Democrats Mock Trump For Reopening Government

Despite President Trump getting Government employees back to work, and vowing that federal employees would receive back pay as soon as possible, the response of many Democrats has been callous to the news of the government reopening.

One political publication had the following headline after the announcement.

Dems Celebrate Trump ‘Caving’ on Border Wall

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President Trump has tried to reason with Democrats, that securing the southern border should not be a partisan issue, stating that

Walls should not be controversial

Trump has also made it clear, that he temporarily reopened the Government, in order to find a bipartisan solution to secure funding for Homeland Security.  Sadly, many Democrats are using the situation as an opportunity to attack the President. Liberal Democrat Ted Lieu D-California, tweeted the following

 I cannot believe that @realDonaldTrump in his Rose Garden remarks THREATENED AGAIN TO SHUT DOWN OUR GOVERNMENT IN 3 WEEKS if he doesn't get his wall.

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86 thoughts on “Democrats Mock Trump For Reopening Government”

  1. Are the Dems trying to ensure that they get voted OUT in Nov 2020??? S
    If so, this kind of garbage will help them get their wish! DISGUSTING and unprofessional.
    Go @POTUS !!!

    1. I’m with you, they are a bunch of scum bags that are letting their hatred for POTUS Trump run their agenda. They hate him because he is revealing a lot of perks they have abused for years & opening Americans eyes of just how much they get while not doing their job. They also hate him because he is keeping his campaign promises & the WALL STALL is because they don’t want him to keep his biggest campaign promise (Mexico is paying for it because of the tariff increase) but they won’t see it that way. The leadership of the Democratic Party is nothing but a bunch of LIBERAL LOSERS WITH HATRED IN THEIR HEART. While they want to keep giving handouts to domestic & foreigners so they can garner their votes. All these people that don’t have jobs now have the opportunity but they don’t want to get a job because they can sit on their butts at home & do nothing then complain that they aren’t getting enough “FREE” money to support their lazy butts.

      1. I am against that reply. I am 70 yrs old, disabled, retired and have earned my right to sit on my lazy butt if I so choose to do so. I would gladly change ages with you if you’d like as being old sucks, having spinal stenosis sucks even more.

          1. Barbie616 I don’t know why this has you upset my comment has nothing to do with those that have worked & became disabled or retired. Has to do with the entitled generations after the baby boomers. We constantly are giving these younger people more & more for them doing absolutely nothing. There are those that are truly disabled & need the assistance but there are a lot more that are getting welfare, disability, Medicaid & anything else they can get because they just don’t want to work. Jobs are out there but these entitled generations think they & their offspring should be funded by the hard working taxpaying American citizens.

        1. I’m certain Laurie meant to aim her remarks to those that ARE lazy, not to people who are legitimately disabled and deserve the welfare, or financial relief, that is available, like yourself. As you are surely aware, there is abuse to any welfare programs, where the selfish steal from those that deserve the help.

        2. Laurie was not talking about those who have earned the right, but those who have the opportunities for work but choose not to as long as they can get government handouts. I am 73 and I don’t mind working if only I were not a disabled veteran.

        3. WHY do you think they’re talking about you, Barbie? I am sure, Laurie being a Patriot understands American disability & retirement (social security). She’s NOT talking about you & your ‘lazy ass’.
          THINK! This IS about ‘The’ WALL! Sorry for your disabilities but life does NOT stop! Fight for your children & grandchildren now!

        4. Stop taking things personally Your old (I’m 69) and have earned the right st sit home if you so choose to do so. Nobody was talking about our senior citizens so stop complaining and start finding the positive in things

          1. When you take away SS from people who have worked hard for it to give it to the wealthy that is wrong through the eyes of God

        5. I’m disabled also and 60 yrs old lost 2 arms and other parts, don’t think the last response was ment for a 70 or 60 yr old disabled veteran or non vet. it was meant for all those bums that sit out there and want free everything seems to be the younger generation as i see. We have a 32 yr old whom we have taken care of her 12 mos old baby since birth, lives in one of my rental has destroyed it pays nothing doesn’t work, and comes at my wife today complaining about her tie rod is bad and do we want our grand daughter to not have a mom because she got killed from a faulty car, mind you she has never bought a car in her life, has had 7 cars in 16 yrs all at our expense pd for college for 3 yrs she attended for 6 mos and her legal fees are in the 30-45 k RANGE FROM DRUG ABUSE CHEAP HEROIN AT THE MEXICAN BORDER WHEN HER AND HER EX LIVED IN TUCSON. Don’t think the last writer was talking about us! These millennials think we owe them a free ride and that what they demand they do not want to work!!

          1. You talked about the issue you are dealing with that so many can relate too, so might I ask, what are you doing about it! Allowing it to continue you are also the problem. Knowing it’s a difficult situation your allowing yourself to be guilted into allowing it ,yet you are allowing it too. You are enabling your daughter to treat you and your wife this way. So ask yourself what your going to do about your situation. We so want to take care of and help our children, to our detriment at times. So many in your shoes say the same to themselves, it’s so hard and I pray your situation get easier!

        6. There’s a BIG difference between Freeloaders and Deserving Recipients. During my work years I lost jobs but NEVER collected unemployment as I did NOT waste time standing in line. I went out and found another job even if it was well below my former pay grade. I’m 77 now with prostate cancer and a bad back living only on Social (in)Security. I earned every penny of it and fully agree with Barbie

      2. Funny how President Trump has gotten done in 2yrs that they could not do in multiple terms in office…and he’s not taking a paycheck. They are definitely evil doers against America and its people

      3. I agree Laurie. I’ve never seen so much hatred in America in my lifetime. I’m 61. I used to be a Democrat until about 30 years ago? I started to pay attention to both sides. It was like someone bonked me on the head. The dems are nothing like they used to be. They’re so far left, and are in your face when you don’t agree. It’s a sad day in America. We grew up working hard as kids. Now they don’t wanna work. Kids want, want, want. We don’t want socialism. It doesn’t work!

      4. What can you/we expect from the totally corrupted democrat party (AKA Democrat Communist Party of America). They have “NOTHING” to offer Americans but their perverted idea of what life and society is supposed to be. Over the decades socialism/communism has always risen to prominence due to the “constant chaos” and “political disruption” caused by radical progressives. This is item #1 in their “playbook”. However, in America something else is more likely to happen and it won’t make these subversive degenerates happy. They will be very disappointed.

    2. Sorry, but you Americans will just do Nothing about any Fraudulent means of any future elections by any party especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for corruption the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES. This past NFL football game between the saints and patriots and what happened is a example of fraudulent elections. Open fraudulence and Nothing actually done about it! Due to blind patriotism to corrupt swamp rats in Washington d.c. and the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail and any other party vote is wasted besides the current corrupt status quo of rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and blind patriotism , Nothing is done and no one is actually is accountable and jailed!

    3. The government would not have had to close in the first place if there had been some decent Democrats. I hope they will lose big time next election. They don’t care if the Federal workers and the Coast Guard gets paid or not. It should be law that if they are going to stop anyone’s pay they would have to stop theirs first. That would get their attention real quick. President doesn’t accept any pay.

  2. What you have been wishing and saying you want to happen to President Trump is going to come back and happen to you, It will happen. The bad that you want to happen to others will automatically come back and get you. It also works the other way, the good things you wish on someone else can come on back to you…

  3. The Democrats of today are not real Americans. The ones of years ago must be turning over in their graves. Those of today are not for America. How can they be against what they want because a Republican has put it out there. It is sad.

    1. Liberal political correctness of the lowering of standards to pacify that hurts all gave you the code word for anything anti-white and black and America and that is diversity! How’s that for hope and change rhinos and anti-American democrats and medias and You Americans!~ Americans sure can be their own countries worse enemy, especially rhinos , democrats and their tool for anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES!

      1. Gary, you have said “you Americans” three times now, exactly what are you? You so have a lot of point on issues that are a factor and so true, yet you say “ you Americans”. You talked about the issue you are dealing with that so many can relate too, so might I ask, what are you doing about it! Allowing it to continue you are also the problem. Knowing it’s a difficult situation your allowing yourself to be guilted into allowing it yet you are allowing it too. You are enabling your daughter to treat you and your wife this way. So ask yourself what your going to do about your situation. Us Americans will keep fighting to protect our country and stop the addition crisis if possible. Addition is hard

        1. Sorry Gary, the question still stands what are you an in nationality, that you can’t help or vote? As for the o. Issue with the daughter that wAs for JC, my screen moved. I understand her issue and know how heartoand draining it can be

  4. Democrats just suck that’s all there is to that…straight up evil.. They don’t set any examples or mile stones that I would want my children or grandchildren to follow they just suck

  5. It is so very sad that Nancy and Chuck celebrate the fact that they are so very unAmerican. They only want power and don’t care about the drugs and illegals that are trying to come into our wonderful Country. They need to become adults who care about this great Country of ours. They will not win in the long run. All of the democrats have become inhuman and so far left. We need to keep with President Trump and be strong and our Country will be great again.

    1. Unless You the People do what the good people of Iceland did to rid corrupt government and actually surround the castle and make citizens arrest ,Nothing will be done!

    2. Thank you. 77 year old, Social Security, author, building home and gardens. Social Security checks are my primary support. I have used VA medical care (for diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, etc) but never used medi-care. I took the advice that “if you are elderly and want decent food and medical care, move to a 3rd world country.” About 10 years ago, I left the USA medical system and credit that with having lived so long. I will never participate in the USA medical system and I advise my friends to never consume a food product packaged in the USA. Never accept a USA vaccine. I believe that I would be dead by now (for several years) had I not ceased USA medical care. I am a USA Patriot and work to re-establish adherence by “government” to the US Constitution.

    3. Years ago “communists” were considered “subversives” wholly intent on overturning a legally elected government that they opposed. As such they were arrested, prosecuted and deported or jailed. Their long range plan to overturn the American government from within is working exactly as planned because we now have many communists in Congress and most of the alphabet agencies created by the communists in Congress. The agencies of real power; the FBI and the DOJ more appropriately known as the Deep State have made it impossible for even president Trump to do anything to the “SWAMP”. This means that the American public that stills believes in the original idea of America will need to take substantive action against the Left.

    1. I totally agree and have been saying that for decades. If members of Congress were graded on their performance of what that oath specifies all of them would be sent packing. The democrat traitors in Congress/government are bad enough but even worse are the Rinos who run as opponents of the democrats but in reality are undercover leftists. And that means that the GOP is totally corrupt as well because they allow Rinos to exist. Both existing parties need to be eliminated due to corruption and their betrayal of their oath of office.

      1. Can Congress Members be Impeached/Removed for not following the Constitution that they pledged to uphold?

  6. The Dems have literally committed political suicide. It was disgusting to see the minority leader of the Senate, Schumer, mocking the President of the United States. President Trump’s decision to end the shutdown until mid February was for the good of the country and the people. Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Dems actions/failures are all about politics regardless of how detrimental it works is/was to the American people. Schumer‘s office during the shutdown was barraged with calls from Americans to such a degree that the phone was continuously busy. Even when one tried all day long for several days they weren’t able to get through. I was one of those people. After several days I was able to get through and spoke to lone of Schumer’s staff. I expressed my concern as to why Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Dems were refusing to negotiate with President Trump and allowing the shutdown to continue. This person told me that that wasn’t true that they were willing to negotiate and when I kept asking then why aten’t they, why are they going on so many vacations especially when our Nation was in a crisis and over 800,000 federal workers weren’t being paid. Why were Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Dems taking their salaries with no conscience at all. He told me that they were giving their salaries to charity. That is an absolute total lie. If they were giving their salaries to charity all of the lying fake news media would have been blasting that from the rooftops and that’s what I told him. The Dems have no conscience of all the misery that they have inflicted on the American people, particularly federal workers, when it wasn’t necessary at all. One good thing that’s come out of all of this is that we the people clearly see how desperately we need to demand and get “Term Limits Now” and kick these corrupt anti-American career politicians to the curb and get true representation for we the people in Washington.

    1. The agenda for pelosi & schummer is to make sure POTUS Trump does not keep the campaign promise of building a wall. They don’t care about legal American taxpaying citizens safety only theirs. You don’t have to like POTUS Trump but he is making things happen in Washington D.C. & the liberal losers can’t stand it that he is surpassing all previous administrations in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. This is totally personal & I agree we need new & strong elected officials but from what I have seen from MI, NY & MN all we got is a bunch of young troublemakers that have no clue about government. From Tlabid & Cortez it is scary. Both admitted RADICAL, SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT LIBERAL LOSERS. Cortez probably wants all student loans forgiven because she has so many, her FICO score is less than 450 & they put this piece of trash on the finance committee headed up by another piece of trash Maxine Watters, what do you think pelosi is setting up for? Its all about her meeting her HATRED agenda not about you & I or all our other great legal, taxpaying, hardworking Americans.

      1. Trump should just “declare a national emergency” and let the democrat communist cry. He has the authority to “protect the lives of the American public” from “foreign invaders”. This is a Homeland Security issue.

    2. I also called Pelosi’s office and could not get through…I left a message. I did get through to Shumer’s after a while and told them what I thought. I let them both know how disrespectful they were to the Angel Mom’s whose children were killed by illegal immigrants to not have been seen by either Pelosi or Shumer and I am horrified how their pride is getting in the way of people’s life’s. I told them how upset I was over this and that this is not about politics but personal lives!

  7. The hardcore liberal losers see the opening of the government as a victory for them not for our legal, hardworking, taxpaying Americans. It is all about them & their hatred for POTUS Trump. He is just what we needed to get some of these gross handouts stopped. How come they are upset about drug testing welfare recipients? How come they were outraged that he wanted to give the equivalent of a MRE, if it is good enough for our soldiers why is not good enough for these people that won’t work when they can? I have seen so many claiming disability & laughing that they are getting it while they are out at bars & casinos. It is pitiful, there are jobs out there that they can do but they won’t & the standard answer is “I don’t want to have my welfare, food stamps or Medicaid cut” or “I can’t afford all my pain pills without Medicaid” and then you see them outside cutting wood bad back I think not, fraud I think so.

    1. Even if term limits are passed, which is highly unlikely , they will grandfather themselves in or put the legislation to take effect 10 years after they leave office. But it will never affect anyone currently in office. Wish I had their money because I’d bet on it !! Then the next group of lawmakers would scream we have succeeded and pass a law abolishing the same one that helped. They are all crooks and any crooks worth their salt will cover their own ass one way or another !

  8. Along with term limits we must remove government from our public school systems. The brainwashing of our children in public schools thru college with socialist propaganda indoctrination must be stopped.

    Every country overtaken by horrific communism starts with socialist indoctrination via their educational system then the communist run media and entertainment industry along with state and local government and their socialist minions of big money democrat supporters i.e. George Soros, M. Bloomberg, Stalinist NY Mayor Dip Stick de Blasio and the communist democrat party.

    1. AGREED JIM! Get government out of schools…but for now, ALL PARENTS with children of school age NEED TO INTERVIEW THE SCHOOLS & TEACHERS! I did. Pulled my kid out of public school. The indoctrination process in the schools is powerful!

  9. It is my opinion that President Donald Trump has put the bait in the trap for these Stupid Democrats and that he will spring on them a huge surprise when it is least expected !

    Keep going strong Mr President … MAGA !

  10. This display of petty partisan politics, from Democrat leadership, is disgusting and just a big game to them. They have either forgotten, or don’t care, that they were elected into office to serve the American people, not themselves! They have no real message, other than the percentage of them that have bought into socialism…hey AOC, how’s that working for Venezuela? They have become a Godless, lawless, anti-military party that have put their personal interests over the good of the country…and, it’s sickening. Instead of making an effort to try and work with this President, they’d rather be obstructionists, and see him fail at every turn. Good luck in 2020, you treasonous LOSERS!!!

  11. Sooo true!!!
    Many Liberals’ constant inflammatory comments, erratic reactions and overall negative behavior are CONTRADICTORY to the valued character of true Americans and their meaningful way of life!
    Actually, all this negative behavior was organized and publicly encouraged from the Oval Office by Community Organizer-in-Chief and his croonies, thus silently paving the way for the total demiss of a nation…the demiss of a very prosperous democratic republic, the envy of many worldwide!
    The Organizer’s “paved road to success ” was unexpectedly” TRUMPED by non other than the liberal media’s MAGA darling! It became obvious that It WAS the LIBERAL MEDIA…bubbled up in their own world…the one that catapulted TRUMP into the # 1 masculine position to win the Presidency! Now, the same media in their own twisted and desperate
    ” reparatory mode” is saying everything…. the unthinkable, the unreasonable, the unethical, the unscrupulous, the “untruth”…to “attone” for their GRANDEST of failures and to keep face with their liberal counterparts and comrades.

    But Faith-filled and true Americans have the confidence to know that unamerican and ruthless “means will never justify the ends”. The hidden truths will always surface and will rise high and brightly for everyone to see and hear!
    Faith-filled and true Americans ALWAYS play on God-the-Father’s, God-the-Son’s and God-the-Holy Spirit’s side!

  12. The dems are so busy trying to hurt Trump they have completely ignored their responsbility
    To our country. We were no longer their constituents, the are trying to turn us into the subjects. I thuohht we settled this once before. I think it is tmie for a reminder that queen Nancy and lord chuck are not our rulers they are our employees.

  13. For the people complaining about Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats that are resisting the President, where were you at their last election. The opportunity was there, but no one got out there doing marches or gatherings to try to perswayed those that would vote for her, and the rest of her cronies. It’s easy to sit at home and make all these comments, without making any attempts to prevent it happening again. I wish I were younger, but I’m not.

    1. They stole that election with voter fraud….and illegals voting…now New York is going to pass a law giving illegals a drivers license and the right to vote…this is getting worse by the day…We have to stop the dumb ass Dems and their insane agenda…they will destroy this country and march all conservatives into their death chambers if given the chance !!!

    2. Problem is middle class America has to work for a living, they pay their bills and take care of their children the best they can in the world we live in today, wereas all these protesters are either millionaires in the media “Hollywood” or they are on the gov dole being paid by the gov. disability or billionaires to protest. How about middle America stop paying there taxes for a few months can we say shut the gov down by the people and how about we the people that have lost there retirement from illegal drugs coming through the southern border, lost our kids and have to put up with great hardships, why not come together and put a law suet against the democrat party for loss of children, retirement and causing the problems instead of doing what we the people who pay them requested, since we are not the people to cause civil war or hurt our fellow man, lets all bind together those who have been hurt by a lack of border protection/wall and hurt Hollywood and liberals where it hurts the most their pocket book, lets see what they think about that i have about 400+k in damages myself from illegal drugs making their way from Mexico to AZ, that’s where it starts and time we end it and do what great for middle America!!

  14. Trump remembers what they did to Reagan. They told Reagan when the gov’t was shut down that if he would re-open it, they would secure the border. He re-opened it and the Demorats did nothing. NEVER TRUST A LYING DEMORAT!! They are proving they are power hungry, need illegal votes to win in 2020 and will do anything to win, even though it hurts the country and American citizens. THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US OR THE USA.

  15. The Demencrap party is cancer to our country. It’s swamp rat leaders are Muslim extremists, terrorists, liars, thieves, racists, power-hungry commies, murderers, fake news propagandists, dirty cops, corrupt DC lawyers/Federal employees, goons, thugs and lowlife scum. You can’t reason with these assholes! Many are brainwashed zombies!

  16. CONGRESS SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITHOUT PAY DURING THE SHUTDOWN FOR THEY WERE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS. If the Democrats cannot agree to border security including the metal fence, when the government is forced to shut down again Congress should NOT BE PAID FOR THE TIME OF SHUTDOWN WITH NO RETRIEVAL AFTER IT REOPENS FOR THEY ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOBS, AGAIN.

  17. what can you say that hasn’t been said about our political now posture, I am older than most who have looked our political system in the face and i have seen many democrats and republicans come on the scene and leave. Most democrats of just a by gone few years would be hard pressed to identify themselves as democrats today, now in it’s self that says a lot about the democrat party of the past and of today. The main difference is peoples interest in serving the people that put them in office, of a few years ago democrats served their political people, right or what we might conceive wrong, today the democrats serve an agenda that is just to stop the other political party and have no intention of being best for their political base. Believe me it will end because people will tire of being called something they can’t see themselves as being and that is todays democrats.

  18. Yes, the Democrats are mocking Comrade president because HE is the one who caused the shutdown, got NOTHING for re-opening the government and Nancy Pelosi has his balls asa souvenir!

  19. Pelosi and Shumer mocking president Trump for opening the government so these poor people can get back to work to be able to pay their mortgages and bills, and buy food and provide for themselves and their families. This is what is called compassion, which it is obvious the Pelosi and Shumer cronies do not have. And still the demoasses Pelosi and Shumer and every other one still will not work with president Trump to secure the border with a wall. These people lied and have no heart. But remember all of you who have been affected by the shutdown should remember when it is election time who opened the government for you, Oresident Trump. Nancy oelosi said she did not care about the people out of work and not any money coming in. Of course not because she has her money coming in. And yes in the beginning Trump was willing to shutdown the government because Pelosi would not even talk with him. Then she lied and cancelled the SOTU address because there was not enough security. Homeland security had been prepareing for this for months now and came out to say that was not true, there was enough security to protect all of the government on this special night. Pelosi still is not speaking to the president nor is she willing to work with him on bipartisanship. Remember people this on Election Day, because if she had her way on Election Day you would still be furloughed and the government would be shut down. She is giving in to the Muslims and the scialist who are now in the WH because she is afraid of them!

  20. No matter what President Trump does the Democrats aren’t satisfied. Its time to dock the
    Decomcrats pay and see what they think of that. They are winey babies who have never grown up and probably never will. Mr. President if you need to dock their pay for the next month be sure the American people are with you 100


  21. I hope Donald has a trick up his sleeve as he sticks it to them good. And I hope he declares a national emergency, for that’s exactly what it is.

  22. So many American people blinded by hate for Mr. DT. He keeps his promises. This country has regressed To the likes of nazi Germany! Too many people who believe the fake news and not smart enough to see the hand writing on the wall.

  23. EITHER way Trump would have moved would have brought snide remarks from the democrats…if the government had stayed shut down…they would have said that he cared nothing about the employees(we already seen this one) and now they are remarking how he folded to the democrats/nancy PIG losi…..that is all they know….PERIOD.

  24. What solution have the Demos brought to the compromise table to get the government fully and completely open? I have not seem a single word on their proposed solution to the government shut-down. All they have done is stretch out the partial closing of the government beyond all reason and using government money for trips domestic and foreign, hosting lavish parties, government paid vehicles instead of their personal vehicles.They should refund the money they used when they were not officially working. Idle talk about what they are doing during the shutdown is false planning and i think illegal.

    The next set of votes in 2020 will prove how wrong the Dems have been in their plans to fully rule the country. There are 800 000 federal workers that were put in a very bad financial position with their families – put their homes in jeopardy, their cars/trucks to be repossessed, no money for food while the Dems enjoy a month of paid vacations and blaming someone else for their financial troubles.

    I would not be surprised to see an all republican congress in 2 years

  25. It’s all a part of old socialist Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto (~1840s) and old Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals (1971) in addition to his “How to create a socialist State”. Old socialist Cloward and Piven had a definite plan in the 1950s and 1960s with LBJ and his Great Society welfare plans. LJs comment at the time was “I’ll have them n***** voting democrat for the next 200 years while I create the new democrat plantation”.

    So, it’s us, the hard working Patriotic tax payers against them, the socialist demowit party. We either win against them or ammo up. I fought them in a hot, humid hell hole half way around the Earth back in the late ’60s and it wasn’t pretty.

    Regards, retired engineer, Texan and USN vet

  26. Hey Democrats, I think you should wait for three weeks to see what happens. He gave you three weeks to fix an national issue. Of course, that will never happen as it isn’t part of your agenda to impeach him. Well if you don’t do something, just think what the DACA kids are going to tell Nancy the next time. They probably won’t be very kind to your party since you have totally failed them since Trump has been in office. But the major thing that will happen is that Trump won’t bail you out. Obama is gone and he can’t cover the butts of the Democrats in Congress anymore with a pen and a phone! The folks that are the citizens of this country and are not the Socialist/Communist segment that you are bending over backwards to please. Are seeing what your agenda, capabilities and actual desires are and they are not pleased with them. You party is failing the American people and it is very visible to anybody but the severe left leaning of the world.

  27. It will be in time, a view of us, fighting each other.
    It’s completely out of what we stand for.
    Yes, the democratic party will vote no…..
    everything that has been done so far….is because
    of us REAL AMERICANS, and we are tired of the
    blanking crap. President trump is a miracle,
    should I say more…………

  28. I think if the government gets shut down in three weeks congress and the senate should not get paid. Also he needs to make term limits on congress and the senate. It’s time we get someone in their that respects the fact that Mr. Trump is the president of the United States. It’s pretty sad when adults act like two year olds and that’s what Pelosi and schumer act like. They don’t care who they hurt if they get their way.

  29. President Trump tried to get both dems and repubs to do something for the American People. They have so far refused. I hope if they do not do their duty, that he does shut the gov again. I think even most of the gov workers out of work and working for no pay until their back pay comes, are very much aware that our reps and senators are NOT working for the People; they follow a different agenda.

  30. This entire mess is the Demonrats’ fault! All theyy have done since Trump took office has been to obstruct him at every opportunity they could. They need to get off their butts and put partisan politics aside and get the jobs their constituents elected them to do!

  31. They maybe laughing now at Mr Trump but I believe he will have the last laugh at them. Yes he gave in to reopen the government like they wanted. Now in 3 weeks when no deal is made Mr. Trump can say see I reopened the government and they still refuse to make any kind of a deal. Once again Mr. Trump will show just how much they care about the government workers like they claim they care for. They walked right into his trap

  32. This whole. flunkies mantra, the left obsess about isn’t even about Trump but their too ignorant to see that. Its just blame game. They choose to act worse than children. Its really about their obsessing over loosing the election. worse than children. They have shown themselves to disrespect the country they serve. They care not about the plight of immigrants.angel moms,border security and laws that protect us,they Target Trump but they refuse to see themselves the way they really are,they are constantly self serving..lying deceivers , who care only about themselves.they see nothing wrong with that. The problem is with such arrogance. they have become betrayers of the bed they sleep in. the food they eat, the privilege given, the wealth they have, no matter how obtained. While Trump has shown willingness to give to get. That is called negotiation . Is the left really that stupid by saying he caved? its like trying to reason with imbeciles.Then they spin more stupidity. really. now they act like the won some moronic issue. Americans. are not stupid . The left is sealing there fate. and while their celebrating their ship is sinking like the Titanic. Their arrogance has consumed them and they will pay a dear price for it.

  33. They may think that is funny but there are many out there that will remember this. There whole system is set up to down trump and not a thing for the good of the people.

  34. The only agenda the Democrats have is to get President Trump out of office. They are doing everything in their power to find a way to get him out of office. They want to change America to their liking and he will not allow it and I am so glad he stands his ground. The Democrats will truly bring this country down if they can find a way to do it. It is important that people realize President Trump is trying his best to save America. Pelosi wants to give all women the right to have abortions. This is the killing of a human being. What is next??? Think about this. What kind of a person can allow an innocent child to be killed and think it is okay. It is flat out murder. Do we not have enough murders in America without killing innocent children???? The world has been taken over by evil. The only solution is prayer. The world is changing and not for the best. President Trump can only do so much, we the people have to try and help him. First of all, we have to work together and not against each other. The government is divided and so are the people. United we Stand Divided we Fall.

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