Biden’s Basement Strategy: Just Say Nothing

Some polls now have Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump by 10 points and sweeping the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. This vindicates the strategy Biden’s advisers have adopted:

Confine Joe to his basement, no press conferences. Trot him out to recite carefully scripted messages for the cameras. Then lead him back to his stall.
This enables Biden to avoid the blazing questions that are dividing not only Democrats and Republicans but liberals and leftists. And most of these issues touch on the explosive subject of race.

Consider. California’s legislature just voted to put to a statewide ballot in November a return to the racial preferences that were banned as discriminatory in a statewide referendum, 25 years ago.

The proposal would reverse the 1995 constitutional amendment, approved by 55% of voters, which outlawed “preferential treatment” based on “race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin.”

If the measure carries, California returns to a racial spoils system.
Race preferences are being pushed because they are needed to bring about greater representation of Blacks and Hispanics in the student bodies of elite schools of the state university system like UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley.

Asian students are today “overrepresented” in these prestigious schools, because of their superior test scores.

Where does Biden stand on anti-Asian discrimination?

Earlier this June, the California Assembly voted to establish a task force to make recommendations for reparations for slavery.

Now, California did not enter the Union until 1850, and slavery was outlawed in the state constitution, though several thousand slaves were brought there during the 1849 Gold Rush.

Where does Biden stand on reparations for slavery?


Many of the recent protests in the wake of George Floyd's death have involved the desecration and destruction of monuments.

What does Biden think about tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee? Where does Biden stand on destroying statues of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, Grant and Theodore Roosevelt?

What did Biden think of the removal of the statue of Caesar Rodney, Delaware statesman and slave owner, who, despite a grave illness, rode to Philadelphia to sign Jefferson's Declaration of Independence and cast his lot with the American Revolution?

Understandably, Biden would prefer not having to choose between Caesar Rodney and BLM.

Black men are arrested and incarcerated more often than whites because of the systemic racism of law enforcement officials, we are told.

Does Biden believe white cops are congenital racists?

In the great cities where the killing of Black men is today all too common, the regimes that have ruled them for decades have been almost wholly Democratic.

Does Biden believe there is systemic racism in the ruling circles of all these Democratic-run cities?

Over the last month, there has been an explosion of shootings and killings. In Chicago, over Memorial Day, 84 people were shot, 24 mortally.

Last weekend in Chicago, 106 people were shot and 14 killed. New York City is experiencing the worst shooting violence in a quarter century.

Is there systemic racism in the police departments of our great cities? Again, who has been running those cities, if not Democrats?

Is there inequality in wealth between Black and white America because of systemic racism? If so, why did that inequality persist through two terms of our first Black president, with Biden as his VP?

Does Biden believe, with Elizabeth Warren, in wealth taxes on the rich and wealth transfers to close the Black-white wealth gap?

Is there systemic racism in American media?

Our dominant media institutions include The Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS and NBC. All are controlled by liberals.

Is there systemic racism in our great universities and colleges? Yet, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and the rest of the Ivy League have long been run by an entrenched liberal elite.

Is our huge federal workforce permeated by racism?

Though African Americans are 13% of the U.S. population, they occupy 18% of all federal jobs.

Is there systemic racism in our public schools? Who controls the teachers unions? Who fills almost all of the teaching positions?

Is there systemic racism in California? If so, who is at fault? The governor, both senators, both houses of the legislature, all statewide offices, and 46 of 53 U.S. House seats in California are held by Democrats.

If Biden emerges, then he will have to answer why all these institutions where his party and people are predominant -- the media, Hollywood, the academic community, public schools, big-city governments, the big foundations, the federal bureaucracy -- are apparently shot through with systemic racism after decades of Democratic dominance.

And, more precisely, what he intends to do about it.

Perhaps it's better to shelter in place in the basement.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever."

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24 thoughts on “Biden’s Basement Strategy: Just Say Nothing”

  1. love carmela harris for vice president to biden. she will cool all racism feathers!
    just a little old lady with a dream for our latino population which by the way is
    growing by all that i see.

    1. news flash:….she’s NOT BLACK., and her family OWNED SLAVES… will be Susan Rice, Biden is not picking his VP, the DNC which means Obama and the Clintons are picking the VP, and they will pick Rice since she will help keep them out of jail for all their corruption. They’ll slide Rice in there, and if by some quirk of fate and voting shennagians Biden is amazingly elected, he’ll resign “for the good of the country, due to health reasons”…and we get a totally unqualified Susan Rice as President….and no, she doesn’t have great foreign policy experience, she served as ambassador to the do nothing United Nations where she did nothing, and that was just a payoff for her lying about Bengazi.

      1. Don’t. She and her accomplices will be waiting for jail time after The Durham Report. I am confident that AG Barr will be able have our Justice Sysrem prevails after being abused for decades by the corrupt democrats.
        God Bless Us! God Bless Our President! God Bless AMERICA! MAGA 2020!.
        Please use your vote. Do not vote by mail.
        Thank you Patriots.

  2. love carmela harris for vice president to biden . she will cool all racial feathers.

    just a little old lady with a dream for our latino population which by the way is growing

    from all that i see. will this move save this country, i say yes!. my sincere thought.
    may peace come to our country

  3. Biden answer those questions?..Biden wouldn’t even understand the questions….he’d just try and babble some scripted answer, that as usual makes no sense.

    1. Yes he has alzheimer or another mental illness. And don´t believe the skewed polls. They are the same lies as they used when clinton woman wanted to be a president.
      There is no Democratic Party in the US These monsters who claim to be”democrats” are neo nazis, racists who hate America. They are paid and support by all the muslim organization in the US and by BLM

  4. They cannot hide his mental condition and horrible record from scrutiny despite hyping fear over the Coronavirus. One debate will educate the world.

    1. Is a buffoon who brags about grabbing women between their legs qualify as having a mental disorder?

      1. You are forgetting “crazy uncle joe” feels up YOUNG girls and “sniffs” them. At least PRESIDENT TRUMP picked grown women unlike pedoplhiles like he, and sickos like ‘slick willyclinton that headed off to pedophile island on the “lolitta express to rape underage GIRLS. You sound like a SHILL for the COMMUNISTS and MSNBC.

    1. Does injecting chlorine and shoving a light inside me means he has dementia? Or holding a bible upside down for a photo op?

  5. Cathy Creighton, you’re just another liberal commie who always sides with all the liars in cluding the Liar – in – Chiefs Hillary and Obama. Well might as well include Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and Nadler. Sleepy Joe is a farce and the Dems want him in so they can direct his every step on how Obama and Soros can again destroy this Nation.

    1. Nice Don. Sounds like the “deep state “ is at it again. Can’t wait until the put Hillary in jail for selling our Uranium to Russia. Oh, that’s right Bill “ boot licker” Barr already investigated her. Guess Fox News didn’t give you the results of his investigation.

  6. Former White House Doctor Ronny Jackson Says Biden Would Fail Cognitive Test that’s why Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said: Joe will be safely locked in his basement and we’ll have “Ex-President Obama who’s been running for President for Joe Biden and who intends to proudly accept his party’s Presidential Nomination in Milwaukee.”

  7. OK Joey, SAYYYY NOTHINNNNG … then after you are elected ( yeah, RRRRRIGHT ! ), we suspect you plan on maintaining that policy for the next FOUR YEARS ?

  8. President Trump and his re-election team must understand that Biden is using Bill Clinton’s play-book where he defeated #41. Stay low, say little, and let his opponent put his foot in his mouth. Soon it will be too late to reverse the trend, just as in #41’s case, and President Trump will loose. Please warn the Presidents team before it is too late.

  9. The COMMUNISTS running his campaign know that if dementia joe comes out of his basement bunker and opens his piehole, it will be all over.
    The people in this country are NOT as stupid as they think. Creepy-crazy ‘uncle joe is mentally deficient and can in NO WAY run this country. He has had many years to actually DO something and like his FRAUD running mate hussein obunghole, now brags he is going tom carry on the ‘legacy” of the FRAUD and “transform” the country..
    The only thing HE will do is destroy the country even more, and TAX people to death.

  10. When you have nothing to say, or, worse, when what you think will get you shot down, stay in the basement. Hmmm. Does the White House have a basement, Joe? It is hard to believe that the Dems really think they can hold off their prime guy forever. Cmon, Joe — you useless idiot — come into the light of day and let’s hear you make an ass out of yourself — again and again.

  11. Like didn’t our schools teach our children about slavery? After all it was and is universal. Throughout the bible slavery is often mentioned. All of us have ancestors who either owned slaves or were slaves at some point in time themselves. If our schools had done their job in this area, then black folks would know we all have slavery in our background. What counts is in what we believe and support….right now. Tearing down statues and monuments, and renaming bases and so on merely obscures history and what really happened. All men and women have sinned so are we to dispose each other? Should black folks hate black fol;ks, because many of their ancestors became slaves because of their own people. The American Indians attacked each other and took captives and made temporary slaves out of them. Eventually they would merge into the tribe and become valued members, just like black folks have here in America. Read up on your history and get beyond the smaller narative pushed by the movie industry.

  12. Wait till the “debates”. No teleprompter or some aid whispering answers in your ear. President Trump will expose Sol Joe’s mental condition for all the country to see.

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