What Is Going On At Fox News?

The former head of the Democratic National Committee has just been hired by Fox News. That’s right, Donna Brazile, the one who fed Hillary debate questions before the 2016 Presidential debates and, yes, the one who ensured that Hillary won the primary as the DNC rigged it against crazy Bernie. So, how in the world did she end up at Fox News?

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Fox viewers are already heated over the firing of Judge Janine Pirro, who made some 'controversial' remarks about Sharia Law. One bad move after another at Fox News. Did they just double down against conservatism?

An admitted leftist who has fought to destroy conservatism has now joined the ranks of the formerly-conservative network. It is another move towards the left for the the network, which has effectively become CNN-lite.

Is this the biggest sign that Fox is slowly turning into the other liberal propaganda outlets? To some, there's no question that's exactly what they're doing.

In the cultural battle to save this country from being overrun by infant-slaughtering psychopaths, illegal invaders, and “social justice” freaks, Fox News is nothing more than controlled opposition to actual conservatism.

If Fox goes all out liberal then there won't be another bastion of conservatism within any major media network. Will that be a bad thing or will it force a takeover of independent journalists and provide a roadmap for actual journalism?

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105 thoughts on “What Is Going On At Fox News?”

    1. I also was under the impression she had been suspended for 2 weeks. And Donna Brazile was hired for occasional appearances, supposedly. I don’t know what to believe! Still very much hoping to see Judge Jeanine back in her time slot soon! The whole thing is outrageous.

        1. Agree with you 100%. Switch to OAN “ONE AMERICA NEWS” channel 347 on Direct TV.Conservative like the old Fox News used to be. Check with your TV provider. Problem at FOX 2 Muslims bought part of the network. Judge Jeanine should go work for OAN.

        2. Yes! Fox is getting too liberal and we have tons of liberal outlets and hardly any conservative ones.

      1. I agree. Bring back judge Jeannine . Fox has been number one for a very very very long time for a reason . This new crap will cost them . Get back to where you were

    2. Get rid of Donna Brazille. She is so one sided and I just change channels. I cannot stand to look at her.
      She is a liar , a cheat and was fired from the democrats so why would Fox news want her?!!!

      1. Totally agree
        If we wanted to watch lying leftist we would have been watching the game news channels

      2. I have coined it the RFTR (Reach for the Remote) moment . I would rather watch a Test Pattern but they don’t use them anymore. Until Donna the RFTR was mostly used on Richard Fowler and Juan Williams. I haven’t watched “The Five” for so long I cannot remember the last time I watched it. I hope 5he good Judge Jeannie sues them

      3. Fox is not fox any longer. Rupert Murdoch kids
        Suffer from Trump Derangement syndrome
        They will sink fox and profits in there mind for the greater good
        They can’t help themselves mark my words it won’t stop at Judge Jeanine Pirro and its a shame I’ve supported fox since the beginning but I just can’t any longer
        Check out Mewsmax if you get it there just starting but growing fast

    3. I hate to hear about what is going on at Fox news. I liked Judge Jeanne and I like Shawn Hannity, and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. The others I can listen to them but don’t care that much about them. Leave Fox News alone and quit going to the left.

    4. She will be on her Saturday show again, tomorrow. 3/30/19, no thanks to her scumbag producer Hufsa Kamal, another Muslim. How the hell she ever got hired as a producer at FOX, no less, is beyond me.

  1. Fox News-You are our last HOPE. Why fire Judge Janine Pirro for speaking the truth? Rehire Judge Jeanine and fire Donna Brazile.

  2. If you let judge Jenni go and hire this @#$%^&*&^^%%$$#@#@ Then you can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!!

    1. I agree. The words and deeds of Omar speak for themselves. Maybe some one forgot to school her in American values. If not, she needs remedial training.

  3. I`m shocked over the new policy of Fox News. That`s because it used to be the only place for
    true information of politics.

    1. The stupid owner gave Fox News to his ultra liberal kid who is firing the good and hiring the left-wing nuts, Goodbye to any truth on the internet. An American Tragedy.

      1. Before Rupert gave Fox over to his kids I understand he took on a Middle Eastern investor. Things started going downhill immediately afterwards.

  4. I would like to see the judge back and get rid of Donna Brazil because she is a liar and a cheater. Donna doesn’t want to answer any of the questions that was asked by Hannity the first time she appears on fox so the need to send her back over on the left.

  5. I hope they haven’t fired the Judge as I always watch her program. I am not real pleased with the hire of Donna Brazil, she has a nice way about her, but she fed questions to Hillary Clinton during the elections so I feel that anything she would say would not be truthful. I am disappointed in Fox News over some of their decisions, I have been watching them since they went on the air. I watch them all day and usually enjoy all their programming, but if they can’t see that the Dems are trying to get all conservative speech off the air, whether it is the Judge, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity or Laura Ingram. The Dems are trying to shut them up. If Fox gets rid of all of their top people, their audience will start watching other conservative channels. What a shame, they have always been the shining light as the other media are so biased.

    1. Fox must get Judge J back or lose me as a only Fox supporter. What is the matter with Bret Brear?. Is he so sore to not get a chance at Dem’s debates to turn on conservatives? Shep is so anti Trump, I have turned him off long ago. Really discussed with FOX. Loved Justice on Saturday evening.

  6. Fire cheating Donna and Paul Ryan. Keep Judge Janine. Care more about America and your integrity if you have any.

  7. Fox has turned to the left side of the political spectrum. I was shocked to read that Smith and Baier were behind the suspension of the judge. They now have left leaning commentators and contributors such as liar and cheater Brazile, RINO Ryan, Juan Williams, and Wallace to spew their venom. I have been an avid fan of Fox a long time but as of now I switched my allegiance to OAN network on channel 347 of Direct TV. Based out of San Diego with studios in NY and Washington. Fox will follow CNN into bad ratings

  8. I am appalled at the decision to fire the Judge and Hire Donna Brazil. While I do believe it is important to allow for Democrat views on the programs so they can be discussed. The fact they hired someone who is a known liar and cheat and who refuses to answer any questions without a long, drawn-out, let me silence you agenda is down right wrong. If FOX succumbs to the liberals, as it appears they are, the people of this country are in very serious trouble.

  9. Judge Porto w
    As absolutycorrect sharia law does not mix with consular
    Muslims only belyin sharia law therefore should not be in Congress
    Swearing into congress on a Koran is contrary to United States law a. D constitutional law
    Fox News is now letting cair run things and pretty soon Muslims will be taking over thanks to booms who is behind all of this crap

    My name is Fox and I will not give up that name but I will give up Fox News unless Judge Porto is reinstated and Brazil is gone as she represents what is wrong with our country

  10. I have watched fox news since they started but it looks like now all good people are going to be gone, hope they all get together and start a channel of their own. I know all my family and friends will change at once. the one that was just hired to take the place of Jeanie’s place is as useful as a screen door on a submarine!

  11. Very sad .. this not just the other point of view, this is a phony that tried to fix a debate by feeding rehearsed questions to one side; in other words, she fixed it.
    When one question was not rehearsed Hillary lost it and through an object at her and called her BUFFALO HEAD!!
    What the hell is happening to you?? I smell Disney!! They are turning you into a cartoon!! Your ratings will join CNN !!

  12. Last real news channel is going to hell. Iv supported since day one. Channel getting filled with garbage. When tthe right dies the country dies

  13. If they move further left they’ll end up with ratings like CNN. I no longer watch Shep since he now is another liberal and doesn’t report the news anymore. I can’t believe that Bret wanted Judge off the air. If he is truly for Muslims an their approach to govt then I’ll deleat him from my watch also.

    You already have enough Democrats with Shep, Wallace and now Bret you don’t need another.

  14. get ride of doona and get judge Jeannie back on as for paul ryan leave him out too he is a joke what make you think he is any good, he was a piss poor speaker

  15. I quit Shepherd long ago . Wallace is off and on. Bret has always been my favorite I don’t think he had anything to do with the judge being off the air .

  16. Fox News has become the new wing of the DNC. The newest addition to Fake New
    What kind of confidence will we have in Donna Brazil’s? We all remember the statements
    she made for the DNC.Robert

  17. I am a devoted Fox viewer who will not tune in to any program that ever has Brazile on. Ever.

  18. I guess Americans will have to watch foreign news to get some truth about our news. How much lower can America go. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party will destroy our Country and need every news outlet, tv programming, movies, social media and even video games. The already have the Department of Indoctrination Education to control the thinking in every level of education in America.

  19. I refuse to watch anything Brazille has to say about anything. She is a liar and a cheat and Fox is messing around with their ratings. I want the Judge back and I want her back now. She did absolutely nothing wrong. N O T H I N G!

  20. I am absolutely ashamed of Fox for hiring Donna Brazile. I am going to change to Newsmax to watch, exclusively!! I love all their commentators & they are really & truly a conservative network. I particularly like Wayne Allyn Root & Howie Carr. I advise all you Fox faithful to now watch NEWSMAX. They are on most cable networks. I watch them on Frontier Fios channel 115 or 615 HD. I would love to see Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingrahm move to Newsmax & leave Fox in the dregs with CNN & MSNBC. The Murdoch brothers are ruining the Fox News reputation by going left & will pay the ultimate price of poor ratings & huge monetary losses. It is still worth watching Steve Hilton followed by Mark Levin on Sunday evenings. (How long before they get canceled for conservative views?) Judge Jeanine needs to move over to Newsmax also. They would welcome her intelligent, conservative views

  21. Fox has just lowered it’s standards to lower than whale crap which is the bottom of the ocean so now all of the stations have turned toward communism !!!1

  22. It has been hard enough to put up with Juan Williams, who seems to be popping up on more and more interviews and shows. Now we have Donna Brazille (Really?). Then, of course, the traitor, Paul Ryan, on the board. Why don’t you just admit that you are trying to turn it into another liberal TV station. As if we didn’t have enough already. I hope and pray that the real conservatives break loose of fox and start their own TRULY CONSERVATIVE station. How much are you getting paid under the table to turn FOX into a liberal mess???

  23. Fox has reportedly planned for a long time to phase out any pro-Trumpers. The sons wives of FOx News owners are liberals to the bone.
    On Judge Jeanine, she did speak the truth, like it or not. I read the actual Sharia law itself couple years ago while H.C. was taking bundles of money from donors that practice Sharia law. It is NOT a religion rather an actual set of ‘laws’, which endorse the beating and murder of women. If that is not antithetical to the constitution of the US I don’t know what is.

  24. I have long been a loyal FOX News watcher, but will now switch to OAN for news until Jennine Pirro is brought back. Get a grip, do not ruin a good thing!

  25. Judge Jeanine must return to Fox news or I am turning channels!! It isn’t the Luny Lefts they have made your programs number 1. It is the conservative Americans that have supported this station all these years!! Fox News is becoming Fix News Now- FNN!!!! This has got to change or your ratings will go down the tube!!

  26. Fox News you have joined the fake media club !! good luck
    you are spinless media, weak to stand and protect strong opinions , and no different than the rest of the cable media. You Fox News have sealed your own confirmation of your new earned fake reputation by hiring Donna Brazielle and Paul Ryan. You do not deserve to have in your porfolio of opinion reporters Judge Jeanine Pirro, she is a strong, fair, well respected and loyal conservative woman, who delivers clear, straight, strong, and well reseached opinions, you FOX News will not be able to find anyone that can come close to match the judge strenghts and clear mind. What the judge said about the congresswoman is clear and is truth. I will subscribe to Blaze TV, OAN as I have the great freedom of choice. I will not watch Donna Brazielle insisting on her fake leftist opinions, I really thought FOX News stood tall and apart from the rest of the fake bunch.

  27. Please fire Donna Brazille…as soon as I saw her on last night, We changed the channel. What is going on with FOX news!!!!!

  28. I new this was going to happened when they sold part of programs of fox to att. Fox news is gone. Hannity will be gone in 2021 when his contract is up. People face up and start looking for better information. Fox news is gone to pots. Everybody is wising up to the crap they are poring out.

  29. Who’s driving this train? Donna? Krauthamer following is certainly over. Time to maybe pick up my remote and re-program my DVR.

  30. What is this “she fed questions to Hillary Clinton?” That is cheating, she is a cheat, a cheater and flagrantly dishonest!!!! Why can’t y’all call it like it is???????

  31. Fox News Network is slowly turning left, and probably in a few short years we won’t even recognize it!

  32. This is it for me and my friends…..Judge Jeanine comes back or you will lose us as viewers…How could you be influenced by that Shepherd Smith… He is a NOTHING! Please say this is just a test

  33. Since Fox News came on the scene I have been an avid viewer, thanking the Lord we had an honest conservative channel to stand against all the liberal B.S. I’ve sadly watched the transformation from conservative to liberal- Chris Wallace, Shepard Smith, etc. Now it appears Neil Cavoto is an anti-Trumper! Today, once again, he was regurgitating trump’s criticism of McCain and Kelly Ann’s husband. He is no longer hiding his disdain of our president. It’s not clear if Judge Pirro was fired or suspended. In either case it couldn’t be because of what she said. It was pressure from the emerging subversive groups who seem to be making inroads in all areas of Gov’t., Christianity, news media, educational system, etc). With heavy heart I am switching to OAN for my news. Someone said only Direct T.V. has the OAN channel. Anyone know if that is true? It’s a great conservative channel. I hope Rupert Murdock learns a lesson when his “Fox News” goes under !!!

    1. Fios has OAN; channel 616 (HD). OAN provides an excellent source of TRUE FACTS. Unfortunately, I have been cutting down my FOX NEWS watching as I recognized the move to the left/liberal antics. It is truly a shame. Murdock and people of his type will not learn; they are too busy involving themselves in their Socialistic promotions.

  34. So disgusting to see our one conservative voice turning left right before our eyes. We must boycott their advertisers to hurt the station where it hurts. Call them. Write letters and editorials. Stop watching Fox and switch to “One American News” just Few channels away.

  35. Donna Brazile holds a lot of power…more power than any one of us could imagine…her tentacles as DNC Chair are spread far and wide within each and every state of the union to include the news media…She has worked hard to keep Hillary Clinton out of jail…she has worked hard to further corrupt the FBI…she has worked hard to aligne the DNC with the “globalist” agenda of the deep state….she has worked hard along with the news media into falsely accusing Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians…She has worked hard to spred disinformation about those evil right wing Republicans expressly Donald Trump and his family…The DNC if rife with corruption…there is not one thing that will stop them from attaining power…even if it were to include acts of murder…Which we have seen numerous instances of over the years from the leftist side of the isle…Although no proof has ever been established of such political misdeeds of murder…
    Purposely of course…Hillary Clinton issued a directive to Donna Brazile short before the last days of the Presidential elections…Donna Brazile and her gang of radical liberal corruptible’s have been following Hillary’s orders ever since those shocking polling numbers began to turn against Hillary Clinton during the last days of counting electoral votes…In an email sent to DNC Chair Donna Brazile dated Oct. 17, 2016 from Hillary Clinton…Hillary gave explicit orders to Donna Bazile…”If that f#cking bastard wins…we’re all going to hang from nooses…you better fix that s#it”…It appears Donna Bazile and the DNC in collusion with the liberal MSM with their constant issuance of “fake” news along with the supportive dogma of the deep state…they have been “fixing” things for Hillary Clinton and the DNC ever since Donald Trump won the Presidency…Go Trump 2020.

  36. You need to get rid of Brazielle, apologize to Judge Jeanine and hope that she will come back, and also apologize to your viewers who depended upon your network to stand up for the truth. This country is being destroyed from within and from without. You should be more afraid of the reprecussions of your cowardly actions than continuing to expose the lies and nefarious actions and rhetoric of those whose sole purpose is to diviide and conquer the greatest nation on the face of the Earth! Have you learned nothing from history? Capitulation to the enemy does not assuure your safety. This is how the crazy, power and money hungry dictators of the past and the present were and continue to be allowed, and even further, to be enabled, to inflict their atrocities in order to realize their sick and selfish aspirations. You will be held complicit in this travesty. Shame on you
    Shame on you.

    1. I totally agree! PLEASE RETURN JUDGE JEANNINE! She said nothing wrong; she said ONLY THE TRUTH!

  37. All done with Fox
    They can kiss my white ass
    Next best station is OAN
    One American News
    Tells it like it is not one sided and no fake news

  38. We usually have Fox News in all day and night but since they got rid of Bill OReilly and Eric Bolling and now Judge Jeanine we have reassessedbour watching time. We watch Tucker, Hannity and Laura and occasionally Grw Gutfield and Jesse Watters but cant can’t stand Juan Williams so have quit watching them. Shame. So many people we know have quit watching also!! Better wake up Fox, you are destroying your ratings and future! Oh and get rid of Donna Brazile. She is a liar, cheat, traitor and sneak!!!

  39. Why FOX, why are you doing this nonsense and hiring Donna Brazil and Joe Biden’s assistant It is one thing to have them come on by invitation only to show both sides but you already do that by having numerous Democrats come on but so many of them have been invited and decline the invitation Why with such high ratings that you have already and the money that you’re bringing in that you swing and I are swinging and will continue to swing to the left like everybody else grow a spine stand up for most Americans and quit leaning to the left so that Americans can have a station that they can watch that is pretty much fair and balanced You do have some reporters at Fox that are Democrats it’s pretty obvious and you do have Democrats come on different shows that show Americans that you are fair and balanced so quit leaning to the left this is not a socialist America so whoever is in charge of hiring these people grow a spine and stand up for what America stands for and it certainly is not what is being pretrade by CNN MSNBC CBS and the list goes on so stand up for what is right by Americans As the saying goes stand up for what is right or you will absolutely fall for anything and most people who watch Fox News do believe that you are falling and failing Americans

  40. I have been watching and disgusted with this trend. Most regretable. Fox has been become CNN LIGHT. Fox has abandoned it’s Fair and Balanced not only in it’s special contributors, but also and in there failure to appropriately push back on Dem contributors who only spew dem talking points and throw them softball questions. Chris Wallace, Hemmer, Cavuto, Sheppard Smith never watch because I feel like I am watching CNN and news without balance. They appear to playing to there liberal colleagues and should just make the move to CNN.

  41. Contact the sponsors. Boycott their products and let them know! This has been gradual since the election. It has been sad for me to stop watching Cavuto and The Five but both have done a gradual tilt and the venom has seeped into both. I cannot abide the creepy Chris Wallace or Shepard Smith. They both make me gag! Fox News has become like one of those science-fiction movies where a bug bites people and makes them crazy

  42. I went from a 24/7 Fox Fan to a 10%er …
    Why does Fox feel they must provide time
    for Waaa Williams and others to somewhat
    attack our President … FAIR AND BALANCED
    )(*&^% while 97% of the Media floods the
    internet with lies …
    Once (60-years ago) I was a Democrat
    a party for those who came to America
    for Freedom and a chance to work …
    Demoncrats are working to destroy our
    beloved country … have never seen such
    corruption at this level … top FBI yikes
    God Help Us all …

  43. Former 24/7 Fox Fan …
    now a 10%er What happened
    to Fox News ?)(*&^%$
    Heard they have a millionaire
    foreign born on their board
    of directors … why are they
    walking on tippy toes …

  44. Why is Chris Wallace “soup chef” still spewing
    his slanted Liberal crap ? His Dad was disgusting
    and hailed by the Demoncrats for years.
    He should join Women For Democrats …

    Agree Fox needs new blood … WAAAN Wiliams
    Hannity get on my nerves … he constantly
    speaking over his guests in attempt to share
    their limelight … arrogant cannot watch him
    … who the Hell does he think he is …

    Donald Trump is the strongest man I have
    ever witnessed in the office of President …
    The Never Trumps MUST BE PUSHED OUT OF
    OFFICE … this could never happened during
    WW2 … Treason … shame … publish their
    names and photos … must be gone sooner
    than later

  45. Fox News is now a disgrace. How can you hire someone who tried to influence an election. She is a liar, cheat and cannot be trusted. I used to watch Fox all day. Now I just watch a handful of shows. You are doing a disservice to the American people.

  46. I’m disgusted with the recent actions of Fox News. Hiring Donna and Rino Paul Ryan ,and firing the Judge .Are you trying to reduce your audience,because if you are your doing a good job.You are the one Beacon on the Truth and are on top of the ratings ,why would you change the chemistry.?

  47. I know that James Murdoch is married to. and is himself a raving liberal, but I thought Laughlin was more of a Libertarian. Since Libertarianism is much more closely associated to Conservatism than that other group whose name shall not be spoken, I would have thought that he would be happy with Fox. Maybe his wife, who I understand is also a L______, just intimidated him into changing.

    In any event, politics aside, why would anyone want to change a station whose ratings are always at or near the top versus the MSM, and who is more trusted than them? I think we may have truly fallen down the proverbial rabbit hole. GOD, WHAT A SHAME.

  48. Fox used to be a station our household would turn to. It was on all the time. Now Donna Brazille, on the air and Paul Ryan a Board Member. Next thing that wouldn’t surprise me would be to hear they are backing Jaun Williams for President. Judge J, Tucker and the Five are the only thing that keeps our attention. The rest of the time is better spent watching re-runs. Goodbye Fox!

  49. If judge Jeanine goes. My viewership goes. No more Fox News. Strictly OAN news. Very disappointing

  50. These moves seem to suggest that Fox News may have decided to to do an ‘allamande left’ to correspond with the unofficial rolling out of the 2020 campaigns. If this is indeed the case, we have seen in the past that networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and others are more than willing to fall on their swords for the sake of the democratic-socialist party, and we may see further hirings and firings in the future at Fox News to support this shift. In short, Fox News may also be willing to sacrifice ratings and the support of some of their conservative viewership for a political party which is fast becoming a purveyor of Saul Alinsky’s socialism.

    The Fox conglomerate was recently purchased by Disney, with Fox News apparently remaining somewhat independent of the former, which long ago became a supporter of the left and those in Hollywood. The younger Murdochs, now in charge at Fox News, are reportedly also more aligned with this ideology than is their father. A return of Judge Jeanine might be a hopeful sign that the network is still listening to its viewership–but don’t hold your breath. A reinstatement of Judge Jeanine might be interpreted as a sign that Fox News still cares for the opinions of the majority of its viewership.

  51. With the hire of this Brazile person Fox has really turned its self into a festering pile of dung. She to join the ranks of Juan Williams, Smith and others of their elk, is making , for me, a ” TURN OFF STATION “. Is this what I fought for when joining to fight the Japs in WW2 ?

  52. I no longer watch Fox. They have turned into bleeding Libs. I read today that Sean Hannity is leaving when his contract expires. I will follow him wherever he goes. He is the only show that I watch now.

  53. I can’t believe this? This is a woman that lied and cheated? What in the hell does Fox think it’s doing. This is what wrong in America, reward a woman that lied and cheating. WHF

  54. As others have stated, no one gives unbiased except FOX, we will be left with the wild Left who have no sense of decency, witness the abortion approval, hatred of Trump no matter what he does, free stuff for all, etc. What has happened to common sense?!

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  56. Was shocked when Judge Jeanie was proempted by another program I never heard of. Why are the offende when the truth is said. Why is there so much hatred toward Israel. Why are so many afraid of Muslims and punish those who condem their beliefs???? My opinion of Donna Brazile is that she is a good speaker. She is so good that when she tells you to go to hell, you enjoy taking the trip. Don’t understand why she was hired. Paul Ryan is a turn coat. What ever their feelings about our President, he is still our President. My opinion

  57. There is one very good conservative alternative to Fox News and that is OANN (One America News Network). I really like their fast-paced news reporting. I particularly like the hour-long program called the Tipping Point by Liz Wheeler. She is quick-witted, articulate, and a die-hard conservative. She is a product of Penn State University. I also like the simple logic of news commentator Graham Ledger. The trouble is most of the cable news networks do not carry this San Diego based network. I see it in Miami on AT&T Uverse. I believe OANN could easily replace Fox News now that it is drifting toward the center with the hiring of Donna Brazil and Paul Ryan.

  58. I think the game plan is to add some unhinged Progressive Socialist to go all with Juan Willims, Smih, and Chris Wallace so that they can ask some question on a Democrat debate. Sad, this Ms Brazel should be in jail not on the air.

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