Is China Targeting America’s Schools?

China is seen, by many, to be the #1 foe of the United States. We know they have been stealing our technology and manipulating their currency. Who’d have guessed they’ve been infiltrating the US Education system? The findings of this report may help explain the rise of young socialists in the US.

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It appears that the Chinese government has infiltrated nearly every sector of the U.S. education system.  Chinese are dumping money into the programs intended to indoctrinate our students with a sympathetic view toward communism. It may be working rather well.

The wide-ranging report by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has found that China has spent nearly $200 million on educational entities known as Confucius Institutes. These programs have been instated in U.S. schools across the country with the mission of indoctrinating students and painting a sympathetic portrait of the Chinese Communist government, according to the report.

According to the Free Beacon, there are more of these Confucius Institutes operating in the United States than anywhere else in the world and China is just getting started. In addition to that, they have "systematically shut down key U.S. State Department public diplomacy efforts on Chinese college campuses".

Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio), a member of the Senate committee that conducted the investigation, said the bipartisan report shows a "stunning lack of transparency" about how these Chinese institutes function in the United States

Now we may start to understand why President Trump has been saying China is the big threat, all along. We are lucky to have a President who understands the threat and is taking action to stop China from destroying our country. He may have come just in time, if you're paying any attention to Bernie or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and their socialist millennial fan clubs.



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5 thoughts on “Is China Targeting America’s Schools?”

  1. The commies actually started ‘infiltrating’ our elite Ivy League schools back in the 1880s. Yes, you read that right. One of old socialist Karl Marx dreams was to conquer the US of A from within. His Communist Manifesto (~1840s) says it all. Marx sent his commie army to destroy the US, and that is visible, today. This is one of many reasons that home schooling and private schools are so popular (that the Marxist unions really hate). All we can do is fight them at the ballot box, mail box, soap box and with the ammo box/can. Regards, retired engineer and US Navy vet, 1966-1969.

    1. How one would wish it was so. Leftism might not be as completely entrenched as it is today in our nation if the corruption had emerged later than it actually did. In fact the infiltration we now enjoy along with its rotten fruits of began in earnest in the late 1950’s and early ’60’s when closet leftists in academia began to emerge from well earned obscurity. I have some first hand knowledge of this since I was a youthful and eager participant in many of the events around college campuses then and subsequent to those years. Those I admired back then now populate and own much of the veritable sewer we call our Government and judiciary. I was fortunate with respect to the fact that my cognitive corruption had to be embraced in those days, unlike today where it is imposed by conscription in Leftist institutions. I have to wonder if there can be any actual return from loss of the ability to think and reason from early childhood as is imposed today in public and even many private institutions. I only had to reason, evaluate, and walk away when I finally discovered the result of my convictions. I can only conclude that today’s children are not so fortunate since they are the victims of the cognitive corruption of their mentors. Their corruption is both inbred and agenda driven with no means of genuine evaluation of the true result of their misguided convictions. Even rock solid evidence is considered by them to be meaningless in the evaluation. Regards, retired anarchist/leftist/war resistor/sheep.

  2. In the 1970s I was taught socialist economics by a Hungarian professor at University of New Mexico. I was taught Keynesian economics, a bluprint for socialist economies, also at UNM, by an economist who had worked for a Democrat governor. Then I went to University of Iowa. I was taught about the International Monetary Fund in an international economics class. Then I went to University of Colorado. There I was taught monetary and fiscal policy by a Denver banker with a textbook by a member of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations. On writing a paper elaborating on my knowledge of the CFR, TC and the Federal Reserve I was written off as a bigoted nut and cautioned that such knowledge was inappropriate and given a bad grade. Then I went to work for a German bus manufacturer in Lamar, Colorado. There the president told me he was a socialist. I was later asked to commit an inappropriate accounting entry and refused and was fired. The lady who fired me was later promoted to president. Now that company is bankrupt but thrives in other countries with no payment to people owed in the U.S., including me. After returning to New Mexico. the value of my investment in Coastal Caribbean Oils & Minerals was expropriated by Florida governor Jeb Bush with the theft of the lease from the company. So you see, we’ve had globalists and socialists around doing business and running the government and our schools for a very long time. It would be nice enough to blame this recent turn of events on China, but as you can tell, my schooling and employment and fortunes have been contingent and upset for a very long time on some very bad people who can rob you of your investments, rob you of your credentials, rob you of your education with the use of whatever tool suits their purposes. And no apology for the theft of the CCO lease from Jeb, no apology for my firing at NEOPLAN from Annemarie Chenoweth, no apology for the indoctrination tactic from the Denver banker college professor need ever be expected or received. Blaming China for a new found indoctrination into socialist globalist agendas makes everyone else OK with what they’ve been doing for decades, right Jeb, right Annemarie, right Mr. Banker? Is that right with you all? Is China your next big scapegoat for what they’ve been doing for decades? I was never taught Austrian economics because it was never offered at the universities. Was that China’s fault too? But in spite of not being taught Austrian economics, I didn’t engage in a bank fraud with the gang at NEOPLAN, so I was fired. I decided being promoted from accountant to bank robber wasn’t part of my job description, so I got fired. Thanks for firing me. Now you can go to jail, Annemarie, Hans Buerk, Jeb and the gang of globalists and socialists who like to think those lofty ideals of those utopian societies founded on repudiating and rejecting anyone with morals and ethics and integrity. Thank you, President Trump. You CAN be president now, and you don’t need Jeb’s OK for that. Jeb’s never been so great at getting that “new world order” when it didn’t first include nationalizing the oil and gas companies first. But he didn’t get to take you out. Too bad, Jeb. You don’t need daddy’s permission to run for President again, Jeb or George. But we really would like our oil and gas lease back and our drilling permits, the shareholders of CCO. Of course, if you would change your names to Jeb and George Castro, it might have gone over better with the electorate. Ha, ha. A socialist who robs you under the name DEP after changing your name from Internal Improvement Fund director didn’t fool me. But it fooled some. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. There are more closet socialists out there calling themselves conservative Republicans. Want a watermelon, Jeb? You are one, you know. Green on the outside, red on the inside. We really should be finding all those Chinese covert operatives in the Green party. That’s what Governor Johnson really needs instead of all that casino money funding his election to Governor. Mafioso? Did I say a bad word?

  3. NO! China in a way is stealing American Technology with the help of These treasonous American Politicians that have been Selling a lot of our Technology and making Billions of Dollars to line their pockets with. How else would they be getting so Rich as a public servant?

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