OK: “This Is Not Seattle. Act Like a Terrorist Get Treated Like a Terrorist”

Oklahoma authorities have decided they will not model their riot response after Seattle, who gave free rein and basically handed them the key to the city. Oklahoma was home to some protests and riots over the last few weeks but wants its citizens to know they will not tolerate violence or vandalism.

“This is not Seattle,” Prater said Friday. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

Oklahoma has charged at least 5 people with terrorism charges that include vandalism of murals in downtown OKC and incitement of a riot for interfering with a police officer trying to take a murder suspect in for an interview. Along with that the charges include the burning of a Sheriff’s van and an Oklahoma business.

The ACLU, of course, thinks the charges are too harsh. They are starting to act more like the American Criminal Liberties Union as they seem interested only to protect criminals. I haven’t heard a peep from them about the business owners whose livelihoods and civil liberties have been destroyed by these terrorists.

Attorney General William Barr has already directed a task force to investigate and prosecute the violent anti-government terrorists that have wreaked havoc around mostly Democrat-run large cities in the U.S.

“I am today directing the creation of a task force devoted to countering violent anti-government extremists,” Barr wrote in a memo. “The task force will be co-headed by Craig Carpenito, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, and Eric Nealy Cox, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas. The task force will include members of United States Attorney’s Offices, the FBI, and other relevant components across the Nation. Drawing particularly on the capabilities of the FBI, the task force will develop detailed information about violent anti-government extremist individuals, networks, and movements – and will share that information as appropriate with federal, state, and local law enforcement, especially in places where these extremists pose a threat.”

Barr notes, in the directive, that Antifa and other foreign entities are seeking to sow chaos and disorder in our country.

President Trump tweeted his support for the order as he signed it.

I just had the privilege of signing a very strong Executive Order protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues - and combatting recent Criminal Violence. Long prison terms for these lawless acts against our Great Country!

Oklahoma seems to be moving in the right direction to actually stop these types of terrorist acts.

There is a reason Seattle is still a mess and people are getting shot in the 'CHOP' zone. When you roll out the red carpet for terrorists, what do you expect?

Well done, OKC District Attorney David Prater. We need more of this.

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80 thoughts on “OK: “This Is Not Seattle. Act Like a Terrorist Get Treated Like a Terrorist””

    1. I agree 100%. The other states should do the same thing. Don’t let these people ruin our country. Bring them down.

      1. Thank you Oklahoma! This will show other states how to handle things instead of allowing these losers to take over cities and have the residents and business owners terrified.
        Hit them where it hurts—-vote for Trump and fellow Republicans!!! God Bless America

        1. A police vehicle burnt and business destroyed. This is a good example? Big talk and wrong action, just like Trump. If you are going to talk “big stick,” try and be a big stick. These rioters must be shot dead.

        2. If only the other states will comply will it make any difference. Law and Order used to be the law of the land, but people like Blasio and Chomo have instituted no bail policies which have a “turnstile” policy. Get arrested and get out before the police officer has finished his/her report. NYC and NY leaders need to be held accountable and when one of the released commit another crime they should be fined for any damages or personal injuries. Until they are held accountable the justice system in NY will be a joke.

  1. All states should have the balls to follow Oklahoma. Unfortunately living in NY—-terrible

    1. I feel your pain…living in Commiefornia is just as bad if not worse however, the “coastal counties” are nothing like the Central Valley which are deep ruby red unfortunately, we are outnumbered.

      1. I agree with you. California once was a great place. The Dems have ruined our state. Some of us on the coast are conservative, but we are outnumbered here too.

  2. This should have been done when rioting first started and should be enforced across the country.

  3. People who are basically good have no need for morals and ethics. Since history, past and current, reveals people are not basically good thus requires morals and ethics. Morals and ethics by themselves cannot hold people accountable to them so there has to be means to make sure they are adhered to. You can call that “means” anything you want. Chaos, riots, anarchy do not exhibit morals and ethics and thus the need for a means to implement them.

  4. Thank God for the Oklahoma authorities! We have to stop these jobless, useless, irresponsible anarchist from trying to destroy America. Where are our spineless Republicans senators! Mitch McConnell get off your turtle behind, and demand the scary republicans to speak out against this civil disobedience.

    We have to get out in the streets and start supporting President Trump and the Police!

    1. They are not jobless. They are Brownshirts in total and the DNC rich, white, entitled NWO leadership as in old Nanc and Schmucky and DNC party in total along with the rich white, enetitled NWO donors like Soros and the rest are footing the bill for the old nazi collaborator’s fondest memories of Hitler with his Brownshirts taking over Germany in the 1930s and destroying it in the mid 1940s.

      This is the old playbook of the nazis revived by the NWO. Most of those in that club are also those who were of that same agenda with Hitler. They just crawled away, got away with their involvement and have been driving the same wedge into the world again. And their useful tools do include the moose-slimes once again and those indoctrinated youth just like before.

  5. Thank God I moved my family to Oklahoma. ACLU has been defending communist terrorists since it opened up in 1920. With the popularity of security cameras today, we should be able to arrest thousands of these communist terrorists. We can always open up tent cities in Death Valley to accommodate any overflow of criminals.

    1. I have fond memories of the tent cities and pink underwear for all criminals in the desert here in AZ. Old Joe had the right idea. Now Phoenix is a dim wit enclave but because of Brewer, the governor before rino Ducey, the enclaves in our three cities can NOT go sanctuary outright but they just do it behind our backs. Brewer was a great governor, Ducey is a good old go along boy. See his name anywhere running for anything after this term, reject him.

      1. When people say that our crooked politicians should be put in Gitmo, I keep saying that they should reinstate Arpaio and the tents instead. Obama made Gitmo a Muslim day camp for his friends.

  6. I applaud these events in Oklahoma, and hope that it serves as a model for the rest of the country.
    It is tragic that we have sunk so low as a nation, that what should be the response for all states, is lauded as special and great.
    I am 74 years old this month, have worked and paid taxes all my life and continue to do so.
    This was a great nation. An entire political party seems determined to aid and abet these anarchists. The more power they [the democrats] gain, the more damage they do. If they win in November they will destroy the nation as we know it. I don’t think that is a hyperbolic statement.
    I am sad, and angry.

  7. It’s about time. If YOU act like a terrorist YOU should be TREATED LIKE A TERRORIST! Jail is too good for terrorist but it is helpful.

  8. About time law enforcement charges these terrorists for rioting, looting, and the burning of businesses as well as destroying public property. Frankly, it surprises me these people are still walking the street. Mayors and governors who permit this kind of activity should also be charged with a variety of charges since VIOLATING THE OATH OF OFFICE IS A FEDERAL CRIME. I want to see Mayor Jenny Anne Durkan and Governor Kate Brown charged and be removed from office immediately. They’re nothing but Democrat trash allowing unlawful activity in their communities.

  9. Terrorist are a huge threat to businesses, families and properties no matter if within any country or outside the country. Shooting to kill is the only way you know they will not return to the same area or move on to terrorize another area.

  10. Finally some American backbone, we need more people making decisions like David Prater

  11. Cheers and joy to Oklahoma, Trump and Attorney General Barr. Gloom and doom to the anarchists, looters and rioters. Lock them all up. George Soros and his rot are surely lurking in the dung.

  12. Other Pu**y states need to grow a pair and do the same, this isnt about George Floyd anymore, it’s about tearing down this country we love

    1. George Floyd was a criminal and he resisted arrest as his probation would have been terminated for the drugs in his system and the bag of Heroin he threw away. Not what the liberal media wants to portray but FACT.

  13. Congratulations to Oklahoma and it’s Attorney General, Wm. Barr, along with every one else who regards Law and Order a priority in this country! It is about time!
    Punish the terrorists, Antifa members, Corporate leaders of BLM for their anti- Americanism & treason, their destruction, crimes against the POLICE, and get rid of those who have murdered the innocent! Protect the children from this terminal disease!
    This is Not Nazi Germany, Russia, China, or Cuba… we are
    a peaceful nation. Let’s talk about the Rights of the MAJORITY …. of the Peaceful… and punish the WRONGS of those who would destroy us all. The are nothing but manipulative criminals!

  14. The ACLU is concerned about the length of the sentences? I’m pretty sure at one time the penalty for TREASON was the firing squad. Am I wrong or did the Democrat politicians eliminate that to protect themselves?

  15. Thank God this is happening to stop these sick demented hateful black terrorists before they burn the rest of the cities down and continue to get away with this destruction. It seems most of these demorat politicians are afraid to stop these lunatics. My question is WHY is this taking so long?

  16. A sign of true American justice on its way. All state and local governments should jump on this bandwagon. This is what true Americans want.

  17. What a shame that the Democrat party has been taken over by anti-Americans. How weak does that make them sound? I love that comment…”Act like a terrorist get treated like a terrorist”. The rest of the country needs to act.
    Who do you think is behind this movement? Not Americans. Are we going to sit on our bottoms and let these criminals take over? Hopefully, the Republican run states will have a spine.

  18. I couldn’t agree more – America is a law abiding country – if you don’t like it – leave it, there is a big world out there. We have legal ways to make things change – breaking our laws doesn’t work.

  19. Lets see some of these folks prosecuted and punished when found guilty. We need to demonstrate by example that we will not tolerate the unlawful acts that have been going on. All Americans have the right to express themselves without harming anything or anyone!

  20. Bravo! One state that still believes in the rule of law. Yes, the BLM and Antifa folks ARE in fact, by every metric possible, TERRORISTS! And, they should be treated as such.

    What a terrible and racist thing it is to say, “Well, they are black and angry…so, they just can’t control themselves.” Really??? That’s not a racist position? If it’s valid, then the moon really IS made of green cheese.

  21. All the rioters are complicit to murder arson vandalism and treason! No matter what role they have played from peaceful demonstrators to our right terrorists activists All of these vial democrats and blm supporters ARE complicit and supporting Murder Arson vandalism and treason! If they were there or are supporting these vial acts against all Americans they themselves are GUILTY OF MURDER!
    Every last democrat and blm supporter should be charged found guilty and sentenced to death for their actions and All of their assets ceased! That includes all of the media , Hollywood Hillary and Obama and let’s not forget the treason in are democrat politicians ether

  22. Our country cannot put up with these terrorist groups and their lawlesness and why don’t we kick George Soros into prison and freeze all of his assets immediately.

  23. Makes me proud to have been born in Muskogee. Good for you Mr. Prater, if officials in these Democratic States had any sense of responsibility towards their constituents we wouldn’t have had terrorist problems, they would all be in jail.

  24. I agree that the looters and destructive protesters need to be charged and tried. But, “Anti-government”? Do you see what the intent is here? The push is to have Law abiding people who don’t like government heavy handedness prejudiced and grouped with the THUGS. Continue to twist things up like a Tornado. The writing is on the wall, there will be HELL TO PAY. WHO is at the front of this movement? The same group that didn’t get the Tyrannical Clinton elected! We are being BULLIED by the very people who denounce the activity by all others. Can you name the hypocrites?

    IS IT TIME form more than LIP SERVICE? How do we unite and show the Tyrants this is NOT the action that MAKES THIS COUNTRY GREAT. How about some lip service on ideas to stop these THUGS in their tracks.

  25. Praise God for what Oklahoma and President Trump are doing to put a stop to these evil factions that are trying to destroy us.

  26. “Attorney General William Barr has already directed a task force to investigate and prosecute the violent anti-government terrorists that have wreaked havoc around mostly Democrat-run large cities in the U.S.”

    You mean the MAYORS and CITY COUCILS of these cities which are all AGENDA DRIVEN DEMOCRATS and LEFTIST. Until they are removed and prosecuted this will continue.

    1. Agreed, lets make sure that arrest has nothing to do with color, should be based op activity. There is a lopt of white trash involved in all of this.

  27. If you want to be safe move to a conservative state! If you want to remain safe vote republican and vote Trump!

  28. Kudos to Oklahoma!
    Mob rule, anti-America politicians, and a fraudulent press are intentionally eating away at the fabric of our Republic. Anyone believing violent demonstrations are coincidental must rethink the motivations. The BLM is now a political party with no interest in saving black lives, if they did they (and the fraudulent press) would not canonize deadbeats.

    The agenda and tactics employed by the BLM makes them analogous to a “Bolshavik” style political party. Their leadership promotes violence, burning and looting. Additional support from left wing Holly Wood loons celebrate their destructive demonstrations and then collectively bail out violent “mob rule criminals.

    If the left and far left think that rational Americans will tolerate mob rule, and the persecution / defunding of police departments they are mistaken. When democrat strongholds are destroyed and the miscreants have nowhere else to go, they may meet a perfect storm of their own making. So, thank you again Oklahoma, more states need your resolve.
    Best regards and a Happy 4th of July to all patriots.

  29. So glad to hear someone is taking action! The right action! thank you, OKC District Attorney D. Prater and thank you, Attorney General William Barr.


  31. Inevitably, when legitimate protest becomes insurrection, force is the only remedy.

    Seattle, refusing to use force for a long while is responsible, as a city government, for the deaths in the area where they refused to enforce the law.

    In the end, force was used. So, the delay only provided a window for chaotic criminal behavior.

    This exact scenario was predicted by many, who should have been listened to.

  32. The arch-left wing terrorists who are burning our cities want a revolution that will destroy all that is good in our nation. Don’t let them! Silence and staying in the middle is no longer an option. Let your voice be heard! I choose the side of freedom, liberty and free enterprise for ALL Americans against Marxist socialism. I choose law and order over chaos. If you agree, let your voices be heard. Enough is enough!

  33. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, the standard expectation from Republicans in office is cowardice and lying.

  34. Damn Straight! Born and raised in California and live in a rural area. Dems have polluted this state, but there are lots of us that will stand and fight for law and order.. We back our sheriffs and will not tolerate those who would tear down our great nation. We are a community that respects ideas and principles, and that is how we judge people. Not by the color of their skin, but by shared believes and values.

  35. Since 2011, Venezuelans have been bringing awareness about Castro Communism invasion of not only Venezuela but the entire Americas. We have tried it all, we respectfully issue the most critical WARNING: The United States of America is on the verge of succumbing to Castro communism, not only thru RACE organizations funded by the Castro Venezuela regimes but by the installation of Castro Cuban Venezuelan owned voting systems SMARTMATIC, SEQUOIA, DOMINION and VOTEM (installed in the USA since 2004) that use algorithms to manipulate votes in “favor” of leftist candidates.

  36. Why took so long to bring back law and order ? Is tonlstr the intervention of our Fed Gov. Those terrorists spread worst than cancer in different states . They are worst than cancer metastasis . Bring back to our families law and order and the well deserved protection and prosperity we need as individuals, families and nation. What part are we nit able to understand? They are foreigners and domestic TERRORIST

  37. Although I believe the rioters/ protesters are the primary cause of the recent outbreak
    of the corona virus, very little has been said about that being the cause of the outbreak.
    The news media is too chicken to tell the truth. And to make a hero/ martyr out of a
    criminal is incredible. It’s unbelievable how stupid people are. Blacks are everywhere
    in high positions, news programs, game show hosts, etc. They should be thankful, not

  38. About time a patriot dealt with these idiots that are creating havoc in our cities. When is Seattle going to do some thing about their mayor and Governor to put some useful politician (I know it is difficult to find them in the Democratic party these days)in place to deal with the stupidity of the protectors

  39. This is the correct move to protect EVERYONE’S rights. Protest if you wish but damage and destroy only what you own.
    You have no call or right damage my things.

  40. I like that, american criminal liberties union. Almost as good as southern poverty law center: socialist pricks a liars club.

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