About That “Peaceful Jihad”…..

Recently, the left learning media group, Gizmodo, released a  EXTREMELY MISLEADING, video, stating that the word Jihad was a peaceful term that American’s should embrace, claiming the following.

If you go by what you hear on TV news, you’ve probably only heard the term “jihad” as a scare tactic of a looming Muslim holy war headed straight for you. But that’s wrong.

To say that is an interesting interpretation of the term, is perhaps the understatement of the last decade.

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No one is running a smear campaign against the term Jihad, it is what it is, and that's  violence, as least according to Oxford  dictionary.

A struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam.

Wikipedia says the following about it:

In classical Islamic law, the term often refers to armed struggle against unbelievers

If you need further proof though, and we're not making this up, but a Georgia man attempted Jihad on the White House, the same day the video was released, and his version would have been anything but peaceful. 

A Georgia man who recently expressed support for the Islamic State was arrested Wednesday after threatening to attack the White House and other major landmarks.

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36 thoughts on “About That “Peaceful Jihad”…..”

  1. This take on the word Jihad is symbolic of Islam. Since Islam is both religious and governing in nature, it does not put the meanings of words up for the individual. You agree or you are wrong. There is no freedom to disagree. It appears that the Koran spells out the meaning quite clearly. In order for the word Jihad to mean something different, You all know questioning Islam is not permissible.

    1. This is not a good thing to bring to USA. Government has no place in anyone’s religion. This type of so called religion is an attempt to control all people whether they like it or not. I hope this generation is smart enough to see it for what it is. We may have problems here, but we will solve them. We are all from different backgrounds and different beliefs which we are able to practice and live happily. I hope to never see a foreign religion running government. It would be a terrible thing for this generation and generations to come.

      1. Technically, Islam is NOT a religion, but a Theocracy. Yes it has religious elements, but the PRIMARY purpose is to Govern in the name of that religion.
        Anyone who tells you differently is lying.

        1. Every religion is a theocracy and each has parts of the other. The interesting piece is that the primary purpose was to control women, keeping them uneducated, barefooted, in the kitchen and pregnant. That has happened forever everywhere. The crusaders fighting the “infidels” that followed Mohamed left their women in Europe wearing a metal belt for their women to be unable to have sex until it would be opened with a key once they came back. The infidels had their women like slaves, and if there were any doubt about fidelity, they could kill them, and that is happening today. Therefore, the religious books were written by old men to control women.

    2. It should also be noted that for the jihadists words like murder, dismemberment,
      beheading, burning alive etc (and other atrocities) are synonymous with friendship,
      love, and fellowship. The actual interpretation is all in how they feel and interpret
      at the moment!

  2. I am tired of everyone tip-toeing around the Jihadist, its about time American stood up and remembered this country was built on Freedom of Religion. As for the borders I am tired of liberals saying were built on freedom of everyone being able to come in, the only reason that ever started was because outside of the Indians, no one of any other culture ever lived here. Once we established our country borders we had to start to form guidelines for entering just like any other country in the universe. I am totally ashamed of Congress and their behavior. The whole world is watching and what do they see, IDIOTS.

  3. “GIVE ME A BREAK”? You do not have to be even the slightest of an educated person to know that “JIHAD” does not represent any form of “peace”. You don’t even have to be a religious scholar to grasp the idea that
    “JIHAD ISM” or JIHADIST is a term used mostly here in the 21st century west! The basic description and understanding of any form of JIHADIST is an “ISLAMIST MILITANT” pure and simple. Now I could care less if you were Jewish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, American, or a Buddhist monk. Not one of these category of folks from all over the world represents the “KILLING THE INFIDELS” as the basic fundamental meaning and understanding of being a JIHADIST! PERIOD!
    So whatever you may read or listen to others in the world, please do not allow yourself to take in the notion that all the “POOR JIHADIST” just wants peace. Yeah right, and I got a bridge to sell you too! Every time I hear about the poor middle eastern jihadist man being persecuted by the West, especially by the crappy libs, and progressives, I get a chuckle, and then I get pissed!
    Combat Vets and Disabled men and women of the US Armed forces “DO NOT” get the luxury of giving these fellow man Jihadist the benefit of the doubt regarding their intentions. When a Jihadist has an AK under his/her robe, or a woman looks like she is carrying a baby in that blanket while covered in their native burka, and it turns out of be a mortar shell or a few grenades well, then sorry the definition in being a “JIHADIST” is quite clear. So for those of you who have never served or you feel these jihadists are being unfairly persecuted, I suggest you pick up a rifle and stand a watch, or even better, how about you stop your liberal bellyaching, listen to those who actually know what a “JIHADIST” is, and then get out of their way. PERIOD!

    1. Gary J
      I totally agree with you. a lot of folks in America have their heads in the sand, I’m being nice when I wrote that one.
      those two congress females that were just elected took their oath on the damn koran, Not our Bible that does not sit well with me.

  4. Between the Jihadist and the Progressive Liberals, ( AKA Communists/ Socialists), America is headed for Doom. Most of the turmoil in this country is headed by the Socialist George Soros. Communists cannot take over this country because there are too many guns in this country but because of our open society they can do it Politically and they see the potential in the Democrats to do just that.


  6. They are following the teaching of Islam. ” lie to your enemy to gain the confidence” then take them over

  7. I can’t believe that anyone would ever call Islam a religion, it’s far from it. I believe it comes under the heading called CULT, a true religion perches Peace, Love, Compassion, Understanding, and True respect of his fellow man, without judgement, on the other hand Mohammed was a War Munger who preaches hate, Killing, total Domanation of women and children, making them into sex slaves, lastly he preches kill anyone especially Christians, who is not Islamic, my opinion is they are disciples of the Devil himself, and they don’t belong anywhere in the United States, especially Congress.

  8. People should read the Qu’ran and then there would be no doubt about jihad and the plight of non-believers. Having lived and worked in the Middle East (Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, and UAE), I met and worked with many Muslims who were reasonable people and believed that one’s religion was between themselves and their god. Jihadists are the radical element that we find in every religion, though unlikely the radicals in other religions, the Jihadists are dangerous and believe it is their right to brutalize and kill non-believers or other Muslims that do not live according to Sharia Law. Contrary to the naive beliefs of many progressives and Democrats, that believe love and negotiations will solve everything, there is no reasoning with jihadists. You either bend to their will or you die.

    1. Those reasonable people to whom you refer are MINOs (muslims in name only). Real muslims follow the koran. Hang in there, Matt

  9. To become a Muslim, a person must take this oath: “I swear: I swear I am a Muslim and Slave of Allah.” Allah commands his slaves to enslave the world for him, no matter how long it takes, by any means necessary. The primary means is terrorism, the first weapon of jihad. Jihad means holy war. It is holy because it’s slave master deity, Allah, has ordered it. Sharia law is the law Allah created for his slaves to live by, to ensure they will always be his slaves. If a person refuses to convert to Islam, by taking the oath, Allah provides another form of slavery for them. They may choose to pay the Jizya, a protection tax, that lets them live under sharia law, as long as they pay it. The final alternative, if they continue to refuse to convert to Islam, is death, usually by beheading. Slavery is evil, is it not? Allah is a slave master deity. Does that not make Islam an evil slave cult? Why do we tolerate it in the Land of the Free?

  10. Jihad is an Islamic term referring to the religious duty of Muslims to maintain the religion. In Arabic, the word jihād is a noun meaning the act of “striving, applying oneself, struggling, persevering”. A person engaged in jihad is called a mujahid, the plural of which is mujahideen.
    mujahideen guerrilla fighters in Islamic countries, especially those who are fighting against non-Muslim forces.

  11. All US Citizens need to contact they’re Congressional Representative in regards tp the Election and swearing in of the Muslim representatives to the US Congress. This should NEVER have been allowed, even moreso as they took they’re oath on the Koran which is the teachings of Mohammed and they ate swearing an oath to Mohammed not the USA or our Constitution. Under they’re book of faith they can lie to any person who is not a follower of Islam, This book also calls for the death of any person who does not believe or convert to Islamic teachings. Why would any non Islamic person in they’re right mind allow a person who has sworn an oath to follow the teachings of this book, Allow a Muslim to be in a position to change our laws to the ways of Mohammed? As was stated by a Moslem follower in Europe( we will breed them out of existence) Now with the influx of Moslems into certain parts of this country we ate now seeing the writing on the wall. With the election of these Moslem Senators to Congress, The more power they gain the more they will change our laws until we are like Iran or Iraq, when you will have no freefom of speech. Women will be forced to wear Burquas and will be treated as second class citizens. They will have no rights. So i suggest everyone read this book before voting and allowing any follower of Mohammed to ever be in Government office either locally or in DC…

  12. Islam is not a religion, it is a political philosophy hiding behind the facade of religion because the western nations tend to defer to religious teachings,

    I the US we are supposed to have separation of church and state, but jihadists will never accept this separation because in doing so they would lose all their authority. It is time We the People, that is natural born citizens of the US who have fully embraced our role as citizens rise up and eliminate, by any means necessary, all islamics, no matter how much they lie to us.

  13. Islam is more of a cult to take over the world. I worry about the new Democrats, the young people who apparently in there idealistic minds do not see the danger. Just look at the new Reps in the House. Clearminded?, NO, IDIOTS.

  14. If the sissy coward republicans/conservatives don’t rise up and destroy the democrats/liberals agenda then without a doubt this country will fall into the hands of the islams to govern within the next generation of people if not before. My question is why haven’t it been stopped yet. Their plan has alway to take over from the inside & they are doing it at a alarming speed. It’s time for a civil war now, Right now! Keep on doing nothing and soon you want be able to fight. The republican party has become the party of the weakest people in the world. And that’s not a understatement, it’s a fact. Not only the weakest but the biggest fools to.

  15. They should not be anywhere in our government. Our government should be filled with christian people, not people that can not assimilate to our way of life and to our laws, this is AMERICA not some middle eastern country and if they don’t like it go home. AMERICA WAKE UP BEFORE WE ARE AT A POINT OF NO RETURN.

  16. Peaceful jihad is an oxymoron. The whole premise behind Islam is to become the dominators of the world. One world religion. If you are an infidel, then you will be killed if you don’t convert. Read the Koran and the Hadith. Very eye opening!

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