Hero Salutes President Trump

Lost, among the many opinions of President Trump’s State of the Union address, was when American hero, and Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin stood up and saluted President Trump during his speech.

The salute occurred after President Trump recognized multiple World War II veterans during the State of the Union, all seated behind Aldrin, before turning his attention to the famed astronaut, that planted the American flag on the moon.

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President Trump stated the following, to raucous cheers from everyone in attendance, many of which were brought to tears by the display of gratitude.

In 2019, we also celebrate 50 years since brave, young pilots flew a quarter of a million miles through space to plant the American flags on the face of the moon. Half a century later, we are joined by one of the Apollo 11 astronauts who planted that flag — Buzz Aldrin.

President Trump has been a huge supporter of NASA, since being elected, and further remarked.

This year, American astronauts will go back to space on American rockets

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43 thoughts on “Hero Salutes President Trump”

  1. I remember this event and I still weep when I see the American Flag being honored wherever it may be. I also will remember President Trump honoring these heros, those of yesteryear and those of this year 2019. They all are equal heros I cry when the National Anthem is sung and/or played. I love our country. I am grateful God allowed me to be born in these United States.

    1. I to still to this day get chills no matter how many times I hear our National anthem !
      Thank God for our nation and all its hero’s! From one vet to another I salute you!
      God Bless America!
      You democratic communist need to remember who built this country!

    1. I pray for our President every night, thanking God for sending him to us, and I pray for God to keep him strong. So far, God is doing that! Who else could stay strong in the face of everything that is being thrown at him?

  2. Thank you “Buzz” for that patriotic gesture and thank you Mr president for honoring him along with past and present military. Mostly I thank GOD for giving us this country to stand between tyranny  and freedom. May we look to Him in all decisions made. God Bless President Trump

  3. Absolutely a great state of the union message and a fantastic tribute to those who have given so much to our great country. I am a Korean veteran and i salute our president and all he has done so far and is trying to do for our country.

    Lets not stop the working government. Lets cut off the salaries of the non productive congress until it hurts them and until they join the conservative movement to protect our borders.

  4. Thank you Buzz Aldrin for that historic moment forever etched in my memory.
    Thank you President Trump for the honor bestowed on Mr. Aldrin and all of our HEROES. AND THANK YOU sir for fighting for America every day.
    God bless President Trump and God Bless The USA

  5. I am one of those who was very disenchanted when Donald Trump was campaigning for President.
    I was disappointed at much of what he said to people while he campaigned, and especially to many women. When he tipped the scale in November at receiving the most votes necessary to receive the title of President of the US, I could not believe it! (though I really didn’t want to see Hillary in that seat,
    either.) But I also felt that, having been voted to have that position, he should be given the chance of showing how and what he would do now that he had that job and opportunity.

    I say all this because over the months and year that President Trump has had that title, and has tried
    his best to accomplish what he set out to do and what was necessary for this country, I have watched
    and listened to this business man as he very determinedly fulfilled many of his promises that were made at the time of his campaigning, and made decisions that were not received well by some, but were VERY well received by others. And I have to say that most of those decisions were right and what
    we needed. My thoughts about him have been changed somewhat.

    Our constitution and values were begun by Godly men, and have stood the tests of time, and it be-hooves us to reinstate Godly values and ideas and traditions, not just in our lives, but in our country, as
    well. And if this President is trying to bring that about, then I surely will respect him and support him as
    much as possible. We all make mistakes….some are worse than others…..and Yes, Donald Trump has been criticized with doing that….mostly before his Presidency, and some after. But the good he has done has out-weighed his mistakes, in my opinion, and since the majority of our people voted for him, we need to support him and take his thoughts and actions into our own thinking and consideration. He is obviously the man for the hour…..we put him there! And it just might be that God did, too!!

    1. Very well said. I really think given a chance he will make America Great. Thank-you for your words for our president and willing to at least give him a chance.

  6. I remember that well. I was in east Europe then. Was around 1AM, we didn’t sleep . My Grandma, my friends, few neighbors & my self. In that time not many people had a luxury of having TV.
    We were so proud of USA and happy that that was NOT USRR but USA who placed the flag on the Moon. My Grandma sad “God bless the USA”.
    Few years later I fled the communist regime. That was the happiest day in my life.

  7. I thank God every day for President Trump because he does love America, unlike our last so called President. And he respects our military, unlike the last one in office. I have been working with our military and their benefits for several years and I have heard many comments from some of them about Trump and the last one in office. Never heard anything good about obama. But they love Trump. Of course I can only listen, I am not allowed to talk politics.

  8. The President hit the ball out of the park with his State of the Union address. Of course the blockheads who are lucky to have two working brain cells will refuse to hail his accomplishments but American heroes , the informed electorate, those who now have jobs, the babies in the womb who might have their right to life because of the Presidents agenda; our military will, once again, be the best in the world, and the Supreme Court will decide cases based on the Constitution and not on the prevailing socialism, but on the rights guaranteed by the Founders. The speech was great.

  9. the sick whining democraps led by the despicable Pelosi (moon bat), Adama Schitt (bug eyes), snake eyes Schumer and the MSM hate anything patriotic or related to honoring OUR Nation.



  11. I’m over 90 yrs old and pledged my body and my life to the Country in two wars. The Government pledged to my health care for life if I survived and they have.Looking back on my life in the USA, I feel so thankful to have been born here. I have no reason to be so lucky to experience the American way of life. I was only in the military for 6 years before being wounded and discharged, but I would pledge again at a moments notice.The opportunities I have had in this Country are numerous. No where else in this world could there have been a better place to progress. I will cry large tears from heaven if this Country turns from Capitalism to Socialism/Communism. Freedom is all there is.

    1. Thank you for your service. You remind us that our soldiers shed their blood every day to protect us. Let us remember and try to be as strong to do honor for your sacrifice. Your family also dedicated their lives to our country. Everyone has to play a part to protect capitalism and freedom. It can be voted away by misinformed voters. Vote carefully Americans and protect freedom for our children. God bless America!

  12. God Bless President Trump!!! You are in my prayers every morning that God will guide You by His Wisdom.
    You are appreciated by many. May God continue to guide and protect and yours. God Bless You.

    1. I agree with you. He has done more then any other president.
      I too pray for him every morning, God bless our president.

      God bless you,

      Roy B.

  13. So proud of Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin who stood up and saluted President Trump during his speech. Wished everyone had the respect for our President Donald Trump. There is no one perfect in life and everyone makes mistakes and reason older men or women make better Presidents as they have learned more of life experiences. I think President Trump tweets a bit too much, but know what he thinks most of the time. And for sure he has got a lot of things done that others have not in the past. I hate seeing what others are trying to do to our country by turning from Capitalism to Socialism/Communism. Hope they see the errors of their ways before it is too late.

  14. I was one of those who did not vote for President Trump, not because he is Republican and I am a Democrat, but rather I could find no one else to vote for who was running. It is the first time in my life I didn’t vote, and watching how the president kept putting everyone else down, reassured me I had done the right thing. I now have a different opinion of him since Ive seen how many things he has changed or is about to change. There’s no question he has the interest of all of us and our country in mind and Im able to support him in what ever he does.
    One of the issues that bothered me the most was during the campaign and after it, there was so much mud slinging, I got so tired of it every time he spoke, I would change channels on the TV just so I would’t have to hear him speak. Im glad to say after watching him and his last speech, I am able to change how I feel about. It was perfect, all about us and our country and not about him.

  15. When the 2016 election was underway, I was an independent. I was very confused as to who I would be voting for in the 2016 election. I knew I couldn’t vote for Hilary because of the Begazi problem but I wasn’t sure about Donald Trump either. And so I began to pray everyday at mass. One day I got the message Protect Life and then I knew who to vote for. Everyday I have a confirmation that I made the right move in voting for Donald Trump. He does what he promised. He keeps his word. He loves our country and the American people. He loves our military and I love President Trump. I pray for him and hope he will continue to make right decisions. Thank you Mr. President. You turned me into a Republican!

  16. I want Marjorie Arnold to know that there are men that feel like her and shed a tear when they see our country respected and honored. Thank GOD that we have the privilege. I am one.

  17. We must all be vigilant against this new threat to America and our Republic. Socialism and the worshipers of the One World Order and Globalism come at our freedoms from all sides. Those leaders in government who plotted against the American system for eight years must be marginalized or if possible, banished from the offices they have clung to for so long. We have the chance to build a new era in our history. A chance to reign in a bloated government that has become unworkable and unproductive. We need term limits to root out career politicians who grow old and unmovable and infuse the government with the new blood of loyal young American men and women with new ideas. We need the return of states rights. We must return our glorious and sometimes painful history to our schools to so it will never be forgotten. But first, in order to continue the march to freedom we must Keep America Great by re-electing Donald Trump .

  18. I have read every “comment”, above; many of which made me tear-up. I, too, get emotional when I see anyone respecting the flag with a salute or hand over their heart – just like I do when I join-in
    worshiping my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with hands lifted up.
    Thank you my fellow American Veterans and Patriots who appreciate a man for loving his Country, his family, our God.

  19. No President is perfect. Donald Trump, despite a contentious way of doing business, is doing the things that will keep our economy at the top in a time of change, and keep our military at the top too. The Democrat Party, with whom I used to vote, has become a garbage dump for sniveling “intellectuals” who contribute chaos, spoiled with benefits minorities, and freeloaders in general. Their “beacon light” leaders are actually the most incompetent legislators in history. Some of them make speeches that would result in charges of treason in most countries. We pay them to be traitors. How stupid can that be?

    Russ Ramsey, Ph.D.
    Lieutenant Colonel Retired, US Army

  20. A wonderful and respectful moment and a great part of an awesome SOTU address. Thank you for your service to our Country Buzz Aldrin, and may God Bless our President Trump! Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of her disrespectful performance as should the majority of those on the left.

  21. I am 94 having served in WWII and the Korean War. I am grateful that I was physically able to serve in the United States Army for 21 years. Some of the assignments were stressful, but through it all it was worthwhile knowing that we as a nation will continue if we honor our heritage.

  22. God put Donald Trump in office to save America and our way of life. God bless him and keep him out of harms way. God bless him and America.

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