Guess Who’s Absolutely Losing It Over The Mueller Report?

If you’ve watched any TV over the last few years then you’ve seen all the Hollywood liberals and (perhaps one and the same) liberal media darlings get everyone fired up over a sure-to-come Trump indictment. However, Mueller has delivered his report and, after 22 months of bullying, early morning raids, and threats to Trump associates, it says he’s found no evidence of Russian collusion. That’s not sitting well with some of these folks

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The Hollywood stars are in complete melt down mode over this and so are the liberal talking heads. Wanna watch Maddow, Chris Matthews, & MSNBC's Mika  Brezinski melt down on air? Grab some popcorn and check this out:

Alyssa Milano took her denial to Twitter once again:

"Well, if there was nothing in the report why won’t they just release it? If the report fully exonerated him or his family, he’d have it all out in seconds. Wouldn’t he?"

Jim Carrey went off his rocker to deliver a painting lol:

Bill Maher says "he doesn't need a report to know that Trump is a traitor, he has a TV". (The same TV that's been telling us, for 2 years, Mueller was about to deliver a fatal blow to Trump)

Rosie O'Donnell screamed at the sky, via Twitter, as well while demanding more transparency.

Wouldn't it be something if all these Hollywood liberals got exactly what they're asking for? Wouldn't it be something if Trump was just waiting for their calls for transparency so he could lay it all out for them?

They may regret asking for it because that's likely the exact thing they're going to get. We do deserve full transparency into what led to this 'illegal takedown attempt'. I'm not sure they're really intending to be on the same side as Trump for this one. Let's watch this unfold!



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15 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Absolutely Losing It Over The Mueller Report?”

  1. What makes these movie stars political opinions more important than anyone else’s ? why should the media follow them so closely. I think that the media clearly displays favorites and following these stars creates much of this fake news.

  2. The democrats are waking up America.
    The democrats are showing a downfall.
    The democrats are fading fast.
    The democrats ( we will not miss you )
    You have shown your weaknesses.
    Every word you say is not about America.
    I have never heard such stupidity in my life.
    The democratic values will destroy America.

  3. Demoncrats are withering on the vine with only thoughts of empowering THEIR liberal party assisted by the disgusting media, press, teachers unions and universities, billionaires like Soros etc, the deep state and illegal immigration. America is surviving with the strong leadership of President Trump!!! God Bless America!!!!!

  4. The Democrats have been fighting Trump since before he won the election. He is doing what he ran on and I for one am proud of him and our country. He has put up with so much crap and just keeps rolling along making America great. Give it up all you dumb-ass Dems. You’re a bunch of loser
    socialists. If you don’t like America MOVE!!!

    1. Thank you for saying what you did. The Democratic Party is no more! The party has divided into 3 groups and each group is a danger to our Republic. It is very important that WE all get behind President Trump and let him know how grateful the American people are of what he has done so far. The Dems will use the excuses of Immigration and Health Care. WELL, Mr. and Mrs. American he has tried for2 years to get that through and it is the Democrats that wouldn’t let it go through. It’s the crazies of the Dems that aren’t going to allow President Trump have any victories. I am so sorry of the way the junkie news reporters have lied about the family, how they were attacking Barron, a 12 yr. old.(Deplorables) and Crooked Waters ranting about Impeachment all the time. She is the one that should be impeached for all of her corrupt investigations!

  5. Great America is great,why change it so they rule,they are all idiots. They are all about themselves not the U SA they want to tell us what to do I guess you would call that listening to the boss. We need no boss the people are the bosses that is why we vote and have a constitution. Bye bye

  6. They can’t believe the story they made up and forced on everyone is not discrediting the president, it was a complete sham and the American people know it was let’s see how it unfolds let the people who started this lie be held responsible and be prosecuted for it, god bless America.

  7. When you have a simple mind, everything seems simple. Transparency is desirable UNTIL it divulges identities of intelligence assets, smears innocent witnesses who cannot defend themselves, or otherwise exposes information totally irrelevant to the intended investigation. Appropriate redaction should provide sufficient transparency to address the allegations of the probe while still protecting things like grand jury proceedings as required by the law. Too complex a thought for simple minds? Or do they just prefer to be “intentionally confused” so that the President’s opponents can create a false narrative for simple-minded voters.

  8. The Democrats are beyond help. They have no reasonable arguments. They just need to go away and prep for 2020.

  9. CNN, MSNBC, NPR, TheNYT etc, etc,all up to negative since Trump began his campaign. Comey, Stryck & Page, inept little Lynn, all attempted a coup, WITH the assist of CNN, MSNBC, NPR, TheNYT etal. and all walked away without a TRAITOR!! label while their hired hit an Mueller did everything he could to back them up. Stand up America!

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