What If I Told You A Former ISIS Terrorist Works for NYC DOJ?

Maybe you wouldn’t be that surprised, given what we know about he DOJ over the last decade, but a 30 year old man who traveled to Syria for military training with ISIS is employed by the US District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn…

More below:

At a time when the ISIS brides are making media appearances to return to their home countries after joining ISIS, it has been confirmed that this 'former' ISIS terrorist is actually working for the DOJ.

30-year old Mohimanul Alam Bhuiya left New York City to join with the terrorist organization in 2014, having become radicalized by Islamist propaganda and seeking to pitch a plan to destroy civilian aircraft to the group.

What exactly has been going on at the DOJ that this would be appropriate?

Bhuiya’s employment for the Department of Justice is emblematic of the dominance of cultural elite progressives within America’s primary federal legal institution.

Is anyone really still surprised that conservatives are skeptical of the liberal bias at the DOJ? The black eyes for the liberal ranks of the DOJ seem to keep swelling up. Obama and the dems did a bang-up job.

It’s uncertain how a department credibly accused of systemic political corruption and bias against right-of-center Americans aims to retain credibility among the broader public, especially with a hiring policy that allows former ISIS terrorist wannabes to secure employment within its ranks.

Uncertain, indeed.

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37 thoughts on “What If I Told You A Former ISIS Terrorist Works for NYC DOJ?”

  1. Once again New York doesn’t surprise me at all. The Communist Party has taken over, Muslim corruption is alive and well there thanks to Obummer and his buds like Eric Holder. GOD help us all. A civil war is coming forget about Russia.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about Russia!! In fact, Russia wants to talk about becoming allied with America, and I can’t see any negative for that at all!! In fact, if you look at the positive side of the alliance, who in the world would mess with America or Russia??? Don’t forget that Russia was on Americas side in WWll.

      1. I am skeptical of Russia and would never completely trust them. The real threat to the country is within with the liberals and corruption in govt.

        1. absolutely, and don’t you even think that OBAMA is still behind all the corruption going on in the congress and senate. OBAMA and MICHELLE Have devoted their lives in destroying our country, by taking over the government… LISTEN TO THIS…. NAME one (1( president in the history of this great land, has records to show that after their terms as President, RUNNING around , even commenting he wasn’t going “anywhere” like leavng D>C>. cause the current PRESIDENT TRUMP, probably wan’t be in office long, and he had the gall to think he would be called back in. I DON’T CARE WHO HE WAS, he is currently running around LOOSE, trying to dethrong our system, home and abroad. For example, when TRUMP visiting foreign governments, he was trailing right behind him, talking to those governments what he probably has laid out after his term… REMEMBER” HE TOLD PUTNIN, THAT WAS RECORDED. (WAIT TILL I GET RELECTED) AND THEN I WILL HAVE MORE TIME TO DEAL WITH IT…. Remember, our FBI was instrumental in overthrowing the current administration, with some of them still in their positions, especially in the democrat party, both congress and senate. I’TS time the FBI c;lean house. I hope the current Director BARR, has been put in their for this to happen, Please pray for Him, and our country…d

        2. I would trust Russians many times more than the frauds we have in the US “political system”.
          Why ??? Because their “information” has many time more validity than US politicos !!!!!
          As a sidebar, I learned Russian language in military and university, as well as having dealt with
          “real Russians” including a group on a Russian ship that arrived in Southern California – the
          first Russian ship since WW2 !!!!

      2. Only after Hitler attacked them, he just beat Stalin to the punch, and Russia did not declare war on Japan until after the first atom bomb was dropped.

      3. Can’t debate your logic. I feel very much the same. Perhaps China would but that would be stretch. I do think that between two costs they will infect everything in between.

    2. I agree…… that’s why they’re trying so hard to disarm America…… But? It ain’t ever gonna happen unless stupid men listen to their often liberal wives & girlfriends and turn em in!

    3. I wish I could say I disagree with you but I don’t. It’s not about conflicts with other countries. It’s about the one that’s going to explode within our own if there aren’t massive changes and the government doesn’t start listening to the people.

    1. The gov didnt allow this to happen you and I allowed it to happen we were not paying attention to congress and let the democrats work for the last 70 years to try to install ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT on the WORLD (there were a lot of republicans helping the satenest cabal run the country into the ground) all wars have been started by bankers to try to destroy humankind well most of us anyway they think they will live forever and have it all BUT if that were to happen SATEN would then get rid of what was left and try to claim victory. but thank god he will not allow that to happen he has probably given us TRUMP.

      1. These people should not have been allowed back into the country under ANY circumstances. As far New York is concerned nothing should surprise us. But it is time the New York citizens take their city back, we can’t do it for them. I seriously doubt they will.

    2. It’s not our government as much as it’s us. We haven’t been doing our due diligence in watching our public servants. We need to rein in the politicians. They believe they are above the law, while pushing us under the law that is supposed to protect us, no subject us.

      1. You are “sooooooo” right about whom is to blame. We sit back and watch the former democrat party (known as the Democrat Communist Party of America to me) how they manipulate Congress and the courts to slowly overturn our official government. Obama said he would fundamentally change America. He so infected every agency and department of our government with liberal traitors and anti-American domestic terrorists that his agenda continues today. Every member of Congress and every government agency employee needs to be comprehensively investigated in order to ferret out these “domestic terrorists” starting with the FBI, CIA, IRS and all federal court judges. America is being destroyed from within and “we the people” NEED TO DEMAND ACTION.

        1. Yes, WTP demand action. God said if you will humble yourselves and come to me in prayer, I will heal your land. That is what happened. God sent us DJT to heal our land. He is doing it. Support this POTUS with all your heart. He has been appointed and anointed by God to save/heal our land.

  2. When it came to obama 8yrs everything was Carte Blanc for the damn muslims and still is. They need to be deported all of them now. They are already worming their way in to our gov anf every damn thing else. They are the biggest threat to our country and no one is doing anything about it. Under their Sharia –anything goes , lying and cheating and using people ——-it is their means to an end and the end in all out DOMINATION OF US. lOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO EUROPE AND ENGLAND. —PEOPLE IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE. wAKE THE HELL UP AND DEMAND THAT THESE PEOPLE LEAVE OUR COUNTRY. Taking over our country would be their crowing glory——–get the damn picture yet.!! Don’t trust any of them.!!!!!

    1. Absolutely right Barbara! and all other supporters. They r like termite finding their way into the internal system. High time to check this and send them back. I hope the democrats understand this for the good of the country. Border wall is very important otherwise terrorists would leak in with the caravan in the guise of innocent children.

  3. Not a shock. All the continuous ongoing investigation of Trump when the previous administration was proven to be far more corrupt. 1. Lying about the Benghazi attack to salvage re-election. 2. The lies and manipulation necessary (the architect of the ACA stated “we relied on the stupidity of the voters to shove this unworkable law through) necessary to pass Obama Care. 3. Multi billion dollar State Department grant to Haiti for disaster relief approved by Hillary only to find several weeks later her brother obtained the first Haitian mining permit in over 50 years with the Haitian government premium set at half the normal rate. 4. Then we have the Uranium One deal that if it was corrupt, this is exactly what it would look like (this means it is. 5. The Dreamer rule that was never ratified by Congress which means we have a blatant example of abuse of power. 6. Same thing with the Paris Climate Agreement that was in reality a method to transfer the wealth of the United States to other nations. Thank the Lord Trump pulled us out of it, after all can we afford more debt? That according to “free pass” Obama “would be unamerican “. 7. Trading a group of hard core terrorists for one military deserter. 8. Then for those that dare to criticize Trump for having an open dialogue with North Korea, China and Russia, by far the worst examples of failed foriegn policies occurred in the previous administration including the idiotic Iran deal, the apology tour and again let’s not forget the Uranium One deal. No let the Justice department continue the ridiculous Trump investigation and certainly keep an ISIS member within your agency to further prove how corrupted it is. Sad how blind the easily led left chooses to be. I wish they would get their priorities straight which would simply be putting America and it’s overburdened, hard working taxpayers and it’s military first!

    1. Well said. Love how you back up everything with facts. To bad our leaders and representatives are not as well spoken as you. Thanks for awaking me to all the horrors that occurred before Trump. MAGA

  4. An excess of diversity creates social and political chaos; internal chaos permits the more homogeneous, disciplined group displace the chaotic state, as any student of history can attest.

  5. Not just why is this individual working for the NYC DOJ, but why is he still in the United States? Deport him, if he is naturalized revoke his citizenship and deport if he was born here – GITMO! Does anyone in NYC check eligibility?

  6. This is the fault of the American Citizens. It is they that have allowed this to happen. Either by not checking what politicians talk about or the unvviable promises they make. And the apathy of many registered voters who do not vote. So you only have yourselves to blame and only you can fix the problem. By voting for common sense politicians and policies. 2020 get out and vote RepubliCAN, Not Demicant(ocRAT).

  7. NYC has gone out of control, get out fast, you might save your life, your wife and children if you are Jewish, do what Theodore Herzl would say and do, get out fast, save your self.

  8. Does the face book feature on your sight not work? OR is it that some one is sabotaging your site so we can’t get the word out and about?

  9. Absolutely right Barbara! and all other supporters. They r like termite finding their way into the internal system. High time to check this and send them back. I hope the democrats understand this for the good of the country. Border wall is very important otherwise terrorists would leak in with the caravan in the guise of innocent children.

  10. My friends if you cannot see we are at war with the radical left you are blind. What is truly sad is that the radical left now includes the entire democrat (intentionally not capitalized) Party. The ONLY thing that is going to save America at this point is OUR 2nd Amendment. At the point the DOJ is employing and arming terrorists within it’s own ranks we can no longer depend on the DOJ not to turn it’s weapons on the American People. I understand that there are those of us on the right that do not like guns and I respect their right not to arm themselves but I will also not cry for them when they are herded up like sheep and slaughtered. Defend your freedom and arm yourselves NOW or you will certainly become one of two things, a casualty or a subject.

    1. Yes, yes! Why are folks so slow to realize this! If we lose our 2nd Amendment rights there will be no 1st Amendment!!

  11. I thought New York was attacked by muslim TERRORIST on Sep 11, 2001 and now they are FINE with having THAT in New York’s Government….???? WOW, how much CRAZIER is it going to get before the American people RISE UP, well, New Yorkers’ WON’T be able to do much of ANYTHING when the CONFISCATION of THEIR GUNS is going to start…!!! And/or maybe THEY can say “thank you” to this particular TERRORIST that they will have to turn in their guns, so that New Yorkers’ are FINALLY DEFENSELESS, ready for the SLAUGHTER to come……!!!! The Sep 11 ATTACK on New York wasn’t enough, apparently….!!!!!

  12. ONTARIO, CANADA is what happened to New York. The largest Muslim Population is in Ontario, Canada. The Muslim people own that Country. They are changing Laws and Culture in their schools to better suit the Muslim way of life. The Muslim people are pouring into New York faster the the the flow of the Great Nigeria Falls straight into NEW YORK! You all wonder why New York is goning down so fast? Infested. Okay, now that everyone is aware that (Mohimanul Alan Bhuiya) Is a once Radical Islamic Terrorist working for ISIS? WHY? WHY? Is he still working for America’s DOJ Department Of Justice? Shouldn’t he be fired immediately? Asked or forced to leave the USA? WOW … You know it is possible that the entire DOJ needs to be dismantled. Replaced with an entire New Organization that is ran by die-hard Americans. Everyone is looking at the SOUTHERN BORDER? BUT…. THE REAL FOOT TRAFFIC Is coming in through THE NORTHERN BORDER. Damn! The Muslim’s are Coming!!! Pouring into America Via ALL NORTHERN BORDERS!!! DANG! … 2020 We gotta Vote Straight Repub. Ticket

  13. Since when do people who leave this country to join ISIS are they allowed to even come back into this country ?
    It is true , we WILL be destroyed from within , unless we start acting like Americans & stand up .

  14. Seeing what the Democrat’s put in Congress this year it is not a surprise. There has to be so much hate in this country today that people want to it to go down. We sure do not need that crap. The type of people that would want to join the enemy are not true people of this country if born here or not. There are enough eight balls in Washington now and those hate type that were just elected should have never made it.

  15. Didn’t someone say that if America ever falls, it would be because of the corruption within? Whoever wrote that was smart because it seems to be happening right now. Come on, America, wake up!!!! June

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