How Many Lives Were Lost?

A new study from the Henry Ford Health System shows that the already approved and inexpensive drug, Hydroxychloroquine, ‘significantly’ reduces the death rate of COVID-19 patients.

The patients in the study met specific criteria. Most received the drug shortly after admission to the hospital; “82% within 24 hours and 91% within 48 hours of admission.”

Dr. Marcus Zervos, the division head of Infectious Disease for Henry Ford Health System, says the stud’s findings have been highly analyzed and peer reviewed, unlike many previous studies.

“Our analysis shows that using hydroxychloroquine helped saves lives,” said neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Kalkanis, CEO, Henry Ford Medical Group and Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer of Henry Ford Health System. “As doctors and scientists, we look to the data for insight. And the data here is clear that there was benefit to using the drug as a treatment for sick, hospitalized patients.”


This brings up a significant question, now.

Virtually every mainstream news outlet blasted President Trump's suggestion that Hydroxychloroquine showed promise. They said his suggestions were dangerous and some even suggested he, perhaps, was trying to kill people by getting them to take the drug.

Some Democrat governors restricted the drug from being issued as a treatment in their states. Michigan's Whitmer was one who took the knee-jerk reaction as President Trump had touted the drug's possibility of helping those who had come down with the virus that spread from China.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo (D), issued an executive order prohibiting the drug from being dispensed to patients outside of a hospital or inpatient setting. This kept people from being able to go to their pharmacist to fill a prescription.

The mainstream media went nuts after a couple in Arizona ingested fish tank cleaner as a supposed treatment and preventative for COVID-19. It was a form of Chloroquine but not the Hydroxychloroquine that President Trump had talked about. A man in his 60's died from ingesting the Chloroquine phosphate.

The media blamed Trump and scared people across the country.

However, there was promise of the drug's ability to help COVID-19 patients, long ago. A Democrat State Representative, Karen Whitsett, thanked Donald Trump for helping to save her life after she opted to take the drug after coming down with the disease. Within 2 hours, she said she was feeling better.

Other studies had also shown promise.

While it's still not approved as a 'cure' for the disease, and there isn't one at this time, it has shown promise. It has also been around for decades and we know the possible side effects of it, unlike new drugs that are in experimental stages.

As Trump said many times, if you're in the at risk category and come down with the disease, "what do you have to lose?"

So, the question now, is how many lives could have been saved if the rabid anti-Trump media hadn't demonized the drug so much that some governors essentially banned its use and people were too afraid to take it?

CNN recently published an article, regarding this study, claiming the drug just may work, while also including that 'others have doubts'. This is after they spent months demonizing President Trump for touting its promise at the time.

Why were those in the mainstream media so quick to denounce this drug and hold out high hopes for brand new, highly expensive trial drugs?

Was it simply that their hatred for President Trump knows no bounds?

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24 thoughts on “How Many Lives Were Lost?”

  1. The Demo-Rats screw up and then blame Trump for there incompetence! And anyone who lives in a state with a Democrat governor has been treated with Gistopo tactics and totalitarian rule better wake up before all their rights as Americans are taken away!

  2. Looks like people would have learned by now to NOT believe the garbage the media puts out!!

  3. Seems typical for the large drug companies to do what they can to fill their pockets and postpone a cure until they come with their version for cure,just cost more.

  4. It was all due to New World Order Fauci and Bill Gates holding out for the drug of choice costing 700 times more than the approved drug!
    If it wasn’t that, then it was that Fauci and Bill Gates wanted a much greater kill rate to depopulate the earth!

    1. Don’t forget that the “Clinton foundation”, WHO, and Soros will profit when their drug rems. Dell’s for $3000+ for a 6 vial treatment … so what’s not to understand?

  5. The people who spent all their time demoralizing President Trump should be ASHAMED of themselves. This hate tactic will be remembered at the VOTEING Ballot. President Trump calls them like he sees them.

  6. Over reliance on government experts recommending public policies/medical care that they have not approved/authorized under the laws that extend them excessive power.over an individual’s right to choose..

  7. I was following Dr. Zelenko’s work early on. It was obvious to me the pandemic was now essentially over… if people were allowed to use his protocol.

    CNN and the other networks prevented that with their hysteria. I would say give these guys at least 10,000 deaths to their credit.

    The Democrats wanted hysteria so they couldn’t allow any good news. The Democrats also want to hurt Trump so they couldn’t publish anything that made Trump seem smart. Thus the blackout.

    Just last week Zelenko commented that if his protocol were allowed nationally, the shutdown could be lifted at that time.

    I have casually predicted that Zelenko will get a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Let’s see.

  8. Cuomo and Whitmer have committed murder just because they do not like Trump and Fauci new all along there was nothing wrong with trying it.
    All three need to have federal murder charges put against them and arrested immediately as they would do to a Republican. Speaking of Republicans maybe Romney needs to be included.

    1. Not sure I trust Fauci. WikiLeaks found “love letters” he wrote to Hillary Clinton. He also backed her run for president. Google: Fauci love letters to Hillary Clinton. He is probably part of the “deep state”. He has been Wrong more than he has been RIGHT.

  9. It is clear that tipping the election is more important to the Dems than saving lives. They are manipulative and greedy.

    They are so deceived, and narcissistic in nature that they will stop at nothing in order to further their agenda. Shame on them!

  10. Are you kidding me.
    You are peddling a drug that has no effect on the virus.
    As a Republican, please stop doing this.

  11. Because there is no integrity in the media. They have no ability to think Here is a simple example they tout the increase in new corona virus cases but pay no attention to level or decreasing # of hospitalizations or deaths

  12. Everyone who are Democrats are always making President Trump the Bad Guy when they are the bad people . They have tried to every way they can to put him down and he is a True American and I am proud to say that he is one of the best Presidents we have had. Just my opinion

  13. Come on, people. The point of this virus was to precipitate implementation of the UN agenda for mandatory vaccination of everyone on the planet by 2030. Like all plans for a world-wide government, this agenda is not to benefit mankind, it is to cull the herd. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the source for almost all of Trump’s Covid-19 advisors, and the UN, have agendas to significantly reduce the population of the planet to insure the survival of mankind.

    Universal vaccination allows them to do this in a clandestine way. This agenda has been underway for decades. They tried it out in 2013 in Ontario until Fauci was unmasked and kicked out of Canada. As the head of IHS in 2003 Fauci and crew touted hydroxycloroquinine as the agent of death for the coronavirus of the day. Again, in 2013 Fauci and crew ballyhooed hydroxycloroquinine as the agent of death for the coronavirus of 2013.

    To date, there has yet to be a flu vaccine that worked, other than to give more people the flu than got the flu without having gotten a flu shot. There can be no universal flu or coronavirus vaccine until there is a vaccine that prevents the coronavirus from attaching itself to the specific, well-known, cell receptor.

    The purpose of a ‘universal’ vaccine is to control the population. A vaccine that sterilizes here and there, a vaccine that incapacitates a percentage of people there, which culture does one consider disposable, which culture too populous?

    Childhood vaccines are great, right? In the U.S. as of this date, childhood deaths are down 30%. Oops…. with the Covid-19 mess, childhood vaccinations are down 30%, and childhood autism is down how much?

    Bless Bill Gates and the UN and Fauci for all the things they and the One-World Order folks want to do to us. Do your own research.

    All of the attacks on Trump are not from deranged Democrats! Trump is in the way of the Gates/UN/Elite plans for the future. He has already done damage to programs that have taken decades to achieve.

    George Soros, alone, finances over 220 different ‘nice’ sounding groups dedicated to the destruction of the U.S. Fauci-ville, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa are only three of the many. Soros is not alone. The mantra is “Stop Trump!” The unpublicised part of the mantra is, “Don’t allow Turmp to provide a bright future for the U.S. and a beacon for the rest of the world. Take him out! take him out! Help us undo the damage he has done to our One-World order agenda!”

  14. I looked in the dictionary for the meaning of “HATE” and saw pe lousies picture there ..there was no room for all the other democracks fotos……Hate of Trump is driving these un Americans.Because the President wanted to use this safe drug it drove these IDIOTS CRAZY……..We now have to be on guard because of the scare tactics with the stay at home ,wear Masks ,ruin the economy, don’t be in crowds (as in Trump Rallies)etc……The Demoncracks just tipped their hand on their next move (with their ally china ,who is expert in spreading viruses when it suits them), when they announced that a “DIFFERENT TYPE OF SWINE FLU IS OR CAN BE NEXT IN STORE FOR US”………….ALL OF THIS IS NOT JUST COINCIDENTAL .Who is to stop THEM?

  15. This is an old-time med, it has been around and used for many years, now it has been tested and shown effective. It should be used with the Covid-19.

  16. I am praying that Our True Living Loving Heavenly Father Through His God’s Only Begotten Sn Jesus Christ will give Our great nation God’s Grace Love and Favor, Forgiveness and stop all of the liars form even berthing if needed I am so sick of what the marxist progressives democrats are doing to We The People’s great America I know we’re truly praying not one of these demon posessed people ever get a job as a dog catcher God In Your Holy Son’s Name Please give We The People God Your blessed Favor and redeem Our Great Nation Because I know in my heart you Gave Us This America Forgive our sin’s In Your Holy Name Heavenly Father I ask in The Name Of Jesus Christ

  17. We were told this months ago by the Italian Government (I believe it was) that this drug along with steroids is a miracle with Covid 19… Fouche fought this from the first stating this was dangerous and not approved etc… Why? Because now he will not make millions/billions on the vaccine that he is heavily invested.

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