Journalist Takes Road Less Traveled, Will Likely Pay The Price

Lara Logan, a CBS News foreign correspondent, went on a podcast with a retired Navy SEAL and where she went most weren’t expecting. Most mainstream ‘journalists’ repeat the same old beat up lines from network to network and toe the same line. Lara chose to take the road less traveled and got flat out honest with Mike Ritland.

More below:

Lara goes out on a limb and gives an honest account of today's media bias:

 I’m 47 now and I’ve been a journalist since I was 17. And the media everywhere is mostly liberal. Not just in the U.S. But in this country, 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats. So that’s just a fact, right?

She continues to say that both sides lie and manipulate but there's just one problem:

And people would counter that by saying, “Well, Fox is going to do all the positive stuff.” But this is the problem I have. There’s one Fox.

She then gives you an inside look at how the progressive, elitist, left sees the viewers:

Being members of the sophisticated, well-educated, affluent, progressive elite, they see “our crowd” as the natural party of government. When the electorate periodically disagrees, they get resentful; when it disagrees to the unprecedented degree it did in 2016, they go absolutely spare.

This was a rare moment of honesty from a mainstream journalist. We should be thankful but should she be worried? Will there be a price to pay for her 'stepping off the reservation'? Let's see how this plays out and if she's made to be 'an example'.

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18 thoughts on “Journalist Takes Road Less Traveled, Will Likely Pay The Price”

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    1. NKOTBFLORK: What a vapid, empty-headed dunce you are. No one cares about your favorite band in this space intended for serious discourse about the state of journalism – or what was once journalism but now is truly FAKE NEWS. Those who call yourselves journalists: hang your vacant heads in shame! But for the likes of a precious few like Lara Logan we would be lost, only to yearn for our favorite pop-band to go on tour.

      1. Totally agree with you but isn’t it time to call what the MSM produces what it really is instead of using the fairly benign term like “fake news” ?
        That would be “p u r e l e f t I s t p r o p a g a n d a”.

  2. The individual Democrats have tied themselves so tight to the plank that when new ideas presented by the conservatives loaded with facts and obvious truths the DAD’s reject it without even as much as a research by them.
    That’s why they plod behind the old mule all the time thinking he will lead them to the correct path. Unable to think on their own being diverted by a loud mouth 29 year old pile of ignorance. Again they didn’t even have to think, as she stated “I’m the Boss and you will listen to me”.
    They stand next to her with their mouths shut as she rattles on like a Commie dictator. Nice going Libs stay in your cocoon of stupidity and hold on to a promise that you will be rich someday if you are able to remain in office for 10 or 20 years!

    1. They aren’t tied to their party’s written declaration (plank) as (in common with the so-called republicans, they ignore such as mere platitudes to entice the voter, but can be ignored while in office. The duopoly do not feel constrained by the Constitution of our Republic, nor their written party planks.

  3. May she be an inspiration to other ethical Journalists to speak the truth. To be a part of a party that undermines the whole fabric of what it is to be an American is scandalous and very unprofessional for any journalist. Their private politics should not enter into the news coverage. Facts and representing the views of both sides is the best way to present the news. No one has all the truth. Each person depends on others to present a well rounded picture. The main line news media have turned the news into a National Inquirer battle ground. They should be sued by everyone that they have said negative things about without any facts to back them up. God is sovereign and He will not be mocked by the news or any political party.
    Mrs. Lange

  4. Finally a Reporter who will admit and tell the truth about MSM. Do they really think they are fooling the people? If so they must be more brain dead than expected.

  5. I feel sad for our wonderful country, so full of great ideas and people and yet the Democrats would have us believe our country is being ruined. How can the major media get away with lying every day and so often trying to mislead the public at large on how bad we’re doing under the present administration. We have never had a President this strong and courageous in the past 4 decades. President Trump has put himself and his family in harms way every day. He’s the most courageous person I can think of and has made a few mistakes, we all have, but they are nothing compared to what he has done for this country. I sat with 8 friends of my husband’s at a dinner party and was saying just generally, “what an outstanding job President Trump is doing”. People should not listen so much to his words as his actions. The table went dead silent and one older gentleman said to me, “we do not discuss politics”. These are the people who should be discussing politics and listen to the truth. I retorted, I heard one should never discuss sex, religion or politics in mixed company, but I am telling you all that those are my three favorite subjects. Silence again, then the grandbaby photos started coming out. I asked my husband to dance.

  6. Nice to see a “Journalist” who is also a member in good standing of “We the People”. And quite beautiful too…

  7. The younger reporters have been educated by Socialists and some Communists who infiltrated schools, government and National Politics. When I was a boy we had many Socialists claiming to represent the proletariat. They marched then with the Unions which they infiltrated in depth. They mostly died out during the 2nd world war, but they didn’t ever give up.

    Today Socialism has harassed the Universities and Colleges throwout America and it is definitely seen in the MSM. You I predict, you will see Socialism in America and finally a dictatorship with the Dems running a one party Government in the future not more than 10 years from now. I’m 90 years old and can’t help stop it, but your only chance is with a military behind you. My grandchildren will help.

  8. I’m so glad to see a true journalist is willing to stand for what is right. In the Seattle area we had 2 newspapers that supposedly offset one another politically. The problem? both were somewhat left leaning. Oddly enough the papers had a joint operating agreement that was meant to keep both in operation during financial difficulties. Then the so called more conservative of the 2, the Times changed to a morning paper effectively putting the considered left leaning P.I. (a morning paper by tradition) out of business. Two things then happened. The Times became a leftist lapdog of the Democrat party that would no longer use balanced reporting and in fact now continues to only show the liberal side of issues and refuses to publish any counterpoints to leftist agendas. I believe this is by design. Although more liberal, the P.I. always published a “point – counterpoint” section concerning current issues thereby better informing the public. So sad. Recently we see CNN hacked up a video of President Trump’s address to law enforcement. Excluded were mentions of gangs like MS13 moving members unchecked across the border. Also the smuggling of drugs such as Fentanyl being transported through the border. Instead it was twisted to show Trump was simply against illegal immigrants with no reference to crime. That defines corruption. A short time later coach Mike Leach forwarded a video of Obama on line that was claimed to be hacked much the same as the CNN Trump video. Guess who was held to a higher standard? Yup, an eccentric college football coach that is known as a character. CNN? Free pass, after all apparently they have such low standards it’s become expected. Sorry to be so long winded, it just had to be said. Plenty of other examples but I found this one to be very telling. The Soviet Union had Pravda, the Democrats have everyone except Fox which is certainly the one more centered and honest.

  9. As long as this class of media people hold the idea that they have nothing to learn from the ignorant hicks that are conservatives, they will not report what will change their beliefs. Frankly I cannot understand why they flock together. Wouldn’t a courageous journalist want to stand out by trying to report the pros and cons of all. Can the powers take away their microphone and pen for long ? Will truth tellers be put out of business … really ?

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