Socialism For Thee, But Not For AOC!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I think most of America enjoys listening to her talk but most also think it’s a SNL skit. It’s not. She’s been, probably, the hardest pusher of Socialism on the left. However, she doesn’t seem to be living by those standards and sees no problem with that.

More below:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, is under investigation for funneling over $1 million in political donations into two of his own private companies.

As AOC has pledged to bring transparency to her office, it seems she is doing the exact opposite.

Chakrabarti's companies appear to have been set up for the sole purpose of obscuring how the political donations were used.

This smells an awful lot like something the Obama or Clinton campaign would take part in. It's time we hold politicians accountable and demand transparency. Where was this money going? Surely no democrat politician would use their office for financial gain, right? Campaign attorneys have thoughts on this:

"there’s something amiss." They said there was no way of telling where the political donations went — meaning they could have been pocketed or used by the company to pay for off-the-books campaign operations.

I'll say something most already know but many on the left seem to forget: Socialism creates wealth only for those in power and creates poverty for those 'normal folks' like us. Socialism breeds corruption.



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44 thoughts on “Socialism For Thee, But Not For AOC!”

  1. Most of America enjoys listening to her? Wrong! So the Democratic party is being led by a night shift bartender now? your kidding right?

    1. A note to All: ALWAYS remember this. The Dems gave us Obama care, greatest legislation ever passed since man has been on the earth, BUT CONGRESS DID NOT GET ON THAT PLAN, they kept the good one.
      Socialist put forth rules / laws that will save mankind and the Earth. Those in control [Government ] exempt themselves from ALL the Laws they pass. Also they get all your money and pay themselves millions per year, Because they are IMPORTANT. I have seen it first hand, if you love poverty, no doctors, no hospitals, no nothing and the guaranteed income of 3 to 8 dollars a day ; then AOC is for you. She will deliver this , Please pay attention. AOC cant fix the Greatest country ever in the world. She can destroy it, if we let her. Now you know the DEMS program for you.

      1. Typical party loyalist…just getting started on her demonic quest to destroy our country…why and how can the people in this party just OK everything with no reservations…Sad what they are doing and what they are leaving their own family members for generations..and it ain’t money…

      2. Couldn’t agree more! if we have the slightest intelligence in our brain 🧠, we would recognize pronto the STUPIDITY of CORTEZ’s hollow rants & crazed ideas… her pretenses of being “a thinker “ when she has NO BRAINS AT ALL!

    1. Roseanne referred to her as a “bug-eyed bitch”. I don’t think that was very nice. We shouldn’t insult a mentally defective moron.

    1. It took a lot of unbalanced voters to vote this imbecile into office, that’s what scares me the most.

      1. Actually I read that she only had 16,000 votes. The turnout was very low in her district. The total population of District 14 is just under 700,000, which means that only a bit more than 2% of the district’s population voted for her. So it’s the fault of the lazy ass people in her district that she is in there sounding like an uneducated idiot.

    1. Robert,
      Thank You, You are So correct. How could anyone vote for her unless they are DUMBER than dirt.

  2. Alexander Occasional-Cortex, her new friend Rep Ratshit-A Turd, and Sen Curly Booger (the fourth Stooge) – gifts that keep on giving!

  3. I am seeking to Finish My “The Emotion Flow Fin” Film via My “L. Mike Kelley” and I Vote for We The People…in ways that are very cool !! Please Be $Cool.00 too $!!

  4. Unfortunately, this elected idiot is a dangerous example of why some have said that a minute conversation w most voters creates a case against democracy.

  5. 16,000 idiots from a very small district in NYC voted this imbecile into office. The first thing she does is a sabotage on Amazon that would have brought jobs to her district. Rumor has it Pelosi has ordered her district to disappear which would spell the end to this fool. It can’t happen soon enough

  6. I don’t think this witch has a soul or any other kind of emotion. I am so fed up with this babble that foams out of her mouth. Is there no way we can get her bug eyed ass out of office? I look at the jerks standing behind her when she gives a speech and you can just tell the fake smiles and the WTF looks on their faces…get this animal out of office before she bankrupts us all.

  7. As Dangerfield said in Caddy Shack ” The last time I saw a mouth like that–it had a hook in it! Occasionally Uses her Cortex AOC is analogous to Hitler being the best general the Allies had.Please keep em coming AOC.

  8. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s would like to have everyone put everything they have in a pot and distribute the content equally to all, if that were possible would she put everything she owns in the pot. If we were paid equal pay to all regardless of education, capability, productivity, or risk how would she like to be paid no more then an uneducated, lazy, individual who only showed up for work on pay day.
    Look all around us call it what ever you want but in a competitive world busy hard working people usually get ahead faster. Without competition there is no incentive to work.
    Why not focus on equal opportunity, better affordable education, fair taxes , consider more ways to get rid of the corruption in government, term limits, so many causes to champion.
    If you give someone bread they eat it, give them seeds they plant them.h

  9. Let’s take good long look at Venezuela . People love to point at Venezuela and proclaim that it’s a failure, wrong!
    Hugo Chavez was first to lead his country into a Progressive form of Socialism. After his death Nicolas Madura continues to model his government after the Progressive Socialist ideology . The Venezuelan government nailed it.
    They seize the oil industry and nationalize it. Then they totally dismantled any form of capitalism and here we are. At the absolute concussion and the literal
    Application of progressive socialism.
    Just one look at Madura and its evident that he has not misted a meal.
    Nor has I’m quit sure, the rest of Venezuela’s elites.Their children eat well also. They enjoy a good education. They have medical attention as needed.
    So then the Venezuelan government works as all forms of socialism is meant too! The people’s sole reason for existing is to serve the needs of the elites. That’s exactly what’s happening in Venezuela. The elites are guarded fed served and protected, while the people he cats dogs trash or whatever to survive.

  10. AOC and her COS picked up the campaign trail where HRC left off in 2016.

    Let us see, as students of Crookedness whether they get an “A” or “F” grade.

  11. After hearing what AOC has to say I have to agree “if stupidity was a disability she would be eligible for benefits”. What part of America is she from?

  12. AOC (Algae-encrusted Obfuscated Cortex) is not Mechanically inclined; therefore, she must make sure the brain is engaged before operating the mouth.

  13. I’m from South Florida and get the news firsthand from the people arriving from hard hit Venezuela!
    The latest is that people have no electricity! Those lucky ones arriving complain they can’t even cook in their homes now! The people can’t cook the basics guv’t “provides” ..rice, beans, pasta,…because the gov’t can’t “provide” them with the basics of electricity! The infrastructure is so decrepit….(same thing happened with the Puerto Rican electric web )….due to the neglect and corruption of politicians who year aftervyear have failed to properly maintain the system.
    And you know WHO the gov’t and its backers put all the blame on? You guessed it, Trump!:
    The gov’t paints TRUMP as the ultimate villain maliciously creating this disaster to hurt the Venezuelan people!
    The fact is that Socialism’s ideology is based on a failed system of LIES and of governmental POWER GRABS to control production. When ultimately failure starts to set in, it triggers an adverse domino effect that the Gov’t is unable to stop or fix! Unable to find real and concrete solutions to these problems , “LIES and BLAME ” become an everyday psychological warfare to explain to the people their failings and their inability to “provide”.
    Today the people of Venezuela, (once a fairly prosperous and free people able to go about their OWN day-by -day and business lives) find themselves ENSLAVED, powerless and helpless in their own country , under the hands of these self proclaimed socialistic “providers”.

    We Americans better not be FOOLED and fall for lies. We must get it right:
    “America is the land of the free.. and not the land where SOCIALISTS give things for free.”

  14. Wake up America !!!!. The Democratic party is trying hard too make us a Socialistic (Communist ). People like Bernie Sanders and most of the party . People for God sake wake the hell up. Look around the world Its Not working. Democracy and our Constitution id still the best way . Along with our check and balance system. And comprise from Both party’s. . .

  15. Peelousy and the Dims want illegals and 16 yr olds to vote.DUH I wonder why. They say its to spread Democracy. Sounds like Orwellian newspeak to me. 16 year olds can barely make their own lunch much less cast an informative vote based on the whole picture rather than the latest liberal rag sound bite.They have zero historical perspective and more important zero skin in the game. They will always vote for the pony from Santa Claus. Churchill nailed it when he said ”If you’re not a liberal at 20 you have no heart—If you’re not a conservative at 30 you have no brain! Think about my fellow patriots!

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