Democrat Activist Calls for Tearing Down Jesus Statues and Churches

Shaun King, Black Lives Matter activist, called for the destruction of Jesus Christ statues and Christian churches for representing, what he says, is white supremacy and racist propaganda.

King tweeted:

“yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been.“

It’s not just the Jesus statues they want to go after. He also called for the destruction of churches and stained-glass windows, murals, and other parts of churches that he says represent white supremacy and oppression. His Twitter posts have been greeted with examples from across the world that show many
other cultures depicting Jesus in likewise images of themselves.


Throughout Africa you can find depictions of Jesus as being black. Similarly, you can also find images of Jesus as an Asian throughout east Asia.

What started out as a protest of the Death of George Floyd, while in the hands of the Minneapolis police officers, has quickly turned into an attack on many different American values and institutions.

King has a history of stoking racial tensions as he did in 2019 when he exploited the shooting death of a seven-year-old, Jazmine Barnes, who was caught in a crossfire. King accused a white man named Robert Cantrell of being responsible for the shooting. He posted a picture of the man on twitter and his followers went on the attack. However the men that were allegedly connected to Barnes‘s death were black.

As The Blaze notes, King has become figure that many don't trust due to his shady fundraising deals but he did however open a Brooklyn rally for Bernie Sanders in 2019.



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66 thoughts on “Democrat Activist Calls for Tearing Down Jesus Statues and Churches”

  1. He apparently is like all radical leftists, in that they believe they are immune from their own destructive tendencies.

    1. How stupid are these demon-crats? what color is the skin of Jews? Red, Yellow, Black and White all are prestigious in his sight……


    1. Years ago before ‘net, there were publications, books in libraries about Lincoln telling that he said he did not believe the negro and white races could live together in peace. He intended to return them to their various countries in Africa. THAT was the reason he was killed… a stooge was used in the killing. Powers in the North wanted to free the slaves so that they could not support the South in developing manufacturing, processing of cotton and all their agriculture instead of shipping it to the North for processing … which was a great profit and power situation for the Northern Power players. The North then planned to keep the slaves here to use as “free” people that they would put in work positions at very low wages, lower than being paid to their current white workers. Remembering that, whether true or not, this country is being torn apart again over Blacks who clearly and verbally say they are going to take down the white power and get whatever they want. It’s terribly sad that these people are so vulnerable to being used, to taking orders, to never being independent of the Covert Operators who have controlled them from their beginning here. Those who claim injustice, who hate white people and laws, and who want “retribution” for claims that ancestors were brought here against their will as slaves, should be given retribution. Each person who hates this country must be given retribution for their ancestors’ slavery and be returned to their homeland. Only those who are unhappy here should have the opportunity and support in returning to their home country in Africa. Agreements with each country must be made to accept and provide citizenship while US citizenship is removed. US must assist in building housing, hospitals, churches, business facilities in communities only for those arriving in those countries from the US. Others who are happy here and respect our Founding, History, Laws, are welcome to stay, and will not be given retribution in any form. Well, this is the GENERAL “idea” that developed from the clear destruction and hate for this country by Blacks. What do YOU think?

    2. Robert , it seems they are too stupid because why do you think racism follows them throughout history , they are such easy targets for manipulation and control, blacks are used to do the dirty work for whomever controls the money like the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, the medias always tries to cause civil unrest and the promotion of racism all for ratings and profits and to promote certain agendas like hate and division and in this case also to hurt a people’s President weather you like him or not. They cannot see the real reason of their races discourse and attack the innocents instead of the true guilty ones!

    1. Not a problem. Must organize and select specific sources that direct stooges to rampage against all USA and Christ symbols and history. Select carefully if this is done. They say History Repeats Itself… obviously true now. Some keep trying to destroy and take over countries and lose.

  3. Anyone vandalizing and/or destroying historical monuments needs to do 10 years or more behind bars, no time off for good behavior. We need to punish these terrorists severely.

      1. The governors and mayors who allowed these lawlessness to happen should join them in jail for abducting their oath/duty to protect their city, citizens and community. Starting with Nancy Pelosi. I can never unsee her with that African scarf kneeling and bowing. She failed and abdicated her oath to protect this country instead kowtowed, knelt and bowed to political pandering. She is an embarrassment.

  4. Why isn’t this sorry POS arrested? He is definitely attempting to incite riots. This totally ridiculous, anything goes crap must stop and it must stop now!! They are going to take race relations back to where they were 70 years ago. Americans are not going to stand for the continued desecration of national treasures or churches either.

    1. This stuff has got to stop!! One of our founding principles is freedom of religion! There is nothing racist about the Catholic Church actually his hate filled rant is extremely racist and also historically inaccurate

  5. This is just another radical self serving minority who is high on the prospect of power for themselves without regard for anyone or anything that maybe hurt or destroyed.

  6. A Creep wishing to start trouble..he should be ignored and watched closely. Pathetic nasty man….be part of the solution not part of the problem…he is dangerous trying to stir up folks. I’d say ignore him he is just looking for attention…

    1. Send him here to south Texas. we will show him the meaning of freedom and patriotism.

  7. Why do you have to claim the Democrats are behind this just because one idiot is a Democrat? Isn’t that like saying all Republicans are idiots just because there is one Republican that is an idiot? What a shame that the Democrats and Republicans are being blamed just because of a few bad apples. Maybe we should get rid of both the Democrat and Republican parties and create other parties that are interested in helping the American people!

    1. Gee could it be because every city where these outrageous incidents are democratic and the POS mayors do nothing about it??

    2. Richard,
      History will continue to repeat itself, as long as people like you refuse to see it. It was the southern Democrats who fought for slavery. It was the Democrats in 1965 after the riots, came up with abortion to control the growing black population. It was the Democrats who have again, I slave the blacks with welfare, making them totally dependent upon their government. So PLEASE don’t say that it was not the Democrats who are responsible for where we are today.

  8. I have a statue of Mary and Jesus in my yard. Try and destroy it and you’ll be dead. How much money is George Soros giving you to follow these outrageous directions which by the way you are too stupid to even know about history

  9. This man needs to be admitted into a mental institution. Evidently, he is too stupid to know that there are many BLACK Christians and Churches throughout our Country. Why hasn’t he been arrested and put away?

  10. This dispicable clown needs to be eliminated. You kill a venemous snake by cutting its head off.

  11. END TIMES just as predicted by guess who, JESUS. This is the beginning of the end times where sides are being drawn up. There will be no longer any middle ground to hide on. You either be for good or you will be for evil. It is the quickening. This is the feeling that, in recent years, the progression of time has accelerated, signaling the nearing of a global event or paradigm shift; the compression of time. Choose wisely for one offers eternal life and one offers eternal damnation.
    Rev J

    1. Read the Bible about Rev J’s comment. Satan is alive and well in our world. We, the people are given choices.

    2. Christians who have been prepared to expect latter day lawlessness, by reading God’s holy word, know just how horrendous life will become.
      The cornerstone, Jesus Christ, is their only hope of salvation, but for millenia, sinners have stumbled over our rock, Jesus, their only hope for an eternity in Heaven. Instead, they follow the father of lies…Satan!

      🎶When by His grace I shall look on his face, that will be glory….be glory for me!🎶

  12. isn’t anyone as fed up as I am about these morons tearing down statues and monuments to heroes of the U.S. When are we going to put a stop to their ignorant rampage. This is nothing but an attempt to destroy this country and set us back hundreds of years. We will have to start wearing guns and building walls and fences around our homes. Are we Americans so lazy that we do not want to save our country? These fools are at the lowest end of the intelligence scale and being paid by anarchists to do their bidding.

    1. I’m already carrying and built fence soon as house was finished, will protect me and mine to the death will protect church’s, police, friends and neighbors, and first responders

  13. This is someone who should be charged with inciting riots and possibly even treason.
    He should be locked up; why do we tolerate this, “free speech” doesn’t cover this.

  14. No one knows the DNA make up of God…so who is this hypocrite to say what Jesus looked like…?

  15. Cuomo says we should remember “the sins” America has made then Cuomo should be careful what he asks and champions the rioters as they tear down statues and riots cities for because it was DEMOCRATS SINS of slavery,… so should rioters tear down the homes of every democrat that started the civil war to keep black slavery not to mention creating the KKK?

  16. You all have lost your collective minds. To mention you and stupid in the same sentence gives stupid a bad name. Grow up. Any semblance of sympathy you might have once drawn, has been completely nullified.

  17. complete ignorant dumbos Cant for the life of me after all these years that the site of a statue causes distress It would seem to me that if you believe in God the color doesnt make a darn bit of difference It seems to me that these people want to erase everything in history Maybe they should move to a centrist or socialist country to see what it is really like to live under those terms God doesnt have a color nor does his son Jesus I really feel sorry for these people Do they believe in anything that isnt a handout?

  18. I have family and friends that support Demon C’d rats and believe they are progressives for doing so. How can they support a group that is out to destroy their culture and beliefs? Either they are disingenuous in their beliefs or they were never true to their convictions.



  21. What freaking morons! You have no freaking clue do you! Stop trying to out do the race thing! You people make us all sick!!!!!!!!!

  22. These people should be arrested and put away for life. This would be an excellent example of stopping this form of terrorism. Good reason to shoot them too

  23. These people should be arrested and put away for life. This would be an excellent example of stopping this form of terrorism. Good reason to shoot them too

  24. I agree but let us take it one-step further. We should not allow mosques to continue to function after all Mohamed should also be considered a Racist, according to his writings only true believers should be allowed to live. The Quran states that Everyone must be either Converted to Islam, Enslaved or Killed. I have no idea how many Black Christians there are in America but I doubt that they would like to be Converted, Enslaved or Killed because they don’t want to accept Islam as their religion. Let’s not stop there, what about Scientology, this is a predominately White Movie Star religion, so this must go as well. Let’s look around, surely there must be some other group that is Racist. What about Buddhist, after all they are mostly Indian, Chinese and other oriental races, not many Black Buddhist. Although I am not a Hindu but from what I have seen on National Geographic’s it is mostly Indian. Speaking of Indian, actually Native Americans, you don’t see too many Black Tribe Members and although many Native Americans are Christians, they do practice a more Natural Religion. I’m not sure if they have churches to these natural spirits but there must be something that we can destroy. I almost forgot, the Japanese practice a religion called Shinto, again I would assume that there are not many Blacks invited to Shinto Shrines. The one group I would like to see go is those pesky Christian Science people, always knocking on your door just as you sit down to dinner. I’m not sure if I left out anyone but this is a good start. I would however be very careful if I were you and you plan to come to Texas and burn down any churches, many Texans are very attached to their churches and just as many carry guns on their person at all time, even the Ladies. So do be careful, won’t you.

  25. All of you DEMON CRATS should look harder in your souls and hearts for the good of man kind. Who do you think created you to be equal to other mankind? GOD has created everyone equal to be kind, generous, helpful to one another at all times. He did create every color to riot and be perdjicous against one an other like you are today. Where is your conscience? Everyone has their right, but distruction is not the way to go. Pray for the healing of hearts and souls to realize what you have done.GOD will punish you for what you have done and may you all burn in hell. The DEMOCRATES are all evil and are out of their minds. Maybe they should start paying for all the nonsence and hatered they have created. TRUMP WILL WIN THE 2020 ELECTION AGAIN111

  26. This is incitement to riot. Incitement to riot is a crime. This man needs to be arrested, If he attempted similar things before the pretend-it’s-about-Floyd riots, he is an accessory before, during and after the fact of a whole host of crimes, including murder. Being an accessory to a crime is a crime. He needs to be arrested,

  27. Neo nazis that is so called democrats, bLM, Antifa and MUSLIMS are the worst creature on the earth.
    It is necessary to fight them.
    The vote in mail is illegal and the government should forbid it.
    All ballots vote in mail must be INVALID
    There must be control of real American during the election in November.
    All police departments must get more money and more poser over the anarchist that is left (democrats) MUSLIMS
    antifa and BLM

    1. Who are these Terrorests that are paying the FINES for those that create damage to our cities and property.
      Does SOROS come to mind. He got his Basic Training in Europe from the Nazi’s in the 1940’s by killing his own people and now he is here in the USA stirring up trouble. How the heck did he get here. He almost destroyed Poland, England , ETC read some history about him and here he is causing trouble here.

  28. Jesus was a Jew and therefore had olive colored skin not white. But that is no excuse to tear down the statues and churches. May you find Jesus in your heart before it’s too late.

  29. Message to King: God’s mills grind slowly bu inexorably. Remember these words as you end up in the Lake of Fire.
    Next, black terrorists will outlaw classical music as while supremist, so they can promote their ebonis claptrap.

  30. Shaun King looks more white than some whites, what a hypocrite just as the anti-American democrats and their tools for hate and division the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES. He and the BLM are just an excuse to make money as with al sharton. The Blm gets money than it is used to launder from for the use of the anti-American democrats party for hate and division! Diversity is code for anti-White today but it could be anti-black tomorrow , than anti-gay who knows, don’t you dumbed down blind masses see this. it is time to stop this madness NOW and far into the future!

  31. This S O B is nothing but a typical democrat. If this IDIOT wants to see black statues and black pictures of Jesus so bad, all this ASSHOLE has to do is go to Africa and stay there. At least he will be real happy.

  32. If this BASTARD does;t like looking at white statues and pictures of Jesus all this SOB has to do is NOT look at them.How simple can it be ?

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