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Break Up Google

Google has reached a level of monopolization that needs to be taken seriously as a threat to freedom, the free exchange of ideas and political diversity.
Follow along with the logic of your average “woke” Google employee. These employees have been openly arguing for a few years now that Google needs a diverse array of employees shaping Google’s algorithms, or Google will only present to consumers certain information that might exclude diverse views or information.

Concurrently, these same employees have argued that Google need not entertain conservative thoughts or ideas. It was not that long ago that Google employees revolted at the idea of Kay Cole James, a black female and president of the Heritage Foundation, sitting on a Google advisory board designed to ensure diversity in Google’s artificial intelligence practices.

Google’s employees want diversity, but not ideological diversity. They believe diversity is needed to shape access to information through Google, but they want to deny any ideological diversity in the process of shaping.

Google controls over 90% of search engine activity. With a “diverse” group of people who lack intellectual diversity, Google can restrict access to information that offends its hired gatekeepers. Google controls over 70% of the market share of advertising online. Over the years, Google has bought up major competitors and then leveraged its dominance to both grow its ad business and hurt its competitors.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in an experiment last year, Nexstar Media Group Inc. tried to get out of Google’s ad network and saw not only a revenue dive but also a dive across access to the company’s data because Google has so integrated its ad business, ad generation business and search business.


This past week, a reporter at NBC News attempted to have The Federalist removed from Google's ad network. The Federalist is a conservative website that had the audacity to run a story critical of the media. The NBC News reporter actually flagged The Federalist due to a comment left by a random commenter.

Google made The Federalist delete its comments section to keep revenue flowing.

In the past year, with my own website, The Resurgent, I have received notices from Google that posts at The Resurgent related to guns and other issues have all run afoul of Google's policies. In fact, Google routinely uses its position to demonetize conservatives who might write about guns or other matters. They starve sites of cash, and there are no comparable competitors to go to.

On top of that, left-wing agitators have a sympathetic ear at Google, and Google is more likely to target sites on the right than the left. An NBC News reporter, who had previously been a left-wing activist for the U.K. Labour Party, found a sympathetic person at Google to demonetize a conservative news and opinion site because of a random commenter in a comments section. One wonders if Google will demonetize The New York Times because of Sen. Tom Cotton's op-ed. Don't hold your breath.

That Google can use its monopoly to force websites to delete content or else be penalized is a dangerous thing, particularly when Google is so willing to target conservatives.

Google's search dominance is akin to Microsoft's dominance with Internet Explorer that forced antitrust action against Microsoft. Likewise, Google's control of over 70% of online advertising is depriving the marketplace of competition. Google is now using its Chrome browser to compel changes to the open internet, becoming a new Internet Explorer, where people must use Google's browser to render sites properly and, with that, let Google track them.

The time has come for serious bipartisan investigations into breaking apart Google. If Google can use its position to censor others and harm them financially while ensuring a departure from Google causes even further harm, Google is too big.

It is easy to say sites can go elsewhere and do not have to use Google. But there is nowhere on the internet one can go to truly escape Google without significant sacrifice in accessibility or revenue. It is time to break it up and prohibit it from controlling the content of other sites.

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44 thoughts on “Break Up Google”

  1. Yes take away prevision 230 because they are “ protected” from prosecution. Free speech is paramount to our Republic
    Ideals and values. Stop all big tech who censor!

      1. I could not agree more .
        I never got into facebook and am glad i lived without it.
        As for google it needs to have a restructuring or removed.

  2. Google must be broken into 500 pieces and it’s owner and staff be sentenced as treasonous traitors , indicted, found guilty , all assets seized and their executions for their crimes be broadcast to the world on all networks

  3. Google, Twitter, Facebook should have their 230 protection removed. They want the “protection” offered by the government, but are limiting content that they don’t like. That means they are no longer “platforms” that were given this protection. All these platforms originally had guidelines they use to limit foul language, threats, etc. That was fine. But now They are now practicing propaganda and limiting free speech by choosing what kind of religious, political, or social speech to put on their sites. If they can’t, or won’t, regulate themselves, or can’t put every point of view on their sites, then It is time to break them up and/or regulate them.

    1. These Publishers of Leftist propaganda are not Platforms in any way shape nor form. Not for a long time have they even pretended to allow free speech. I have had comments deleted from YouTube while I was still editing them for typos. I have seen my messages not just deleted, but altered as well. Terms I have never uttered were used, edited into my comments.
      It is absolutely time these modern monopolies are dismantled just as Standard Oil was for it’s unfair and illegal business practices. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all are openly trying to not just influence but control speech in America, as well as destroy our Constitutional Rights, invade our privacy, and create open hostility against anyone who dares to speak about things that they do not agree with, and not just common people but even the President of the USA is fair game to these delusional Leftists.

  4. Google should be broken-up? When I was working for a Corp. called Xerox in the mid-seventies,the Government came in and broke us up because of the monopoly we had in the market place. Why should Google be treated any differently?

  5. Why people continue to use Google amazes me. Everyone knows they track you and then target you with adds. I have defaulted my Macbook, iPad and iPhone to use I get much better results and a wider variety of sites. If everyone is so mad at them, just change your device default settings and don’t use Google.

    1. I also use, but it is obvious that they also track you. If I research a product I almost immediately begin seeing ads pop up on social media and other sites for researched product.

  6. Google’s monopoly is a violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act. Interesting how dummycrats broke up A.T.&T. because they said it was a monopoly and prevented the merger of GM and Chrysler because they said it would be a monopoly. But since the dummycrats have google as a willing accomplice in promoting their propaganda and helping to silence all voices disagreeing with dummycrats, they’re willing to let that monopoly stand.

  7. Firstly, google is run by the CIA. Second….WHY don’t people understand that it is We, The (Tax-Paying) People who OWN google (& facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram ect). We, The (Tax-Paying) People even OWN the INTERNET! ‘WHY’… might ask? Because ALL of these were started using OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!! AND, our TAX DOLLARS CONTINUE to fund these companies to this day! Just like our Town/City Halls, Parks, Greens, Libraries, ect……WE OWN THEM!! We PAID FOR all of these things and, therefore, We, The People OWN them! Now, what needs to happen with these online ‘companies’ is the TRANSFER OF LEGAL OWNERSHIP from ‘them’ to US!

  8. Break Google up. The government should make it illegal for any internet company to track our every move online & they should not be allowed to keep our History in their systems. Whatever happened to the right to privacy?

  9. Google’s domination can not be acceptable to a free utility serving the people. Monopolies for a 100 years have been broken up simply because they don’t allow competition. Google on the other hand has controlled media information and is biased; therefore, Google can not continue to filter content. As a public source of information; this entity shall not be biased in any manor or control any narrative. This entity is a platform and unlike a newspaper editorial can not render an opinion but must report a factual annalist, any other presentation is subject to fines and termination of the responsible person/persons. A notice must be given to the recipient that any article published is an opinion and not of facts.

  10. It isn’t so much the censorship that Google imposes, it is the arrogance with which they dictate what people can and cannot think. The cozy relationship with NBC and other MSM thought police needs to be broken up before America is destroyed.

  11. The way to get them out or at least change their ways is to leave them without any business. The is something I am going to give it ” a go”. If it works, I will be thrilled to tell Google good-bye.

  12. I make comments and 90% never post.These company’s have been taking away my freedom of speech and it needs to stop. Break down these company’s. Charge all the top people with all the crimes they been committing.

  13. Break-up Google, Facebook, YouTube,Twitter and any other social network that can restrict a person’s opinion regardless of their affiliation, opinions or beliefs.

  14. Amen – they need to be broken up – no one should have that much power. And because they act like newspapers they should fall under the FCC or some agency that governs freedom is speech; they obviously don’t honor that freedom.

  15. Yes–we need to protect free speech. Stop the censorship. Google, Face book and other big tech companies should not be the watchdogs of Americans.

  16. google is a total left wing site. They delete information that is detrimental to obama or any other democrat. Twitter is the same. One example is, on twitter, when baghdadi was killed, obama tweeted how heart broken he and michelle were, that their best freind Al baghdadi was killed. He tweeted it in English and Arabic. I wish I had taken a screen shot because when I went back to do it a few days later….IT WAS GONE!!!!! So that explains why he never went after Al Baghdadi when he was president!!!! A lot of negative things about obama have disappeared from google..One of them is the list of muslim brotherhood that was in his cabinet! They used to be listed. And their pictures were there. They are gone!!!

  17. Yes Google should be brroken. Why is it takings long? We broke up AT & T , Standard Oil, etc. Google spies, controls, manipulates, defrauds, and misleads. It stores gads of information in its information vaults. Very dangerous and puts citizens in fear.

  18. I am so glad to see Google being exposed in articles like this. It was about five years ago that I first started seeing Google censor my web content. I wrote a book review that was critical of a book on economics (“The Economics Book”) and posted it on Amazon. I described it as being really socialist propaganda in disguise. Soon the hits I received to all my web content dropped to zero. After a little investigation, I found that my web content was no longer coming up in any subject searches on Google.

    Those of us who remember the Internet at its beginning will recall Google searches that would sometimes show numbers like “1,247,821 results found”. You could do really deep searches, and if you devoted enough time, you could find anything posted on any computer in the world. The small-time folks like us could start our own web site, and you just had to wait long enough before your site would eventually appear in one or more subject searches on a related topic (though it might be on page 50). This was why the “World Wide Web” exploded in popularity. It was a neutral, level playing field, and anybody could get in. Writers could post their stories and get recognition, musicians could post their music, businesses could post their products. This is, after all, how Google, Amazon, and Facebook were themselves able to start–because the Internet was open to anybody.

    But the Internet is not open anymore. It is no longer a level playing field. Google censors the results of its web searches. They censor their results in a clever way. They prevent certain kinds of content from getting public notice at all, because it will not come up in a subject search. It is still there, but you have to know how to find it. So it is, effectively, hidden.

    Say, for example, that a conservative writer posts an article on a controversial subject, like climate change. If you knew ahead-of-time the name of the author or the specific title you could find that article in a web search. But, on the other hand, just by doing a subject search on climate change you would almost certainly never find that article. How can you ever discover it if it doesn’t come up in a subject search? It doesn’t come up on page 50, or page 100, or on page 1000. It doesn’t come up at all.

    There have been numerous stories recently about YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter censoring conservative viewpoints. But to my mind, Google is the worst because Google has much greater control of the propagation of information. We all know how the mainstream media distorts the news with a political bias. They cherry-pick stories that will advance a liberal, progressive narrative. Google is doing the same thing with their subject search results. It is not hard to surmise that Google intends to use this distortion of information to influence public opinion and the outcome of elections.

    I have not, personally, seen a significant difference from Google in the search results of other search engines. This is because most of them actually rely on Google searches themselves. Many of them openly admit they use Google “algorithms.” It would seem that you are, after all, still using Google even if you try to use another search engine. Having a single entity, like Google, exerting such control over information world-wide should be a concern to everybody, not just conservatives.

  19. Break it up just like they did with the oil companies and AT&T. I’m a conservative and what GOOGLE is doing is what the communists want to do. They would take it over in a heart beat.

  20. My feelings as a Christen and great conservation I have this on my mind for years why the spinless godless gutless republicans haven’t move on this a long time ago even today I am very depressed & lost over there unwillingness to stand up to the destruction that’s being done by black lives matter & intifa nothing not one word has been said of their works on Our Great Nation I pray their all voted out allowing We The People to get new blood in

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