NOT A JOKE: Cory Booker Wants You To Stop Eating Meat

Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) wants the world to stop eating meat, and no this is not ‘The Onion’. Senator Booker, who has been a vegetarian since the early 90’2 had this to say about the future of meat and agriculture.

The tragic reality is this planet simply can’t sustain billions of people consuming industrially produced animal agriculture because of environmental impact,It’s just not possible.

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Booker went on to say this,about the "deliciousness" of vegan food options. 

I've seen incredible vegan cheese shops popping up across the country, and my friends who are lovers of cheese just can't tell the difference.  You have pizza: I was at the New Jersey VegFest, and Screamer's Pizza is just phenomenal.

Interestingly enough, the "Green New Deal" identifies the beef industry as enemies of the planet.  Again, this is not a joke.

Senator Booker is likely to declare his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President, in the coming weeks.

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57 thoughts on “NOT A JOKE: Cory Booker Wants You To Stop Eating Meat”

  1. Well, my son and his wife became vegans several years ago and when we visit we eat right along with them. The funny thing is they eat processed food that tastes like what they previously liked. I’m almost wondering if its better to eat organic food of all kinds rather than processed food. My wife and I are not going to give up a good ribeye every once in a while. There is no substitute. Also, I think running out of beef to eat is the least of this planet’s worries. Our planet’s biggest worry is how it will deal with irrational people who exercise subjective reasoning with regard to everything. Just because relative truth exists does not been that absolute truth does not exist. Absolute truth does not change just because you don’t like it.

        1. Mikey He knows ice cream He has had vanilla ice cream in his ass Like a Orel cookie with they cream filling in between the chocolale waffer

  2. He’s a dumbass, there simply isn’t enough farmable area IF everyone went vegan.
    And as a Paleo/Primal guy, I find his past assertions to be bullshit, I’m 59 and can hike and snowshoe his ass under the table.

  3. NJ is the highest taxed state in USA and with Gov Murphy forcing a $15 minimum wage for summer jobs and with a vegan Senator Booker forcing his beliefs on eating meat, we can look forward to the snowflakes running the state and producing “California east coast”.

  4. The difference is that meat eaters aren’t going to try and force vegans to eat meat, but it sounds more and more that vegans want to force people to eat according to their way of thinking. I’m pretty close to vegetarian, but that is my choice. Also, what are the plans for all the cows, chickens, goats etc.? Are they going to kill them all and keep a few for zoos? Or let them all loose (they will breed – it’s the natural world) ? Or keep the sexes separate? How are they going to provide enough nutrition for people around the world? Everyone gets their square of ‘vegan compliant meal” each day?

    1. Our republic was found on a belief in personal liberty, i.e. the freedom to choose. The socialists and to a large majority democrats do not believe in personal liberty. These people believe they know what is best for the masses and want us to go ‘lock-step” with their decisions on what they believe. I for one will not go down that path. We have allowed these socialist to invade our government and it is no longer a government of the people. Time to throw all these clowns out of our lives.

  5. This is what happens to people who don’t eat a good piece of meat once in a while. These nut cases are getting more idiotic and pathetic by the day. I could see it now….”Putin,,,this is Spartacus calling…you better not eat any more meat in the USSR or we will nuke you. I am sending over a plate of okra for you to enjoy before the meat talk summit”. The REAL Spartacus would have torn this butt wipe apart and eaten him for breakfast.

    1. I could care less what he eats, he can eat scatology as far as I’m concerned. As for me I’m going to have my steak, (if I can still afford it when they get through taxing us). All should join PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)

    1. No, they contain too much methane contributing to the greenhouse effect. Pig farts will be outlawed and have to go as well.

  6. Let the market decide. When meat becomes too expensive, we will eat something else. Until then, stay out of my kitchen, out of my refrigerator, away from my BBQ and out of the WH!

  7. Why does he look like a white guy trying to pass as a black guy. He looks like he is wearing makeup to darken his face to look black. If you look at the picture the black seems to stop at his shirt collar. Obama always looked like he was wearing make up to look blacker as well.

  8. What really needs to happen is for people to quit making babies they cannot afford or ones whom know so little about human needs.
    We can then have plenty of meat but way less meatheads.

    1. Hey Paul, if you hadn’t noticed, we’re not making babies the way we used to because we’re killing them.

      1. Seniors are next. They will make it illegal to live over 65 then they will save money from SS to give free stuff to the illegals . Watch I’m not joking

  9. Like everything else: Dem/lib/rad/socialist, it’s ALL about control, power, and money. The ultimate goal is total governmental control of the country which includes you and me.

    Whether it’s the daily new investigation into anything Trump; or declaring new genders; open borders; promoting voter fraud; eliminating airplanes and fossil fuels; killing food source animals; or killing babies at birth, it’s the drip, drip, drip, of the country’s takeover.

    I’m surprised we haven’t heard from PETA. Surely they know what AOC’s Green deal portends for farm animals. Castration; extinction.

  10. First order of stupidity: Industrially growing corn to feed to beef and pigs. Wouldn’t, in a fossil-fuel limited world, it be a better idea to let the beef graze on grass?

    Next order of stupidity: In a further fossil-fuel limited world, we won’t have tractors, and the larger number of people on the farm will need horses for plowing and harvesting, who will need pastures now given to beef. We won’t be able to raise as much beef as we used to.

  11. Considering the fact that our crops are tainted by chemicals approved by the demonrats, I would be afraid to become a vegetarian. Just the fact that my favorite orange juice is tainted scares me to the point of not buying it any more.

  12. He had another “Spartacus” moment. When people this stupid are elected to public office you know you have a major problem.

  13. Watch some Allan Savory and Joel Salatin talks online. This guy is so uneducated. Grass fed beef, lamb and poultry can destroy desertification and grow topsoil way better than compost alone, with meat to boot. Animals can save our erosion problem and also that “carbon” thing leftists keep panicking about. Tell Booker to GET EDUCATED!

  14. Man became intelligent because he ate meat and got the protein from that that increased
    not only his brain size BUT his reasoning ability. Look at the Carnivores in the Animal Kingdom,
    the Cats and the Canines. The all are fairly intelligent as are dolphins in the sea. The herbivores
    are the Cows, and other cattle, deer and other animals and they do not have that intelligence.

  15. Does he want to kill all carnivores on the planet. Lions Tigers and Bears oh my. Or just human beings, specifically white males, and babies, who do, or may at one point in their lives eat meat.

  16. So now we have a 3rd new Democrat congressman telling America to do things his way or we won’t survive. I hope the rest of you people are starting to realize what the Democrat party breeds. Such small insignificant people trying to take over God’s position and tell the rest of us how to live. Igenuinly believe that anyone who votes Democrat this year is dangerously out of touch.

    1. Yes Travis, those who vote for DemocRATs are not only dangerously out of touch, they are also dangerously stupid.

  17. The people that vote for these insane Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Politicians must be the walking dead. That must be where garbagewood got the idea for their stupid movies they advertise. Only someone that is brainwashed and so indoctrinated could vote for the progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party. They really hate America, Freedom and God. People actually believe their stupidity and vote not for what’s best America but only on one issue they care about and the heck with the rest of the country. This is how COMRADES PELOSI SCHUMER SANDERS BOOKER AND THE REST GET ELECTED. Freedom is hard to achieve but very easy to loose. The progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat voters will find that out if they keep voting the way they do….

  18. Has anyone noticed that most to all of these libtards,socialists,dems,are totally sickly backwards in their thinking because the dont eat meat that supplies important proteins and vitamins that the human body and brain needs to have to be more functional physically and intellectually? That is exactly why these people are on pluto in their thinking. Why do they suppose God Himself gave us fangs and mollars? I guess to shred vegies lol

  19. Obviously, if cows fart, then we need to do away with cows, ain’t that so OAC? well, in that democrook bar you were raised in, did they mention that humans produce those same gasses? therefore , since their are MANY MORE humans on the planet than cows, it makes sense to rid our planet of those fart producing creatures as well, RIGHT ?You, AOC, are the perfect example of the STUPIDITY your democrook party espouse. what a picture you have made of why the democrook party should CEASE TO EXIST !!! It’s already obviously going in your favor, as the planned genocide(parenthood) people are already extinguishing a large majority of those GAS producing creatures from the face of the earth !

  20. Eating all that cheese is so, so healthy! I wonder how much of a kickback this idiot is getting from the companies that manufacture cholesterol-lowering drugs!

    1. I am surprised no one has pointed out that CHEESE is made from milk which comes from COWS. This dumbass hurts my brain

  21. I think these dems are looking to improve the job market! To control cow farts they will need to have them wear special cow diapers w a funel built in to catch the methane. This will employ many thousands. Plus those manufacturing the diapers. Then they must be washed! CAN’T fill the ground w dirty diapers. We’d have thousands washing these, collecting the gas, finding ways to turn it usable. Same for pigs. Then an entire force to monitor the farms. A force to recycle the wash water. We’d have to build housing for these workers, near the farms. Carpenters employed. Look at how green all this is! Can’t you just see it….pastures of diapered cows! Makes total sense. The airplanes will go, these will be replaced w personal hang gliders that use the thermals to fly them! Yes, there will be lose of lives, especially children. That will save on food used. If enough babies are aborted this won’t be an issue! Cars wil be reolaced w bicycles, no electric as the batteries are toxic. See how this thinning is reducing methan, excess people, and all manner of problems! He he… makes perfect sense! Maybe we can all ride pogo sticks!

  22. Anthropologists tell us that man/woman eating meat and cooking it allowed our brains to enlarge allowing us to become the top of the food chain. On the other hand, beef would become like marijuana on the black market. What an interesting and idiotic concept.

  23. Booker…will you and all other politicians stick to doing your jobs and STOP TELLING THE REST OF US HOW TO LIVE?!

  24. I just had the best laugh of the day reading all your comments. I so totally agree with you all. People like Booker and Cortez and the rest of the halfwitted Democrats need to be put on their own island far away from sane people.

  25. Interesting opinion and viewpoint from a Leftist who worships a false utopia. In his world there is room for eating other humans though … in spirit, and in reality. -Dr. Donner-

  26. Well with this Democrat/Socialist Chicken he only quit eggs because it would be cannabalism !

    But he is willing to save chicken embrios but human babies he believes should be killed ! ( All so friends of his in Planned Parenthood can sell the parts of these murdered babies !

  27. As a long-time vegetarian, I am grievously upset by Booker’s demand that people stop eating meat. In part because his demand is based on environmental concerns rather than on compassion for helpless, frightened animals being brutally killed.

    But my main objection is Booker’s ignorance. He just has to look back at Prohibition, in which the outlawing of alcoholic beverages resulted in a massive increase in alcohol consumption, because alcohol consumption became the “in” thing to do. Many young man of the time carried a hidden flask of alcohol with them.

    As much as I wish for people to stop eating meat out of compassion for animals, outlawing meant would only increase its consumption, with even more animals being killed, either surreptitiously or in foreign lands to supply the demand.

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