Trump: Republicans Need to Toughen Up or Accept Defeat

On Wednesday, President Trump sat down for an interview with RealClearPolitics and dove further into his speech at Mt. Rushmore, that many are saying could be his most important and strongest speech to date.

The president warned Americans that our nation is under assault from an “angry mob” who hates what the United States stands for. Our very institutions and values are being stolen away from us like a thief in broad daylight. He said they want to overthrow the American Revolution.

President Trump also told RCP that if his party doesn’t step up and fight the culture war they risk losing it all.

“If the Republicans don’t toughen up and get smart and get strong and protect our heritage and protect our country,” he explained, “I think they’re going to have a very tough election.”

The president is likely right. Many Republicans have been largely silent throughout the violent riots and protests, as well as the lockdowns that resulted from the Chinese virus.

At some point, the conservative movement as a whole will have to step up and join the culture war and fight. That means conservative citizens will need to stop looking for someone else to step up start leading, themselves, in their communities. After all, most conservatives agree that our values and love of freedom is worth fighting for.

Many already are so this is not to bash or criticize them but, like the President has said many times, this isn't just another 4 year election.

President Trump is also aware of the polling numbers that show trouble ahead for his re-election. His supporters and other Republican colleagues had gotten complacent as it looked like he was going to cruise to a blowout victory in November.

But things have changed.

This was going to be a blowout, and then China hit us with the ‘China virus,’ and all of a sudden, it discombobulated this country and the entire world. Now, it's a much closer situation,” he said......“We were sailing to an easy victory. Now, I have to fight for the victory, but I've been fighting all my life. That's what I do. I fight for victory.”

The President has been fighting since he stepped up to run. He's been fighting a corrupt FBI, DOJ, CIA, Congress, Senate, U.N., W.H.O., and even some in the GOP.

President Trump has lost more money becoming President than most of us will make in a lifetime, times 10. He has made a lot of sacrifices.

He leads a large and growing movement of conservatives who desperately want to see the country return to prosperity, freedom and opportunity. He's risked it all. The question will be: How much are his Republican colleagues in the House and Senate willing to risk, themselves? How much effort will they put in to backing the President's 'America First' agenda?

Supporters of the President will need to hold their local and state officials accountable as to not let them just coast and play it safe to see what happens in November. They need to fight alongside him.

We are in a culture war and there is not time for complacency.

When asked about reports that President Trump was actually uninterested in serving a second term, he shot it down.

“I want it with all my breath,” Trump told RCP, “with every ounce of what I represent.”

It will be up to Americans to choose their path between now and November.

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31 thoughts on “Trump: Republicans Need to Toughen Up or Accept Defeat”

  1. Absolutely. I watched an interview of John Cornyn. such a mealy mouth interview. fear of loosing elections because you are pro American is guarantee loss. standing up for our country well get you a win. republican mealy mouth campaigning after Reagan is what lead to Obama and possibly brain-dead Biden. If y9u cannot stand up for our economic system step aside and turn over to someone who will, like Thomas Massie.

  2. We at least know what Democrats stand for the problem is the do nothing Republicans. A very high percentage of them have been on the take for a long time. In my state the two Senators no longer meet the people that put them where they are. They set up private gatherings with certain people that are country club republicans. One is quitting the other needs to go.

  3. I agree that the Republicans have to stick together and strongly back our President or I’m afraid there will no longer be a Republican Party. President Trump cannot do it alone we need to stay strong.

  4. I pray that President Trump gets another term in office. I have never seen so much hate extended to any President as the Democrats and Press have given to this man and his family. What has our beloved Country come to? It breaks my heart to see the corruption and lies made through the so called “Press” and through our communication services. May God protect Pres. Trump and his family. He is not perfect, but who is in this world?

  5. Most remain quiet as when you don’t agree with the mob, you’re called racist, they show up at your home endangering your family’s lives, death threats and anything else you can think of.
    Once our country started the political correctness and safe spaces( thanks Obama) began the issues. Now they want to defund the police, over a hand full of bad cops. Remove all historical evidence of our country’s past and make the entire country their safe place. I myself am sick of all the crybaby b–ls-it protesting/rioting. We need to shut them down now, actually over a month ago.

  6. Mr. President,declare Marshal Law and start arresting these treasonous Communist,Socialist and Marxist!! Put them up against a wall and execute them,after a fair trial?

  7. “campaign talkin’ like a southern diplomat” to quote Chuck Berry’s Nadine. That’s Biden with his bombast about lazerfocusing on the middle class and the workin folk . Chuck talked the truth but not Biden– What workinfolk & middle class with 30 to 40 million outa work and on the temporary dole? Trump and only trump tells it like it is bro.

  8. I agree with our president If we don’t stand up against the corrupt democrats and liberals we are going to loose our freedom and our rights it’s time we put the United States back on track TRUMP 2020

  9. Both Hillary and Obama are followers of Saul Alinsky, the author of “Rules for Radicals”, a little book that explains how the Poor and Helpless can win over the Rich and Powerful. Up to this political season, those rules were followed and the Dems did pretty well. One of Alinsky’s Rules was NEVER ADMIT WHAT YOU ARE DOING – just focus on the misdeeds of the Rich and Powerful until you attain power yourself. In fact, Alinsky seems never to have considered what a radical should do after he/she attains power, except to obtain even more power. But Hillary’s incredible degree of ruthless corruption – Inurement at the Clinton Foundation, Pay-to-Play and Privatization of the official e-mail system at the State Department, was impossible to hide, and she got her comeuppance in the voting booths in 2016. Now, the Radical Democrats have abandoned any thoughts of hiding their true intentions. They have become the Party of Lawlessness by unleashing Antifa/BLM as armed storm troopers, and have openly admitted that they are pursuing the Socialist/Communist Kool-Aid Dream, dragging whatever traditional elements of their Party that may still exist along with them. But in so doing, they have broken Alinsky’s Rules, and should expect to lose everything in the 2020 elections.

  10. I think Trump is hypocritical in that anyone with a rational mind knows beyond.a reasonable doubt that the members of the Comunist party stole the 2018 Midterm elections which put them again in control of the HOR.

    More injunctions issued in opposition to the Trump agenda by criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges which could have been prevented if Trump had done what rightfully had been done and that is strongly recommend that the results of the 2018 Midterm elections be intensely investigated resulting in it be proven that the Democrats fudged the results.

    In retaining control of bothe the House and the Senate the Republicans could and should have started the process of having those criminal and treasonous Activist/Legislating judges removed from the bench.

  11. I wholeheartedly agree with President Trump. Where are all the so called conceal & carry, tough-guy, gun toting, patriots that won’t stand for anyone taking over our Rights and Freedom?

  12. I just one thing to say: If this country’s “voters” allow the democommunists complete control and power over this country prepare to kiss your behind’s goodbye, as you will now become controlled communist drones to be used, abused, taxed to death or “eliminated”, if you do not kowtow to every “royal command” or “decree” uttered by your new “masters”. Wise up America, and see the forest for the trees. Communists, anachists, radical MOBS, and radical mooslimes have infiltrated the “government”, our country, and will say and do anything to gain complete control over this country, the citizens, and will push to turn our Constitutional republic into a third-world communist–controlled crap-hole.

  13. I read an article in the paper about the Lincoln Project. It named five Republicans that they think are vulnerable in 2020. They are gonna work and back Democrat’s for those five seats. The members of Lincoln Project are all Republicans!! You got those never Trumpers working against the Republicans party. They made a comment that they would rather lose the senate majority and if Trump happens to win he will never get another bill passed! But, they are gonna work real hard to make Trump lose. I might of made a mistake on their name. It could be The Liberty Project. These ignorant republicans would rather give up the White House and give the Democrats control just to make President Trump lose! All I know is there isn’t very many Republicans that have the presidents back! I’m really worried about 11/3/2020

  14. Pr resident Trump is correct. We need to start returning fire at the Democrats and stop cowering in the corner. Fight the Democrats at each opportunity. Help other Republicans help each other. Hang tough and act like Marines in a firefight.

  15. Rep. truly cowards. Rep. can’t even stand up for there own party, so how do expect people to vote Rep. Don’t like the Demo. but I must say, they stand together. Shame on the Rep. party. If Trump loses, it will be all your fault. When the country falls under Biden, so will you (Rep).

  16. I won’t vote for a DEMORAT, but AFTER the election, win or lose , we can hang a BUNCH of RINOs..

  17. This task will be a hard one, since the democommunists have stepped up their voter fraud techniques, scams and schemes more than the last Presidential election. I have read that even people’s PETS have been receiving “absentee ballots” , people that have been dead for years, the people that now live at their old addresses, are being sent “absentee ballots” they could just sign and send in. For the “pandemic” supposedly being so ,”dangerous” the democommunists soros family, among other people and groups that want to take over this country are sending out (and paying) thousands of door-to-door “canvassers” to get people to vote democommunist and turn this country into a communist-controlled third-world crap-hole and the gullible “voters” into controlled subservient “subjects” to be used , abused, taxed to death, or “eliminated” if we do not kowtow to their every “royal decree” or command. Wise up America before we are FORCED to become a communist country. Vote OUT any and ALL democommunists that are up for reelection or suffer the same fate as other communist-controlled crap-holes.

  18. We can stay right of center and have freedom, or we can go left, which is into slavery, my choice has always been freedom any day of the week. Any one who want’s the hell of “Socialism/Communism” has never read the facts about those systems their blatant disregard of individualism and personal freedom. They have never spoke with the “Boat People” who escaped from Vietnam after the fall of South Vietnam, the Cambodians that escaped Pol-Pot’s “Killing Fields”. Read up on how many Russians were murdered in the “Gulags” just because politically disagreed with Stalin. How many Chinese who were murdered in the Communist Chinese “Cultural Revolution, those numbers were staggering. Then add Cuba, Eastern Europe and Venezuela.
    Bernie Sanders and a few other totally mentally unstable College Professors have poisoned the minds of at least 2 generations of our youth.

  19. We are under attack for our freedom! We must stand behind our President! He has been under attack since day one in office, wake up America! That should tell you something, it’s against their agenda! I don’t know if it’s possible, we need EIGHT more years of TRUMP!

  20. I am a WW2 vet. I not only listened to but I also read the entire published text of our Presidents speech at Mount Rushmore. That speech was to me the most effective he has ever made.Even though I am 93 I recall incidents shortly after WW2. First I recall the so called “Balance of trade” that still existed with other world nations. The agreements were forgiven to help the devastated nations recover from the war. Thu-sly the disadvantage we now have primarily with China and also other nations. President Trump is a business man and understands this, and is partly why he ran for President, also our military. Secondly I recall right after WW2 Dr. Spock said “Don’t spank your children, it is cruelty”. Fast forward, the newborns then are now 20 years in “65. Vietnam and the “Hippie” period. Free love, emancipation , leaving home and free. Some of the now freed people are from affluent families and returned home to get an education. These people have now become politicians, CEO’s, permeated the entire educational system, journalism etc. That in summation is how we got where we are in our wonderful country. A span of 60 years of neglect and complacency. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, let’s give him a second term.

  21. All of us conservative Christian people are going to have to fight for our values. The Democratic Party are letting rioters ruin our country.


  23. Could not have said it better myself, way back in 2016, I started telling everyone I know, that what we needed right then and there was a man who was savvy enough in the business end of things to get this nation back on track to prosperity and wealth and health. The POTUS was that man, I told them, watch out Donald Trump is the guy who can pull it off, and the reason was, has been in the trenches with us all along, he an average Joe just like us, has had ups and downs and won and lost but he still a fighter, and that what makes America great, we used to have a fighting spirit, I pity this millennial generation, poor babies, snowflakes and all, they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, they whine, and cry over every slight or perceived insult, they run home to mommy and say he hurt my precious feelings , help me please, I broke my wing, whaaaa. We used to raise men, and women that had the hutzpah to give all they had in the fight and then some more. We let the progressive left wing liberals brain wash the last two generations in our public schools against their own nation, wave allowed ball players who used to be heroes to look up to simply git fat and rich playing a game of ball to an excessive amount, we’ve allowed drugies, dopers, pimps and street walkers to gain some sort of higher standing that which we should exonerate them for their contribution to the detriment of our society, we let kids listen to all kinds of crap now days that are pawned of on them without parental guidance that have some of the worst lyrics i have ever heard come out of a recording, i am part of the greatest generation and son them ain’t lyrics, there just filth, plain and simple, just you wait the silent majority is gonna get off their butts again this November and he’s gonna win by such a landslide it won’t even be funny, because their still just enough of us that give a shit still and he’s our man and he’s gonna get “FOUR MORE YREARS”

  24. President Trump is both a liar and a phony. He is an established racist who does not respect women.
    He is now, at HIS eleventh hour saying what he thinks people want to hear. Nothing that he has stood for
    during these past four years has supported American Values. He is a charlatan times 10.
    Donald Trump is fighting for this re-election because when he is out of office he will have to answer in court
    for his criminal behavior. He has been trying for force China’s Leadership to provide information against his
    political opponent by using the threat of his Trade Issues with China for leverage. Sound familiar?

    1. Gloria – put down the needle and get into rehab.
      Stop living off the free stuff you never worked for.

  25. They are right.
    Trump has risked everything for us.
    We need use our vote for him to help him bring the country around and return to prosperity, freedom and opportunity .
    Not let the small minority make the rules.
    Politicians will always be there. They just want to be re-elected. They don’t care about the people.
    They are the “Look at Me” crowd.
    Stop playing by their rules.
    Get rid of them.

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