Seattle CHAZ Group Releases List of Demands, Sound Eerily Familiar

The anarchist group that now occupies a multi-block zone in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood have gotten some ‘love’ from Seattle Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan. She has referred to the CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) occupation as a ‘block party’.

Durkan also said “We could have a summer of love” when asked about how long she thought this would last. Police had given up the area and basically let the anarchist group just have it.

Reports are coming out that the armed members of the group are extorting local businesses.

“We’ve also received reports that these armed people may be demanding payment from business owners in exchange for some of that protection,” Seattle Police Department Chief Carmen Best said in a video address to her officers on Thursday.

They’re also, apparently, demanding ID’s for people who are walking around the area.

The group has now released a list of demands from their local government. Many of the demands sound like they came from a DNC convention. They made clear that these are not requests but demands. Here are a few of them.

  1. They demand the Seattle Council and Mayor defund the police and disallow ICE within the city limits.
  2. They demand the release of any prisoner currently serving time for resisting arrest if there are no other related charges.
  3. They demand prisoners have the right to vote.
  4. They demand free college for all people in the state of Washington
  5. They demand segregation of hospitals and care facilities for black patients, doctors, and nurses. Black patients only get black doctors and nurses.
  6. They demand the people of Seattle seek out and support Black-owned businesses.
  7. Reparations for victims of police brutality.
  8. No more evictions in Seattle

It's a list of demands that entangle segregation, re-education, and free stuff for everyone.

Does this sound like anything you've heard on the campaign trail over the last year or so?

Read the full list of demands here.

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73 thoughts on “Seattle CHAZ Group Releases List of Demands, Sound Eerily Familiar”

    1. Why don’t they demand that citizens uprise and put a stop to this anarchy! It’s going to happen that way or with the military. We are sick of this lawlessness.🤬🇺🇸

  1. How about the people of Seattle demand the resignation of the idiot mayor and other politicians and get a good government that will put the foot down on the CHAZ or CHOP or whatever they call themselves these days. The protection money they want sounds like mafia tactics.

  2. IF Chaz is against racism then why are they demanding “segregation of hospitals and care facilities for black patients, doctors, and nurses. Black patients only get black doctors and nurses.” Of course they sound like DemonRATs. The DemonRATs are supporting them. This way they can say LOOK AT WHAT HAPPEN WHILE TRUMP WAS PRESIDENT. THIS IS ALSO WHY PATRIOTIC AMERICANS MUST VOTE REPUBLICAN,

    1. Good! Lets all send our kids to Wa. for free college!
      BTW,Where can we put OUR demands?

  3. Ethnocentrism is just another form of racism. Pandering is insulting and destructive. If problems of ethnic prejudice, religious prejudice and racism were solved, Liberal left leaning politicians would, IMO, be out of business.

    1. Right on, let’s keep up the lynchings, murders in houses
      of worship and voter suppression. We need more
      Militarized Police so poor Stanley can feel safe.

  4. Demands ? Rights ? Summer of Love, Mayor ?

    All for these ‘ new patriots ‘ …

    But now, an UPDATE: Now hear this, Durk & Company …
    Special Forces are getting in position, kids. You will be given one chance to do the right thing and give up.
    When that does not happen, there will be a siege, and your dream — not to mention your lives, will END.
    The building will be reclaimed, rebuilt as necessary, and new leaders will fill it … and REAL LIFE goes on.

    1. I’m with you dan all the way.if you need me just let me know. I will get a spam can.

    2. NOT NECESSARY…Just cut off all their cell phones,EXCEPT A FEW & watch the real life HUNGER GAMES”.

  5. This woman seriously needs to have her head examined because only someone with a few screws loose would make comments like she’s made!

    1. Yes, and if they have formed their own country then they should form their own medical care and security protection along with their own food unless they pay for everything they receive. Since they are not part of our country, they should provide for themselves.

  6. If it is to be “each man for himself”, and that is exactly what these demands prescribe, then I say the majority rules, and it is time to squash this craziness and the crazies who support it. Since when does any country in the world let a few radicals overthrow a sitting Government and dictate selfish policies. It is time to send in the National Guard to every place this type of activity is ongoing, round up the people (if they can be considered people) and ship them off to an island of their own, and let them govern themselves, but let’s have nanny cams so we can watch them implode and feed on each other. You can’t fix stupid.

  7. It’s reported the enlightened wokes of CHOPCHAZ are recommending rounding up whiteys to work in labor camps.

    Be careful compassionate, freedom-loving, tender snowflakes, we whiteys might demand reparations!

    1. Jews need to demand repairations from 400 years of slavery in EGYPT & 3,000 years of compounded interest! BTW,Egypt is in AFRICA!

  8. This is the most unlawful thing I have ever seen….The GOP should be ashamed for not controlling these thugs and punks and pandering to them this is BS

  9. Surround the “CHAZ ” area with the national guard. Don’t let anyone or anything in or out. Let’s set how long their anarchist community lasts!

  10. Hey Seattle nitwit politicians …. you fools!!!
    And Washington state governor stated last week he had never heard of Chaz!!!

    Funny, while in the military in the ‘70’s it seemed most of the guys I encountered from Washington State were pretty much nothing more than potheads.
    Now we’re seeing what those “pot heads” spawned!!!
    An entire state of goofballs!!!

  11. That city, those people are a waste of time and space. Not worthy of Jack Shit. Screw all of them and that city.

  12. The psychosis of the left is real! If they don’t put a stop to this, it will bleed over to other states…I can totally see this happening right here in Commiefornia and of course, our limp Governor will be right there will them cheering them on right along with the mayor of Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Francisco all of which are far left dingbats as well…

  13. I am totally disgusted with these anarchists. They live like pigs and expect people to agree to their demands. They should all be arrested and brought to an Agricultural place and put them to work picking fruit and vegetables and give them shelter but they have to eat what they produce. Maybe then they will respect the USA as a place to live respectfully. They should not have their demands met. If they do, our country is down the tubes!

  14. So what happens if we just ignore these demands? Eventually they will have to disband. It is possible to shut off their electricity and other supports.

  15. The citizens need to arm themselves,march in there and make a citizens arrest of everyone of them,and if they try to stop it with force, shoot them dead.If the people don’t do it,they deserve to live in the hell that is there now !

  16. These “A” Holes need a good ass kicking. There is nothing free, you work for it. You want free love? there is no such thing. Those who were appointed to office. Not those “A” Holes who took over the area. But the voted in officers of the State are the same as these NAZI scum bags that want everything free. It’s time to rid America of these NAZI Bitch & Bastards. The bitches are the whores and the bastards are born to there whores.

  17. The entire population of the State of Washington should be ashamed of their governor and their mayor of Seatle for allowing such a take-over. This is totally unacceptable for a society of Law and Order.
    The problem needs to be addressed immediately since things will only get worse as the demands will increase and more activists will join this first group. If this occurs, they will attempt to expand their boundaries. Law and Order MUST prevail and be enforced by the Governor and Mayor.
    This has escalated into a disaster to the legal citizens of Seatle!

    1. Those of us who live on the east side of the state,and most of those on the Westside are ashamed of this so called mayor and our wasted governor. He didn’t even know about a group takeing control of the largest city in the state. What a dope. If he gets reelected then we must (my demand) divide Washington, and Oregon east and west, and California north and south. !it of other states need be divided as well.

    1. That is exactly what the Dems want so they can say that Trump is a dictator. The smartest thing to do is let the Dems deal with the situation so the country can see how inept they are. Remember, if you give someone enough rope they will eventually hang themselves.

  18. What is wrong with these Mayors and Governors that allow these people to break the law. Don’t they take an oath to defend and protect their citizens from people breaking the law. This lawlessness is destroying our Nation. All great Nations have destroyed themselves from within.

    1. They just applied for a job and got it, knowing they could count on leftist voters to hire them. They had no intention
      of upholding the law or protecting citizens. Liberals are no longer liberal; they are “Leftists”, funded by Soros and Antifa and other entities that want America destroyed so they can usher in Communism. People wake up! Don’t let them win. This is anarchy.

  19. Talk about privelege & racism & segregation!! WE THE PEIPLE DEMAND that thes anarchists be arrested, evicted. All power & cell phones turned off first. There are plenty of grounds to arrest them on. 1st being terrorism & trespassing

  20. I were any business I pack up and leave. These scum worms need to be cut off with no communication. The so called mayor needs to be arrested were she belongs. It is to bad where she works isn’t getting affected see what she do then. Will she hide for cover call for police? Democracts know how to ruin things. This spot needs to go anyway possible


  22. How about we “demand” these morons just “fend for themselves”. I would station national guard all around the perimeter..No one in…no one out…Cut OFF ‘services” including water and electrical. No trucks bringing supplies allowed into “their area”.

  23. Blacks’ calls for segregation predate integration. But even back then, medical personnel and hospitals were “integrated” to the extent that white docs & RNs served both blacks & whites. This has gone to the point of absurd. If they want a “separate black nation, may I suggest Liberia? That was the reason that land was purchased in the 1st place, by Lincoln.

  24. Seems as the things to do is as suggested Set up a perimeter of 3 tiers of Razor wire, cut off All services, water lights, communications, signal blocker for cell phones and disconnect land lines, No vehicles or pedestrians in or out, all with either 101st airborne or a Battalion from 2nd MARDIV standing shoulder to shoulder LOCKED and Loaded and with ROE of if fired upon return fire and don’t spare the bullets

  25. 1. Demand is just plain dumb unless you are a criminal.
    2. I could support this except when the resistance involved violence.
    3. NO
    4. As long as you are willing to see your taxes go up.
    5. Really troubling. Isn’t getting rid of segregation and having equality our goal.
    6. How about Asian, Hispanic and other businesses. Are we now to favor black over everyone else?
    7. Do we all agree on a definition of police brutality? Do I pay (taxes) even though I had nothing to do with it?
    8. Again, troubling in light of the fact that property owners have rights also.

  26. I demand these radicals take personal responsibility for their own actions. I demand that they recognize that most of their actions bring on their own situation in life. And that includes the commision of a crime.
    I demand they stop blaming others for their failures in life.
    I demand they grow up and realize that the Democrats are perpetuating their situation, not improving it.
    I demand they get off the backsides and personally work of resolving the underlying causes of minorities failure to succeed, instead of trying to “blackmail” the rest of us into further bailing them out by riots and looting.
    I demand that they stop having kids out of wedlock, and that fathers take responsibility in raising their offspring.
    I demand that instead of taking from others, they earn what they acquire through hard work.
    I demand they acknowledge that their race needs to recognize that they disporportiantly are responsible for the a significant amount of violent crime, and that the Police are responding to that fact. And in defunding the Police, that crime is likley to increase.
    And last but not least, I demand they stop blaming racism for their own failures, That they acknowledge that many whites have died to ensure their freedom, and that they acknowledge that not one of them was born into slavery.

  27. Sounds just like the democrat party, racist, socialist, and want every thing for free….WTH!

  28. Build a second barricade surrounding Chop barricade. Let nothing or no one in or out. No food, no water no supplies.Totally isolate the Chop area and see how long these morons last. No one gets out unless they submit to the police.

    1. I just posted my thoughts on these Bottom FEEDERS in Seattle, and then read yours…….outstanding idea and as small as that thought is…….I bet it would work! Bravo lady….you nailed it!

  29. And what if Seattle DEMANDS that they pay taxes? HA! Who’s gonna pay for all this free stuff? I suppose they want free weed and booze, too?
    I find it rather amusing that black folks fought so hard to be included in and accepted by white society, and now they want to be segregated, again. Please, make up your minds!!! Wouldn’t bother me a bit if they want to have their own section of town, their own businesses, etc. Just don’t whine if white folks won’t serve you, anymore!!


  31. Isn’t it time to end this show??????Who on earth do they think they are. The black people fought very hard against segregation and they plan to reintroduce it???????Who are these Idiots. Let’s put an end to it. citizens of Seattle have suffered long enough.


  33. We should put an end to this nonsense in seattle forever if they do not like the USA they have a choice let them go to another country. I wish the federal goverment would put an end to this BS

  34. So, looks like Democrats are seceding again. Maybe this time, the president shouldn’t call for 75,000 volunteers but instead encourage them to leave.

  35. Why dont they demand the dissolving and renaming of the racist Democrat Party? The Democrat Party is forever tainted with the stench of slavery, the crack of the bull whip, the branding with hot irons, the brutality of enslavement that continues today. Why dont they demand that instead of voting for Democrats.

  36. Do you honestly think any of them work for a living? They don’t have jobs, so no paycheck. They’re already living off us with welfare, etc. Yes, our taxes are too high paying for this bs.

  37. I don’t understand why a government of law and order is letting these Marxist anarchists, get away with what they’re doing! We’re enabling them to destroy western civilization why?

  38. First level of response I would seek is that they pay for ALL utilities already used. I would also call for the arrest of the mayor and the governor. Then, not just no, to their demands, but Hell NO!! If they don’t cave and surrender, male allowances for those who were trapped by this take over. Buy them out, pay for their homes or businesses, and make a way, if needed, by armed force, nothing held back, to get them, their families, and personal belongings out. Resettle these people some where they would like to be. The Federally bought out homes and businesses, send in demolition experts to implode them, and keep these occupiers from using them. The reason, the properties become Federal property, and it is easier to destroy them, than to protect them. Set up a wall around the area, anyone trying to escape gets shot, and turn off their utilities.

  39. Arrest the mayor the governor for treason send in the national guard and what cops on the force that are loyal to the US constitution and send these assholes back to there mommy’s basements by force if necessary.
    If this isn’t stopped now it will grow like the cancer that it is .

  40. this is got to stop NOW! these “thugs” need to be all arrested and put in jail after a trial. If their governor and /or Mayor does not or is not going to do anything about stopping this takeover of part of our country, then I pray the President will soon, if not right now, do whatever he must to stop this fascits/communist activity. We need to take our country back soon, or we are going to lose it all.

  41. Just move Trump’s wall along the California state line and continue along the Washington’s stopping at Canada ,!!
    I’m almost 73 yrs old, did four years in the Marine Corp. with two tours to Viet Nam. I’ve retired from two LE agency’s totaling 34 yrs of service. I would have never guessed the Democratic party to stoop this low.
    Watching what this Democrstic Seattle Mayor is allowing in her city is below despicable at best!
    I pray President Trump enters that city with the Nation Guard/Army and literally kicks those stupid misfits backside and relieves the Mayor from her duties!
    She’s a disgrace to ever Citizen in that city.

  42. If CHAZ is a different country other than US on what basis do they have any right to make demands of the US?

  43. Just what are these anarchists are going to do if
    they do not get their demands??????

  44. It may be in the name of ISIS, however, it reminds me of Germany in the early 1930’s as Hitler began his rise to power.
    The terrorist action should be stamped out at once before it spreads.

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