perp walks and a few indictments. I see Hillary Clinton’s name missing – but then we don’t have any of the records do we. She’s reputed to have made trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch and it wasn’t for the barbecues. What a joke our FBI and Department of Justice are.

    1. @John Strom: Maxwell may have helped Jeffrey Epstein ‘recruit’ girls but ALL of those young girls COULD have said “no”. They didn’t, they wanted the money.

      Are you certain they got money, or might it have been the attention and initial grooming on Ghislaine’s part to lure them into the “club”? It’s my understanding from earlier reports that this was a very subtle process of deception and eventual entrapment.

  14. Of course the corrupt FBI and DOJ knew about this sickening acts on young girls and did nothing to protect them. They are a disgrace and should be prosecuted for these cover-ups and held accountable for these crimes. This is another outrage of our corrupt lunatics in office at the highest level.

  15. This is gross.
    For a long time I new that politicians, influentials and elite have more privilages than regular folks.
    I would implicate all those from government swamp. They are as guilty as pedofiliacs & abusers of
    innocent children.
    It is disgrace. The people of the Unite States (the voters) should look at the corrupt who do nothing
    for the people and the country but think only how to profit and enrich themselves. These people are
    corrupt to the core. They use their positions and their power. Clintons for instance are carpetbaggers
    which I new from they day I’ve heard of them (Hillary famous Chicago commodities case, Bills rape
    and abuse of women) and as a ordinary ciitizen who despises politicians and influentials I deplore
    their actions for their own gratification. I am very much against the parties especially the most corrupt
    party in the US history The donkies of Democrat Party USA. They were the party of slavery,clansmen
    and corrupt politicians.
    Get them all pay for their injustice to this society.

  16. Instead of prosecuting all of these kid diddlers A few underlings will get thrown under the bus. The rest will get glossed over as a threat to national security. Just like most major crimes by politicians do. If only the reason for releasing so many prisoners in California was to make room for these psychos.

  17. Most Americans knew about Bill Clinton at least 20 years ago. Amazing how the truth can be hidden for so long.
    Equal under the law died a long time ago. Do not anyone to suffer any consequences, they are above the Law.
    This should be about a corrupt ruling class, not just the few of many.

  18. Will we ever see the really wealthy scum that were there too? I seriously doubt it. They will let loose the names we already know and that will be it. The slime we already know won’t be doing time either! This is all for show! You think Bill “the octopus” Clinton is going to jail? Dirtsureis (Dershowitz) made the deal so he and all the other scum can’t be tried. What a F::ken joke this is. None of these women will get justice! This is all show and NO action! Nuff said!

  19. I hope, & pray, that all of this sick, twisted, garbage comes from the dark, into the light. No one was there to protect these young girls, from the evil that they were exposed to. Lets pray that this will allow every child, more protection & that they will never have to go through such an evil, sick, demented, experience. There are a great many evils, going on in the dark right now, that I pray will be brought into the light for all to see very soon. And I pray that every single one of these sick, evil, twisted, beings will pay for there crimes, against children.

  20. Although all of these politicians involved in the sex scandal is horrible it’s even worse that they all deny they were involved. My hope is each and everyone of them (Democrat or Republican) is given a fair trial and if guilty put in jail for the maximum allow sentence, not a slap on the hand.

    1. I believe this whole thing came back after the Florida slap on the wrist because someone in the deep state , with Trump derangement syndrome, thought they could tie this to the Donald. If not for that none of this would have been exposed. They were willing to kill their own on the hope to get TRUMP. Crazy Democrat scumb bags.

  21. I would be curious to know if Biden visited Epstein. I find it hard to believe his name hasn’t not shown up on any flight list.

  22. EVERY Government official and filthy rich individual should be named out loud in a newspaper or on a TV show so us deplorables won’t feel left out..Every Federal employee should be named and at what agency they worked for.

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