The Media’s Intersectional Embrace of Anti-Semitism

By Ben Shapiro

Imagine two sitting Republican Congresspeople planned a trip to a foreign country in conjunction with a nongovernmental organization. Imagine that particular NGO had a long history of Jew hatred: It had run a piece on its website quoting anti-Semitic myths about Jews imbibing Christian blood, republished a neo-Nazi article decrying the “Jew-controlled entertainment media” and suggested that “honor” was the proper response to a terrorist who murdered 38 Israelis, including 13 children.

Imagine that these two Congresspeople tweeted a cartoon from a cartoonist so anti-Semitic he won second prize at Iran’s Holocaust denial cartoon contest. Imagine that these Congresspeople had themselves engaged in anti-Semitic slurs, ranging from a suggestion that Israel supporters in America suffer from dual loyalty, to the accusation that Israel “hypnotized the world,” to the suggestion that Jewish money lies behind America’s support for Israel (“it’s all about the Benjamins”). Imagine that these Congresspeople had expressed support for terrorist Rasmea Odeh. Imagine also that both Congresspeople had a long history of associations with open anti-Semites.

Finally, imagine that both members were supporters of the anti-Semitic boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS) movement directed against Israel — a movement so obviously anti-Semitic that a bipartisan coterie ranging from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-T., to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had declared it so.

Now imagine that these two Republican Congresspeople were barred from entering Israel under Israel’s law that prevents propagandizing designed to destroy the state of Israel. Would the media report on Israel’s reaction or on the Republican Congresspeople’s associations, actions and statements? Would the narrative surround Israel’s supposed free speech crackdown, or would it center on the obvious Jew hatred of the Republican Congresspeople?


And yet.

Simply switch out the word "Republican" for "Democrat" and the media coverage shifts 180 degrees. Suddenly, the Congresspeople become put-upon heroes, victimized by the evils of the nefarious Jewish state. Suddenly, a media blackout arises with regard to the NGO sponsoring the visit; the Washington Post calls the organization "a nonprofit organization headed by Palestinian lawmaker and longtime peace negotiator Hanan Ashrawi"; The New York Times praises the group for raising "global awareness and knowledge of Palestinian realities." The statements of the Congresspeople become mere conversation starters; The New York Times praises one for starting a vital conversation about Israel. The BDS position becomes worthy of debate, rather than a symptom of anti-Semitism.

Our major media are driven by narrative, not by fact. And the narrative depends on the players. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., aren't hiding their anti-Semitism. They revel in it. And why not? The media celebrate them as "The Squad." Pelosi cowers before them. And their anti-Semitic propaganda receives kid-glove treatment.

And Omar and Tlaib aren't new. Media coverage of Israel has long been skewed in favor of Israel's enemies. How much coverage, for example, has the mainstream media given to the Palestinian Authority's announcement — this week — that an LGBTQ group would be banned in its territories, since the PA's values are in conflict with those of the group? The answer: virtually none. As of this writing, hardly any pieces have appeared in a non-Jewish or non-conservative publication.

Jews simply aren't part of the intersectional narrative, unless they are targeted by those perceived as higher on the scale of privilege. It's that simple and that despicable. It's the reason Rev. Al Sharpton has a show on MSNBC, the reason Democratic politicians continue to play footsie with Louis Farrakhan, the reason The New York Times ignores hate crimes in its own city, the reason Omar and Tlaib are treated as victims rather than pariahs. All of which underscores just why Israel seeks to protect itself so strongly from those who seek to destroy her: There are plenty of people out there who want to, and our media watchdogs are too busy drooling over them to remember that their job is to report the news.

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14 thoughts on “The Media’s Intersectional Embrace of Anti-Semitism”

  1. Apparently global communism’s fifth-columnists in the American left have joined forces with radicalized Islam to tear down America, and reshape it in their twisted image of utopia. This is a continuing struggle for the lives of Christians and Jews, threatening the heritage of western culture and society.

  2. Since when did Jews monopolize the term “Semitic” The Arab congresswomen you denigrated are as
    Semitic as YOU! Stop feeling sorry for yourselves; instead start being realistic and understanding what the Israeli government has inflicted upon the Palestinians AFTER the stole their homes, burned their trees and crops, and to ad insult to injury, built walls to keep the Palestinians from their homes and split families so they cannot even visit one another without enduring massive delays and denigration at the hands of the israeli government. We have been to Palestine and the Holy Land and seen with our own eyes the inhuman actions of the Israeli government. God help you.

    1. If the media are embracing anti-Semitism, then the media are embracing you. You represent the revival of age-old Jew-hatred.

      Speaking of Jew-hatred, “Semitic” does not actually refer to a people. It’s a linguistic term denoting a specific group of languages, in this case, Hebrew, Arabic, Phoenician, Assyrian, and other related languages.

      The term “anti-Semitism,” however, was coined specifically to refer to the Jews. The term was coined in 1879 by the German Wilhelm Marr, who today would be called an anti-Semite, who wanted a more socially accepted term in place of “Judenhass” (“Jew-hatred”).

    2. Just to correct a few factual errors:

      1 – “Although “Semitic” refers to all the people descended from Semites; in common parlance we all know what “anti-Semitic means”. Jews didn’t “monopolize” the term any more than they monopolized hatred. There it is; look it up. Everyone understands that “anti-Semitic” means anti-Jewish. If phrase etymology is your area of interest you can track it down.
      2 – Did “the Israeli government” steal “their homes”? The United Nations, in 1948, declared Israel an autonomous state. Did the Arab world, including the Palestinians, accept the UN resolution and allow Israel to live in peace with its neighbors? What happened next? Please respond after you’ve done your research. (HINT: Israel did NOT attack its neighbors in a land-grab.)
      3 – Israel did NOT build walls to “keep the Palestinians from their homes”. Please do some research and tell me after how many terrorist attacks occurred (eg the killing of Israeli civilians) before Israel resorted to “building walls”.
      4 – If you have been to the Holy Land you will have noticed many Arabs and Israelis living side-by-side in peace. Watch the movie, “In Between”, filmmaker is a West Bank Palestinian who received support from the Israeli government to make her film.


      I would like to point out that most Israeli Jews are displaced people from countries that “stole THEIR land”. Those countries (and the people who inhabit those countries) also killed the families of Jewish people and robbed them of all their possessions. That is true for both Europe, Africa and other Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Iran. The Jewish people came to Israel After their own homes and families were wiped out, not for lebensraum. Perhaps an understanding by the Palestinian people as to WHY the Jewish people are there, and what the families of the Jewish people LOST before they got there, would help them to understand why they have COMMON CAUSE. Give up the chant of “driving them into the sea” and “We want our homes back” (Duh – so did the Jews but where would that have gotten them if they stopped there and didn’t build new homes?). The Palestinians aren’t the only ethnic group that’s ever been “robbed”. The world goes on and it would be more adaptive to forge a meaningful peace instead of the persistent “opposition”to this and that. In the end, how would you like to see things be?

  3. Imagine that Palestine invaded and occupied a neighbouring country, then tried to exterminate its people. Would those who oppose them be called Palestinian haters? Their hate would be justified. Zionists should just leave … go back to their biblical wandering. Stop killing. After all, Jews and Arabs are semites. Jews are the most antisemetic.

    1. Do you think that Jews INVADED Palestine? Please post how you imagine it happens that Jews are in Israel in the first place. (HINT: there was no INVASION). For a start, when did the Jews LEAVE Israel (you can start with King David). Do you know that part of a temple in Jerusalem; a temple that is almost 3000 years old, is believed to have been used by Jews living in Israel at that time? So why did they leave? And who took their place? If Jews were forced to leave “by the rule of force”, and were replaced by a group of people stronger than they were, does that mean that the Jews do not have the right to return? How does anyone have “a right” to be where they are?

  4. I hope that Jews figure it out this time and pull all their support and their votes for the communists and Nazis and fascists and progressives and liberals and socialists that are running under the joke known as the Democrat Party. There is nothing democratic about them. They are the same pieces of puke that caused the Holocaust during WWII.

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