The Truth Comes Out!!!


After days of condemnation, stemming from an edited video of high school teens, wearing MAGA hats,  supposedly harassing a Native American elder, new information has come out proving the teens did nothing wrong, and were in fact the ones being harassed.

From the Daily Caller

…newer videos showed that the students were completely innocent. They were first taunted by a group of radical activists and the Native American protester approached them.

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While most of the liberal media, and Hollywood elite,  have been slow to admit their mistake, there are a few that have that have acknowledged they were wrong to jump to judgement about the teens, including actress Jaime Lee Curtis, and CNN anchor Jake Tapper.  Tapper, tweeted  the following.

Video footage strongly contradicts Native American veteran Nathan Phillips' claim that Covington Catholic High School boys harassed him. The media got this one completely wrong

While the teens will likely never get the apology they deserve, having the truth come out, is a victory in itself.

UPDATE:  A lawyer for the Convington teens, that were falsely accused of antagonizing a Native American, has given the media an ultimatum to retract any false statements about the incident, or face legal action. Attorney, Robert Barnes, had the following to say.

Everybody now is on 48-hour notice so by Friday, everybody needs to retract and correct any false statements they have issued about these kids


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17 thoughts on “The Truth Comes Out!!!”

  1. Fox News has been saying the same thing for a week now. Perhaps viewers should stop listening to the fibbers on the other stations.

  2. How many public apologies were forthcoming from all of the ‘jump to the nearest “politically correct” conclusion’ noisemakers in the “Tawana Brawley” affair or of the charges made by Crystal Gail Mangum against members of the Duke Lacrosse team?
    It appears that when ‘white’ people are accused of ‘something’ regarding a ‘non-white’ person, the rush to judgement is that the ‘white’ person or persons are guilty by accusation, irrespective of evidence. They often get pilloried for days or weeks on end and then when it is discovered that the charges were false, more often then not, few if any of the lynch mob is punished, Mike Nifong seemingly an exception.
    there are limits to ‘freedom of speech’, but when the liberal propagandist media are leading the character assassination, why does the government not get involved with legal charges as in any other assassination?

  3. Most of what has been happening in media, on the streets and within the Democratic and to some extent also the Republican establishment has resulted from men and women obeying Satan rather than Creator God. Satan, and his followers detest that a person who proclaims faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior is president of the United States. Sin, unrestrained evil is openly and proudly practiced by so many. Sadly men and women in our nation do not recogize they are actually prisoners under the rule of Satan and that only the blood of Jesus can free them.

    1. Sadly most in the media do what the one they follow directs. Their father is the father of lies.

  4. From the day President Trump was elected by the citizens of the U.S., he has been attacked, taunted and lied about by the fake news media of this country. The people who have supported him have been subjected to the same treatment by the libtards in this country who cannot bear the idea that they lost the election. The support and respect for the office of the President is not present simply because he is not a career politician who is in the pockets of people who would do harm to America. He’s working for us and other politicians can’t stand it and like the sheep they are, the liberal flock follows their lead. They can’t even recognize the good he’s done. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  5. This is absolutely shameful. I don’t see this as a rush to judgement by the liberal media, instead it is reporting it the way they wish it was. After all these kids had several strikes against them. They were attending a Catholic school and had the audacity to wear a “Make America Great Again” hat which most likely proves they are Trump backers. Now if they wore a Che Guevera tee shirt or similar all would be well with them. I haven’t turned that liberal trash on in years.

  6. I haven’t seen any names of the “Black Hebrew Israelites” yet and that seems odd because they’re the ones who precipitated this brouhaha. Names and photos often teach errant cretins not to bother private citizens minding their own business.

  7. It certainly looks like those Snow Flakes who jump on every Conservative comment and take every chance to enter false info on line better shut up and read FOX NEWS, FOX BUSINESS NEWS for the real TRUTH !

  8. This is the typical racist pandering by minorities trying desperately to be the next victim at the expense of the people who have done more to help them than any other group. They are by all definitions racist cowards just like the kneelers of our National Anthem who make up narratives based on absolute Lies so they can cry Wolfe just as they have done to our Police Officers. We as white people have bent over backwards trying to get along with these minorities only to end up getting spit on over and over again. And just like these young Covington kids who did absolutely nothing wrong are the real victims by the cowards of pandering racism. The whole minority victimization is a fabrication of their delusions of virtue just so they can cheat their way through life so we can give them what they want like affirmative action Oscars and Titles they didn’t earn. These so called self proclaimed victims of society are the biggest lie of our generation and the biggest Scam in our history and if they don’t think this is a great country then maybe minorities should take a good long look in the mirror and look directly at the problem.

  9. I am glad to read the comments and realize that
    all is not lost. The press/ mad media have been in
    cohots with the Dems. The Dems can’t get over
    that Hillary lost. It is like a sick obsession driving
    many over the edge. On top of this, the Muller
    investgation has not helped. President Trump has
    been treated unfairly from the start. Give him a
    fair chance; for the good of this country, please.
    Stop the hate!

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