This Guy Wants To Be President?!?!!!!!!!

Liberal hero, Beto O’Rourke has been the darling of the media ever since he ran against Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.  Some are starting to wonder if the fawning has less to do with the potential of O’Rourke and more to do with the utter contempt the media has shown towards Senator Cruz.

Well, wonder no more!  Beto’s recent comments about the Constitution show that he is in over his head!

Does this still work? . . . Can an empire like ours with military presence in over 170 countries around the globe, with trading relationships . . . and security agreements in every continent, can it still be managed by the same principles that were set down 230-plus years ago?
Ummm, YES, Beto, the Constitution still works, and you’d do well to spend some time studying it, before you run for President of the United States!
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To be fair, O'Rourke is willingly telling anyone who listens that he doesn't understand a lot of things, the liberal media just refuses to report on it.  Case in point, this is how Beto responded when asked about having troops in Syria

"I don’t necessarily understand, and I’ve been a member of Congress for six years."

Don't worry about it, Beto. Luckily we have a Commander in Chief who does understand!
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41 thoughts on “This Guy Wants To Be President?!?!!!!!!!”

    1. Maybe he should team up with the twit from new yuck, [aoc] the two of them would make a good team, like a peanut, two nuts in one shell.

      1. love it. You are so right about the nut part. I am ashamed that the male nut lives in my State.

  1. Beto, will be the main stream media’s flavor of the day until a minority female makes a move to over come him.

  2. Heaven help us! We already have so many ignoramuses in Washington already. When our Forefathers wrote the Constitution, they had the insight and understanding to address the problems and issues of the future. I don’t think they ever realized how large the population would become, but they wanted to prevent what had happened in Europe and to insure that all Americans would have equal protections from BIG and OUT OF CONTROL Government…a blessing that set up the Electoral College so that just a couple of Cities today don’t make the decisions for millions spread out among all of the States.
    I would hope that he takes some Civics classes and maybe goes through the education provided to immigrants who are studying to become citizens. Maybe he will learn and understand the Constitution and what it means to the freedoms he has in America. There are a number of others in Congress that could also benefit from an education on the Constitution and the history of our nation. Americans would certainly benefit if these people knew what they were talking about.

    1. Janet, you are so right. I agree many in DC should take course on OUR Constitution. The NY person doesn’t even know how many branches comprise our government. Sad state of affairs.

    1. I wonder if all the liberal morons even take the time to consider exactly what sort of skills and knowledge and experience it takes to be the President of the United States.
      Just because they wannabe is nowhere near enough. The position is legally, morally and ethically demanding. Pocahauntas thinks she can do the job. Based on what experience?
      Beto as well. Such a dreamer. Harris and Guillibrand too. On the Women roll? What, if any, diplomatic training? Financial experience?
      Those of us who are too smart to get into politics will be governed by those who weren’t.
      Dumbasses with with big egos.

  3. Like Beto (not real name, made up to attract Hispanics) I’m from El Paso, TX. I was aware of him when he was on the city council. In that city council capacity, he was able to help displace poor Hispanic families from their homes so that his father in law (very rich guy) could then develop the surrounding land there. This whole story he tries to sell about being for the downtrodden is malarkey. Oh wait, I suppose that is the way all democrats try to sell themselves. Even as far back as in the thirties, I believe their mantra was,” We’ll put a chicken in every pot.” The sad thing about the fact that democrats seem to run the schools is that not only are children not being taught to love their country, they are not being taught history either. At any rate, maybe someone will run an inclusive background check on Robert O’Rourke and get the total story.

    1. Actually it was the Republicans in 1928 who promised “A chicken in every pot” if Herbert Hoover won the election. Facts are stubborn things!

      1. Your right about the chicken in the pot, but it was the democ=rats that wanted to not only steal the chicken but they wanted the pot to go along with it, and still do.

  4. Beto is a complete blithering idiot, devoid of history and knowledge and a known liar via his encounters with law inforcement and his inability to deal with the truth. He makes a magnificent democrat .

  5. Just another kid with his head in the clouds and no clue what is really going on around him. He would make a wonderful garbage collector and maybe even an assistant to one of the clueless Demos who need a lesson on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, etc. Sure hope he runs against President Trump, a sure win for our team, without even breaking a sweat. Go Mr. Trump.

  6. He’s right, we need to get the hell out of 170 countries, and fix our problems. The rest of the world screwed up their own countries, let them fix it themselves. We’ve been helping a lot of these countries since WWII, that’s almost 75 years. If the haven’t fixed it by now, they are not going to fix it.

  7. Another fair haired young photogenic politician who doesn’t have a true understanding of what the US Constitution is and is application to today’s myriad of problems. Work your way up toward greater responsibilities based a a proven track record and not based on your looks, sayings and postings especially not in the dentist chair or sampling new restaurant offerings. You have a long way to go to be another JFK

  8. change of subject ——Would anyone else like to see the current detail of the budget for The ( Rural electrification act of 1936)

  9. He does not want to be president, obummer wants him to be president and he will teach him how to destroy the US and send guns and monies over to our enemies. I am sorry Beto you couldn’t pay me enough money to be Obummers lackie. You will be his kiss ass! You can’t have your own thoughts or your own decisions, that just isn’t going to be what he will allow you to do. Oh and wait til he turns on you like he did his best friend Biden. Wake up!

  10. B2 has much 2 offer. He can pick up where BHO left off & proceed 2 destroy the country under Soro’s direction

  11. No need for him to study the Constitution because he and his ilk believe that the Constitution is just another document that can be modified by an executive order or by an activist judge!

  12. This guy is a loser loon! Why would anyone want or vote for him to run our Government. He doesn’t even believe in the Constitution.


  14. Its mindblowing that all of these whackjobs think they have the brains to be President.Can you just see Chi And Vladimer giving each other High fives.Now you have collusion.

  15. As a physician who knows Beto, he has been diagnosed with a mental disorder known as coprophagia. (definition:) The abnormal desire to eat human feces.

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