Can It Get Any More Disgusting Than This?

Remember when Democrats said it was all about protecting women’s rights and women’s health options? Similar to when they said they weren’t pushing socialism, they lied. They lied. They lied. They lied…

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Only 3 Democrats voted to make killing a baby illegal if it survived a third trimester abortion. We're no longer talking about abortion. We're talking about a baby that has already been born!

Presidential candidates Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all voted against Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse’s Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, as well.

The Democrat-run media painted their usual camouflage on the bill, calling it 'anti-abortion' when, in fact, it would not have stopped one abortion.

Sasse’s bill exempted mothers from prosecution, and would have merely required medical professional to “exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age.”

We're on a slippery slope when we've already breezed past the 'it's not human if it's in the womb' argument and went straight to 'I didn't want it in the first place, so...'

Couple this with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's suggestion that perhaps we Americans should stop having kids altogether for the sake of morality and the picture becomes clear: Democrats don't respect your right to choose life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They prefer the government decide what's best for you, all around. You know what other country operates this way? China.

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56 thoughts on “Can It Get Any More Disgusting Than This?”

          1. Not yet. Just newborns right now. But they haven’t fully instituted Socialism yet. Then they will. So unless you have insider info, you are wrong. Just the timeline is right for now.

          2. Oh really? They’ve come for our children in every other way via school indoctrination of islam, homosexuality and every other perversion, allowing Planned Parenthood total access to our children from very young ages to warp their minds. They have been indoctrinating our children for over 60 years, ever since God was removed from the schools. They have dumbed down the population and brain washed them to the point that we have a slew of degenerates who can’t think for themselves and believe every lie they are told by the demoncrats. We have generations of “gimmedats” who don’t want to work but want the gubmint to support them. We have a roughly 3% population of queers and every other perversion in the alphabet soup group who run rough shod over the 97% normal population, expecting us to not only accept their perversions but to celebrate this ungodly sin. And the dems whole heartedly support abortion, which is murder at any stage, and now they support it even after the baby has been born…that takes a special kind of evil, demonic evil. So yes, they do want our children, they want to brain wash them to be just like they are. EVIL.

  1. The dems have become worse then animals. Wanting to murder a baby. Just read that that women on The View –says that babies should be put down like4 a dog. If there was a way to make that women a mute I’d be all for it. One day she is going to meet her maker and wow on to her of what she will get. -sent below for the demon she is. I wouldn’t watch that show come hell or high water. She is dirty as all get out.

    1. I totally agree. When it first aired many years ago, I wouldn’t watch it and have never watched after the first time.

      Babies are a gift from God and they are made in His image and likeness. And, God knew us before we were born and knitted us in our mother’s womb.

      1. Stella, it may come as a surprise to you but America is a very big country with 350 million people. They are very diverse. Not all women think as you do. They don’t all feel as you do. They may not believe as strongly as you. Yet, they all have one thing in common with you: They are all human.


  2. Why is anyone surprised. These ‘people’ for years have demonstrated they will continuously lie, misdirect, avoid and obfuscate to excuse their actions and further their agenda.

  3. I will never, ever vote DUMocRATS again in my life. What are they thinking, killing Babies,
    I can never forgive them for that. Plus I think only 2 democrats voted against not killing babies.

  4. They should be shot on the spot for killing babies. What gives these inhuman peaces of trash the right to end a life.The trash females that do this should die as well. Any one that ever has a abortion should be fixed just like a dog is. The law needs to be passed that this is done so they can’t keep bringing helpless babies into the world to be killed by there whore mothers ,when there the ones that should be killed. You trash democrats are murders and you should go to jail with the trash mother. I will die before you monsters will ever tell me how to live my life. I hope you all rut in hell .

    1. Yep. What Bonnie said!! 👍It is sooo important that everyone votes across the board on election day for Republican. They have to gain control of the House AND Senate in order to stop this insanity. Because if the majority of Americans don’t want abortion? Trump and Trump’s entire administration, (if they have that control), will give the citizens what we want. We have to all stand together! That’s what it will take.

        1. Absolutely not true !!! No Republican voted for that bill, there were 3 Republicans that did not vote but not 1 voted for it

        2. No Republicans voted with the Democrats. All 53 GOP senators voted for the bill, but it required 60 votes to pass.

  5. “Eviil triumphs when good people do nothing!” Innocent American lives–who survived an attempt to murder them–are being offered up on the altar of “inconvenience” and “self-centeredness”. And it doesn’t matter how many presidential hopefuls put on their “Minnesota nice” face and smile for the cameras–their voting records speak for themselves. “They call evil good and good evil” Wake up Americans before we lose all human compassion!

  6. a democrat used to be like a republican but simply different by not wanting a balanced budget, believing in debt as a means to give people “stuff” to secure their vote. Now the party has been hijacked by progressivism/liberalism/communism which disregrds individual rights and state rights, which seeks to destroy the Republic and its free enterprise system that has been the envy of the European/socialist world for over 200 years. They seek unfettered centralized federal POWER , gone will be justice, replaced by lies and cruelty, and in the case of babies, DEATH. A cleansing revolution is the only remedy to rid us of evil , power hungry , pathologically minded devils

  7. Last I heard, abortions in most states are illegal after the 2nd trimester. The theory was even a degenerate troll knows when she’s been pregnant for six months. All of us have relatives and ancestors who were premature. My wife’s grandmother was kept warm in a shoebox. Are we dealing with moronic subhumans or what?

  8. God will forgive the repentant but will still judge the nation for murder. The commandment is not ” thou shall not kill”, it’s ” thou shall not murder”. Big difference

  9. Silence is acceptance. To combat radical socialism, all American Patriots must educate themselves and inform all like minded citizens about our political environment. We must form together in a united front (not as RINO’s) and we must be VOCAL and ACTIVE in our support of what’s RIGHT in our country.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!
    This is all happening on our watch – our children and grandchildren are depending on us…..


  11. The war of good vs. evil is is reaching its climax. Contact these Anti Christ’s and tell them how you feel.The time for doing nothing is over. Our Lord will want to know what we did to stop this. We must all fast and pray. Make sure you vote!

  12. I believe in a woman’s choice – She can have sex, or not have sex. If she chooses sex, she is responsible for any aftermath and effect. Not me, or other taxpayers. What about adoption? There are so many couples who would love to have these babies and even pay for them. Why are the doctors (?) murdering them – and it is MURDER!!

    1. Women actually have more choices than you list. Not every woman believes as you do. They are humans too.

    2. I Totally agree with you !
      I’m a woman… and Hispanic…and Catholic !
      And I am rabidly pro-woman as well as rabidly pro-choice!
      A woman should be able to make every CHOICE in her life just like a man is able to make his own choices.
      And for every CHOICE there’s a consequence which she must respond to responsibly, just like a man needs to do so as well.
      A woman’s free choice of having sex HAS its consequences…, one consequence may be a baby, a human life, which she does not have the RIGHT to kill, just like nobody else has the RIGHT either.

      As a rabid feminist, I stand for the basic RIGHTS of every FEMALE! and the inalienable RIGHT of that “baby girl” to be born trumps any “ill conceived right” her mother may seem to possess to end her baby’s heart from beating.

  13. We exterminate our babies today and justify it by saying we are saving people (females) today. In reality it is serving a cult of individuals too lazy to be sexually responsible for themselves. In our culture there is no reason for unexpected or undesired pregnancy. The medical /science community have developed sufficient protections against pregnancies which are cheep and effective. There is only one reason for there not being use by a promiscuous generation and that is laziness and irresponsibility! These who are eliminated, are human lives and not just trash as many choose to delude themselves into believing. There will be an accountability and that time is coming sooner then later.
    There is another thing to be considered! Abortions are killing off our future generations that would have provided doctors, educators, scientist etc, that would have carried our society forward into the world to come. By exterminating these of the “future generations”, we are in fact setting up a scenario for our own extinction. It will be a devastation both sinister but of our own social making. Whoa and unto us!

    1. There are many more reasons for abortion than you’ve dreamed up. Example, my girlfriend was on the Pill but she got pregnant anyway. She then went to Pakistan and India where she contracted all sorts of terrible diseases. She figured the diseases would affect the baby grotesquely. (She’s a certified physician’s assistant.) So she aborted the baby. It wasn’t laziness or irresponsibility. She was glad to have a choice. It’s all about choices

  14. The women who have their babies murdered immediately before or after birth should have their tubes tied on the spot so they can’t do this again. Unless – and I see something much more sinister here – these BABIES (Fetus means BABY in Latin!) are a means for the baby parts business to keep up the supply. Why would a woman go through 9 months of pregnancy and many hours of labor to then kill the child!? There is more to this than we can see – and lots of money paid to the doctors, the women (I can’t call them “mothers”) and the ones who sell the parts. And kickbacks to the “representatives of the people” for not representing these tiny little people as well! It’s all about money!!!!! God help us!

    1. It’s got nothing to do with money! It’s got nothing to do with nine-month pregnancies. It’s got everything to do with abortions at six months where the baby survives. The decision what to do with that child should rest with the woman, her doctor and her family, not the government! I know it’s going to be hard for many of you to grasp that, but it’s no place for the government to force its heavy hand.

  15. Abortion has always been about money. Women and girls have always been lied to about “the tissue”. Abortionists always have had to be sure that all parts of the baby came out – two legs, two arms, torso and head. The abortionists always knew they were killing a baby – not tissue. This vote to withhold humane treatment from babies who have survived to torture of abortion makes me ashamed to admit to the world that I am an American. We are showing the world how low we can go. Let’s “VOTE THEM OUT”.

  16. I keep asking all my Liberal friends who they have designated to stand guard with a gun to protect their Sons and daughters newborns in the delivery room when they are born. Most of them don’t even know what I am talking about, because they get all their information from the main stream media, and we know they don’t cover this news. What an ignorant group of Americans.

    1. The only ignoramus is Len, who talks about standing guard at the delivery room with a gun. Talk about nutty.

  17. ..where is the Church on this issue, come on Pappa!!!! …and where is the AMA? …there are ethical issues here…

    1. I believe most medical associations, like the association of delivery-room nurses and virtually every other medical group is on the side of the Democrats. What to do with a baby that’s survived an abortion but is still three months premature should be a decision for the woman, the doctor and the woman’s family, which may or may not include the father. This is not a decision that should be made with the heavy hand of government on the doctor.

      1. Andre you are an absolute moron. You don’t have a god damn CLUE what you comment about! But yet you post anyway. You are a PRIME EXAMPLE of msm and it’s absurd lies and propaganda. Go research truth elsewhere. Learn dude. You make a fool of yourself each comment.

  18. …dimwittedocraps do not care one iota about you, your children of family, America, or your welfare; the only thing is bankruptcy for all, help illegals from all nations, sell out to the Islamic state so that it may thrive here in your stead, ect., etc., etc……

  19. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi along with the criminal Democrat Party Mob are supporting “legalized baby killers and may they all roast in hell where God will send them’!!! They deserve it for harming his new born children!!!…..

  20. I worry when it’s determined by the democrats (maybe just the vocal ones) that condemn separating a child from its mother after that mother has broken the law entering our country. Our govt then shelters , provides medical care and education for that child paid for by the taxpayers and then those same democrats celebrate and vote to support tearing the life from a baby because it’s mother doesn’t want it. SAD.

  21. America, when is enough, enough; or who the hell are we?

    As an American soldier most of my days and nights from 1960 through 1982 were spent training to fight or fighting so-called socialists and/or communists. Truth is most of those I encountered and/or negated were poor souls that some self-serving politician had used the ideology to convince them they were fighting for something or someplace called “Utopia”.

    Then in the early eighties the Muslims came along to make things a little more interesting. Most of the Muslim fighters had some really unique reasons to fight/die. They were promised another world with beautiful virgins just lying around ready to satisfy their every desire.

    Now comes a group of folks (most of them calling themselves democrats) promising a whole rash of things that only a moron with an IQ below 50 would stop smoking his/her/its joint long enough to listen to. So what kind of society are these democrats offering?

    These same democrats that started a war that lasted over four years with over 675,000 casualties to keep over 4,000,000 souls in bondage. These same democrats who are not satisfied with killing over 45,789,558 babies since 1970 and are taking actions to make killing even far more easier.

    Now one last bullet (No belay that), how about one great big bomb before I attempt to answer my first question let me ask another. What kind of a society kills millions of babies while spending billions to provide for convicted criminals and inviting hoards from around the world to invade their land?

    As one who spent 35 years as a soldier/cop trying to serve/protect the American people I now gladly and with pure disdain/pity in my heart submit my answer to the questions.

    Americans do not comprise a society when one considers the standard definition of a society. America is currently nothing more than a gaggle of self-serving, witless, cowards. Side note: Before living in the woods for the last 20 years and in my own ignorance, I originally labeled Americans as self-serving, witless, pissants and cowards. Since living in these woods I have learned that pissants are not self-serving, nor witless, and certainly not cowards!

    C.W. Lauderdale
    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired


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