Pelosi Gets Schooled by Freshman GOP Rep

By Quinn Dombrowski from Berkeley, USA (Nancy Pelosi Uploaded by Anastasiarasputin) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Freshman GOP rep Dan Crenshaw is becoming a popular figure on Capitol Hill. He recently schooled Nancy Pelosi on an argument she used against the wall.

According to Town Hall:

With the government shutdown on its 21st day, the merits or demerits of a wall on our southern border is still quite the point of ravenous debate among party lines. Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, has declared that the proposed wall is  “immoral,” un-American, and would be “old technology.”

As we reported here Thursday night on Townhall, freshman Congressman Dan Crenshaw, chose to decline his paycheck because if government employees aren’t getting a paycheck, neither should members of Congress.

The Texas Congressman and former U.S. Navy Seal responded yesterday to a tweet regarding a K-Bar knife that sits on his desk with a fallen and fellow SEAL’s name engraved on it.

On Wednesday, Axios reporter Jonathan Swan sent a tweet out regarding Pelosi’s attempt in a meeting to debunk the merits for a wall by arguing that tunnels can go right under it and yield it ineffective.

The Democrats have been expert at flipping their views on border security depending on which want the political winds are blowing.

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11 thoughts on “Pelosi Gets Schooled by Freshman GOP Rep”

  1. Pelosi is nothing more than a hypocrit, as are many high ranking Democrats. Just a few years ago they were in full support of increasing the number of walls at the border and how many of them have their own walls at their personal properties? Clowns like Pelosi must think the American people are fools and only they know best.

  2. Democrats sucks I’ve been a democrat all my life top Obama got in there and damn near ruined the country that’s why said no more I’m a Republican now and I will be probably die die the Democrats are such liars they lie to your face and smile at you while they’re picking up the damn pocket I can’t stand to sit close to you on their acts like she’s big shit she is nothing but a goddamn whore to the other Democrats And they are at the bottom of the barrel hope I haven’t upset anybody too much I get really upset and talking about these assholes you have my apologies

  3. The democrats are scraping the bottom of the barrel by choosing Pelosi as the speaker of the House. She has proven her worthlessness before, so why would anyone in their right mind vote to put her back into that position? It’s time for the SANE and RATIONAL democrats in the House to rally, cast a no-cofidence vote, and elect a NEW SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE- one with some common sense and patriotism and one who will put American before illegals. Pelosi, if she isn’t removed, will eventually drag down the entire party to her gutter level. The democratic party is already bordering on total socialism. Are you going to let her turn it into the laughing stock of the world? GET RID OF PELOSI – NOW!

    1. Amen brother if she is not stop along with Cortez and warren needs to be replaced, they will drag this country down

  4. Instead of not paying federal workers during the shut down, they should not pay congress for not doing their jobs. HOLDS THEIR PAYS UNTIL THEY UNTIL THEY GET MONEY FOR THE BORDER WALL AND NO BACK PAY FOR THEME.

    1. susan!!! My sentiments exactly!! You say the Gods honest truth!! These freaks think the people work for them, but it”s really, THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE!!!! They don’t do their job they get no pay!! It’s that simple!!

  5. The Democrats have a big reason for changing their stance on border security stopping the illegal immigration would put them out of business ., and reduce their pay to what they get for not doing their jobs ! Hold them accountable for all the violence and drug traffic !

  6. Miss Lube Rack has no clue as to what the Wall will do to make our Country Safe ! She ONLY cares if she can steal more money and fill her pockets with graft and power !

    Hey Piglosi. ..Go TO HELL !

  7. Immigrants, legal or illegal are cheap labor to those that exploit them, the poor people are easily swayed to democratic socialism speeches and promises that can never be fulfilled. There is no free lunch, someone has to pay for it. I believe that America is on a slippery slope to socialism. It doesn’t work, look at Venezuela.

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