The Anti-Statue Mobs Undermine Democratic Norms

One of the cultural shocks following the death of George Floyd under a policeman’s knee is the vandalism and destruction of statues across America. Usually, these statues are posted on public land by public officials with public assent … even if that came many years ago.

It’s not undemocratic to advocate for statues of men now considered unworthy to be removed from public spaces. You may argue there are “too many dead white men” in parks. But it’s blatantly undemocratic to vandalize them, behead them or pull them down. These are provocative acts with great potential for mounting revenge, disorder and countervandalism.

It’s amazing that the left can say mere words are violence, or that “silence is violence,” and not think it’s violent to tear down a statue.

No historic figure is safe from the anti-statue mobs. The Oregonian reported, “protesters tore down a statue of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States who also owned over 600 slaves during his lifetime, outside his namesake high school in North Portland.”


Notice how journalists choose the word "protesters" to describe the perpetrators.

Some "protesters" look uneducated or nihilistic. A statue of abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, which stands outside Philadelphia City Hall, was defaced with spray paint. The word "colonizer" was strangely painted underneath. Apparently, any dead white male in a long coat must be racist.

In Boston, a monument to black soldiers who fought for the Union and against slavery during the Civil War was vandalized. The granite backside was covered with phrases including "Black Lives Matter," "No Justice, No Peace" and "Police are Pigs."

Richmond, Virginia -- whose Democratic mayor sits under the state's Democratic governor -- is a hot spot for this vandalism virus. The New York Times reported, "Protesters toppled a statue of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, in Richmond ... as demonstrators across the country continued to target symbols of white supremacy after the death of George Floyd."

"A statue of Christopher Columbus was torn down and tossed into a lake in a Richmond city park where protesters had gathered for a demonstration in support of Indigenous peoples," The Times added.

"Vandalism" was not the word of choice: "Statues of the Confederate generals J.E.B. Stuart, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, all of which stand on the city's Monument Avenue, were marked." Marked?

The Times called all this "a national reckoning over racist imagery and emblems."

Then, as I predicted, someone vandalized the statue Richmond statue of Arthur Ashe, the black pro tennis star of the 1960s and 1970s. The New York Times said the statue was "vandalized," not "marked." It was not called a "reckoning."

Someone sprayed "WLM" ("White Lives Matter") on the pedestal. The man who vandalized was not a "protester," just a "man" who was quoted as saying, "You guys tagged my statue so I am tagging your statue." Stupid tit and tat.

Ashe's nephew David Harris Jr. told The Times: "People are outraged that people choose to vandalize a statue that represents peace, prosperity, inclusion, education, and the life and true fabric of the country: children. ... there are folks out there that don't believe in being inclusive."

The Times fails to see the bitter irony in the assumption that "inclusion" is associated with the side that rips statues down without any care for who is not consulted, or which democratic norms are undermined. The left and its allies in the press are favoring disorder and vandalism ... if it's on "the right side of history."

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog

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34 thoughts on “The Anti-Statue Mobs Undermine Democratic Norms”

  1. Well just SHOOT them, give them a fair warning and tell them they are under arrest for destruction of public property and if they continue, shoot them in the leg with a rubber bullet and if that does not get the point across, us a real bullet and again in the foot or knee cap.

    1. butt not leg don’t add dignity to these actions,besides thats where their thaught is situated.

  2. It’s one thing if a community votes to remove the statues and the statues are put in a museum. Destruction is a violation of the law and all those involved, including the ones who stood there and watched while cheering on the destruction. These punks even wrecked monuments to Abe Lincoln, U.S. Grant, and the monument to the black soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War. These is just mindless destruction and needs to stop. Use tanks and flamethrowers if that’s what it takes. Antifa/BLM has declared war on the American people and it’s way past time to fight these punks using total war strategy. Kill them all and let God sort them out!

    1. Wilddog, these visceral representatives of Satan incarnate will NEVER be allowed within 100 light-years of the Pearly Gates. Satan will welcome them to feed his fires under the cauldrons of HELL. We the People, must give them ALL an appropriate Bon Voyage for their short journey to HELL; with a .223 double-tap through their vile and demented brains. Nothing less will end their reign of terror and destruction. The tentacles of HELL are awaiting their arrival to welcome them to their new eternal home. Lock and load, ready – fire – aim; let’s speed them on their way!

  3. Destruction really solves the problem. Really? History is still here it happened and now it is not going to be erased. Maybe they think someone will create a statue commemorating their riots and destruction. Very much doubt it. Need models for people with crowbars or Molotov cocktails in their hand. The best erasing of history would be no more Democratic Party.

  4. These are anarchist, there is nothing normal about them. How long before these terroist are arrested? Watching them destroy our heritage his getting hard to abide. MAKES one what to go hunting for them as evidently no one else is.

    1. Arresting them will only fuel their hatred and mob violence mind-set. Trying to change or alter their evil, demented actions with reason and education, it much like teaching quantum physics to a ball of pond scum. Their immediate eradication from the human race is the ONLY permanent solution. Giving them all the ground-temperature challenge and a dirt nap will permanently end their cycle of violence and anarchy.

  5. More fault lies with conservatives than with leftists! WHY? Because “we” conservatives do NOTHING! We sit back and watch, expecting the government to do something, just like we sat back and allowed Obastard to sit in the White House for 8 years stealing, lying, creating unconstitutional law, killing our soldiers, and spreading more leftism. Just like we watch politician after politician caught in blatant corruption or illegal/unconstitutional acts, continue on as though they did nothing wrong. This is exactly why this nation is doomed. When conservatives finally get off their asses and actually fight it will not be to restore a nation, it will be to survive. I am so disgusted with so called conservatives who constantly refer to our founding fathers yet don’t have the balls that our founders had to stand up against this leftist onslaught!

    1. Rattlerjake, I really, really hate to agree with you … BUT I DO! A cultural and ideological UN-Civil War is just over the horizon; well within our lifetimes. Let it begin and end with our generation; and spare our progeny from the strife and sacrifice of eliminating this civilization ending Armageddon. These domestic terrorists are a fatal malignancy, metastasizing throughout the human race.

  6. f-l-u-c-k these P.O.S. people and their Violence and so called reasons for defacing and removal of a flag or statues
    this is History Good are Bad,some thing,s you can never change,because some items are a warning to remember what was and now is,”period” and most have some Pride and enter Loyalty as how they and others have Died and
    yet even in defeat,there is a sort of Victory.
    How would it be to remove The U.S.Flag are any Prior carvings of 4 past President,s Carved on a Mountain side and the statue of liberty ,just because you do not like,the evidence are disagree,it means are meant some thing to
    others of race gender,back ground,s and again their views. LEARN FROM THESE THINGS AND LEARN HISTORY! You can Not change,a heart,mind Nor concept,of the past, Only God can do the Impossible .

  7. To be sure this behavior by the weak minded are egged on by the democrat parties news media and funded by the Nazi sympathizer George Soros…fact! So your argument that it is non democratic is true to the point that stupid people can be talked in to anything by the destroyer’s of our nation!

  8. Arrest these thugs and put them in prison, make them or their parents pay for damages to repair their the non american displays . Socialism is on the rise stop it now or face the consenquences of their childish behavior . This is what happens when you just follow a doctors recommendation’s . You have brought thugs into the world. Step up and take responsibility of your actions.

  9. “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.” Martin Luther King, Jr. – Minister and Social Activist (1929 – 1968)

    1. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a brilliant man but, do you think the Blacks have learn anything from his philosophy? It doesn’t appear to be so, and what a shame. And by the way; the phrase “Black Lives Matters” should have been posted as “All Lives Matters” since ALL lives are precious.

      USAF (RET)

      1. King may have been allot of good things…But many bad as well. Asides from promoting race equality he also kept “Hos” and took money from the USSR to agitate….

  10. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”
    ~ Goethe

  11. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix – Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter (1942 – 1970)

  12. If George Washingtons statue is fair game then it stands to reason that Martin Luthor Kings statues should be vandalized and street signs mlk blvd and mlk streets need to go. Turn about is fair play when you are dealing with commie democrats and ignorant blacks!

  13. Punish the vandals any we can. Take bank accounts, garnish wages, jail time,blackball,publish names,shame them and their families and friends.

  14. You have to understand that these perpetrators of today are the end result of “indoctrination.” When people my age attended school we were “educated” to think and solve problems for ourselves but, today’s indoctrinated perpetrators are merely brainless individuals geared toward looting and destruction which can only lead to a civil war with perpetrators being killed and destroyed from society.

    USAF (RET)

  15. No person or group of people have a right to destroy or deface personal or private or public property that is not their own an think that they have a right to do so for any cause…That is wrong and they should be punished and I don’t mean free room and board in a jail…. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time, and I mean hard time….

  16. Burn Loot and Murder (aka) BLM and others have absolutely no respect for history, even if it offends them. They can get people to agree in a respectful manner that there were horrendous moments in our history and make an honest move to see that those moments never are repeated. That would aid in closing old wounds instead of creating animosity. Then again like Booker T. Washington had once stated “There is a class of colored people who make a living off of the troubles of colored people.”
    Does that remind people of anyone or groups of people in that community today?

  17. Am having a hard time seeing how this demonstration of hatred is going to bring us together and reduce racism? Probably just me?

  18. Most all of you are missing the point. These are orchestrated events. We need to go after the ones that are sponsoring these riots, Flag burning, and tearing down our history. These are a fraction of the sponsors: George Soros, Hollywood fraternity who just gave BLM 20,000,000+, Democrats that support them also donating and the msm. I passed the protest in Yuma by Mexicans carrying the Mexican Flags (second one they passed out Glory) and every 100 feet there was an individual who was wearing a yellow shirt with Coordinator on it to protest our immigration policies. You never saw the yellow shirts in the MSM coverage or anyplace in the news. Now they have people with bull horns inciting the crowds and they don’t care who sees them because the MSM will cover for them. None of this is spontaneous. it cannot happen in that many cities simultaneously without being orchestrated. This must be stopped, we cannot let them get ahead of us or we are finished, just like the Nazi’s did to Germany in the in the 1930 and that is what they are aiming for.

    1. So, how do w stop them, Dave. I’m hearing that our churches and synagogues are next after the monuments. I will be sitting on the steps of my church. They won’t find it easy to move me either.

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